Ramamohan Raja Tallapragada

Formerly Professor & in-charge
Powder Metallurgy & Ceramics Laboratory
Dept. Of Metallurgical Eng.& Materials Science,
IIT Bombay

Visiting Professor : U.S.C., Los Angeles & O.S.U., Stillwater, U.S.A.



I had met Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi the founder and President of the Society for Divine Life – India in April 2007. I came to know that he has been bestowed with unique powers associated with thought transmission. Several people all over the world claim that he has cured them of their chronic and incurable diseases with these powers. Just like several others even I had thought the claims to be placebo effects.

I am, however, confused and impressed by the experimental results on 40 varieties of plants and seeds. These are not supposed to have a mind of their own and any effects observed must be real. Mr. Trivedi through his thought transmission has altered the gene sequence by huge proportions in all varieties of plants and seeds. These experiments are conducted at reputed universities such as Dr. B.S. Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, Maharashtra-India and Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh- India and the results can not be doubted. How can one change DNA polymorphism up to 69%? Also, the complete eradication of the spongy tissue malady in Alphonso mangoes, and the disease free and healthy yield of the agricultural produce of various fruits and vegetables even in the absence of pesticides, fungicides and fertiliser? Un believable!As per the current understanding the gene sequences never alter for thousands of generations till evolution occurs. The scientists since long have been trying to alter the gene sequences to obtain desired results with no significant success. Then, there must be some method by which Mr. Trivedi is tapping into the information field and transmitting the resultant energy by his thought transmission to the surrounding world. He is able to focus his thoughts and possibly affect the firing of neurons in his brain causing electric/ magnetic disturbances that affect the surrounding electromagnetic waves of the information field. These waves then impinge on the receiver changing the perception. At some very basic level the energy associated with information waves and the electric filed due to firing of neurons in the brain are freely exchanged. While it could be interpreted as placebo effect in humans how is it that plants and seeds are changing?

As per my understanding the gene sequence can only be altered if the incident energy/ force remain in the object there permanently. Then only the new gene sequences can express themselves in the DNA as well as form new proteins and give unusual results (give results which are not seen in traditional varieties of crops). I felt that the DNA finger printing is rather crude/ elementary method to analyze the impact of Mr. Trivedi’s thought transmission, as in any DNA even a single gene sequence consists of molecules with a large number of atoms. In such a system the molecules are bound by weak secondary forces which are somewhat easier to manipulate.

I felt it to be essential to conduct investigations at the level of atoms where the bonds with in the atoms and between the atoms are due to strong primary forces. Therefore I had agreed to help in the materials science projects which will also give me a chance to verify the claims on effect of thought transmission.

Experiments have been planned by Mr. Trivedi and me to investigate the effect of Mr. Trivedi’s thought transmission on materials. The latter can be classified into three groups metals, ceramics and polymers based on the bonding forces between atoms and molecules. While we use materials in polycrystalline state in day to day life, the basic understanding can be gained only by studying the building blocks. Since atoms are not available in free state, and crystals are prohibitively expensive, the smallest aggregate of atoms such as powder particles and organic liquids are procured from reputed suppliers for conducting experiments. More than 255 varieties of metals, ceramics, polymers, organic and inorganic compounds are analyzed before and after exposure to Mr. Trivedi’s thought transmission with the help of sophisticated instruments such as X-ray diffraction which gives the crystal structure, size, atomic weight atomic charge and distance between the atoms; Electron spin resonance spectroscopy that gives the change in spin pattern of the electrons; Mass Spectroscopy to investigate whether the energy can be converted to mass; Particle size analyzer to study the effect of energy at the macroscopic level; BET- surface area analyzer to know whether the particle’s chemical activity can change, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and ultraviolet visible spectroscopy to understand the changes at molecular level; And, thermal analysis to understand the changes in energy of the substance, etc. To be able to characterize these without any bias the sealed bottles before and after thought transmission by Mr. Trivedi are sent to various Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facilities (SAIF) set up by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The data obtained in all the experiments are analyzed and interpreted by me.

The results are amazing. We had employed techniques that use electromagnetic spectrum in several energy ranges staring from high energy x-rays to lowest energy microwaves. These are expected to cause changes in the inner electrons near nucleus as well as in electrons and nuclei in the molecules. There are changes in the electron spin pattern, changes that can be only explained by invoking nuclear reactions and changes in mass (indicating the energy is converted to mass which is possible only under the high temperatures involved during the formation of universe, or to a small extent in high energy particle accelerators) etc. Mr. Trivedi’s thought transmission has altered the distance between the atoms in a unit cell; changed the energy in the crystal as well as crystallite size and the energy quantum between the atoms and within the atom. The isotope abundance of 12C and 13C are changed in several organic compounds, in some cases by more than 300%. Normally the changes caused by external applied force/energy will revert back due to the restoring forces operating at the atomic level. However, the above mentioned changes are found to be permanent and do not alter even after the force is removed; even in the absence of Mr.Trivedi’s physical presence

The results in all the cases indicated that his thought transmission has the capacity to alter/ reprogram the atomic arrangements in crystals and molecules by inducing the energy permanently into the atoms.

Based on the results of the experiments we have written technical papers and communicated to various scientific and technical journals (I had published over 140 scientific papers in various international and national journals. In fact three of my research papers are published in PDF format in international journals during October 2008). I was shocked and disappointed at the lack of vision and enthusiasm shown by reputed Journals. They were not interested in publishing such results. Some of the editors frankly commented that ‘if the results are dependent on the energy of one person these can not be repeated by others and hence this is not science’. They have conveniently ignored the fact that Mr. Trivedi is ready to perform these experiments again and that too before their chosen referees. I thank the almighty for giving me the necessary broad vision and training me to become an objective materials scientist. Otherwise I would have been like them with a narrow and tunnel vision.

I am confident that the results obtained in all the experiments indicated that Mr. Trivedi’s thought transmission has altered/ reprogrammed the atomic arrangements in crystals and molecules and surprisingly the charge and mass of the atom itself. The astounding and impossible result is that the energy has been changed to mass which was only possible at the moment of creation of the universe. Therefore I am not surprised that he has caused DNA polymorphism; increased the quality and quantity of agricultural yield without use of fungicides, pesticides, manure; destroyed the AIDS and Hepatitis viruses, cancer cells and transformed the human beings physically and spiritually. This is only a beginning. I am very sure that in the coming days Mr. Trivedi will transform the scientific thinking by linking it with information field associated with thoughts and emotions and transform the individuals by making them realise their true nature and achieve their maximum potential.