alice branton

ALICE BRANTON is the Trivedi Master™ to be chosen by the Divine. This was announced to the world by Mahendra Trivedi on November 9th, 2013. She has fully developed powers to transmit Divine Energy.

Mr. Trivedi says, “Alice has embodied this Divine Energy and already has the ability to transform people and to thrill science with her Energy Transmissions.”

Alice has been with the Trivedi Organization since 2010 and has been the CEO of TRIVEDI GLOBAL, INC

since February 2012.She is an MBA and has served as a high-energy top level executive with a reputation for driving results in dynamic, growing companies prior to meeting Mr. Trivedi in 2010. She is an enthusiastic and genuine leader with a keen sense of strategic development in the areas of finance, marketing, technology, operations and consumer relations.

Alice not only has a unique set of skills among the Trivedi Masters™, but she also brings a passion for empowering children and women and a strong sense of identification with being an American.

“I would like to see America become known as the country the people of the world will think of when they think of spiritual growth,” says Alice Branton.

You can experience the remarkable effects of her Energy Transmissions by participating in one of her Master Wellness programs, such as the Monthly Enhancement Program, or for those who want to experience even more rapid and powerful transformation, her  and her Master Energy TransmissionsTM Program, and Remote Individual Energy Transmission.