The unique physiology of Mahendra Trivedi has been studied and documented extensively in the USA, Australia, Canada and India by renowned clinical specialists and scientists. The reports are mind-boggling indeed and defy imagination. However, they do prove one simple fact –
Mr. Trivedi has a physiology that is significantly different from all the other seven billion human beings on Earth.

Some of the unique aspects of Mr. Trivedi’s physiology include:

  • The transmission speed in Mr. Trivedi’s blood vessels was beyond the maximum limit designated by technology
  • The arteries showed zero percent atherosclerotic plaque at 41 years of age
  • At the age of 54, the X-Ray and MRI findings of his spine appeared similar to those of a healthy male who had completed growth plate fusion and was no older than 25 years of age
  • Full body, digital X-Rays show that he has growing cartilage at the age of 54 years!
  • The muscle density in his hips is either higher or similar to bone density because his muscles are visible in X-Ray examination at 51 years of age
  • The elasticity of his body’s cells at 41 years of age is much more superior than that of any newborn baby on this planet
  • The lowest body temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest body temperature is 95 degrees Fahrenheit only
  • The size of the pituitary fossa is 18.5 mm by 12.8 mm which is the largest ever noted in a healthy subject
  • The breathing is abdominal with little or no movement of the diaphragm which is biomechanically impossible
  • An EEG found that his brain is in an alpha state when he is simply “normal”
  • The sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of his brain function simultaneously, which is biomechanically impossible for humans because both systems produce an opposite impact in blood flow; muscle function; hormone, enzyme and peptide release, etc.

According to Dr Brian Costello, Chairman, American Board of Psychological Specialties in Neuropsychology, “Mr. Trivedi’s computerized biofeedback measurements were found to be “uniquely dissimilar” from any other patient and non-patient samples. Mr. Trivedi’s brain is into the deepest state of calmness and at the same time it is in the highest state of excitement, which is impossible with a normal human brain”

With Mr. Trivedi’s physiological parameters, no other human can survive for even a small period of time.

Clinicians believe that there may be a link between his unique physiology and his extraordinary ability to transform the living organism at cellular level and non-living materials at atomic level.

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