The Science Behind The Trivedi Effect®

Atoms exist in all states of matter. Even the cells of microbes, plants, human beings and all other living / non-living things consist entirely of atoms in the form of complex molecules. Atoms, at the most elementary level, are made from electrons, protons, neutrons and several known and unknown subatomic particles. Physicists and chemists hypothesize several theories to explain the systematic and disciplinary existence of various species inside the atom, the nature of bonds between atoms in condensed states (such as solids and liquids), as well as for the way the particles are working inside the atom.

There have been several attempts to develop a unified picture that links the macroscopic universe and the microscopic atomic and subatomic world. The electromagnetic spectrum, of which visible light only forms a small portion of, arises from the cosmic radiation filtered by the atmosphere surrounding the planet. The observed properties of the matter and the electromagnetic radiation could only be explained by assuming a dual nature. That is, we view the object as a particle and use words to describe the particle’s mass, speed and energy. On the other hand, we view the object as a wave and use words like wavelength and frequency to describe that wave. With this picture in mind, the radiation waves propagate through several tiny bundles of energy called photons and exert electrical and magnetic fields in mutually perpendicular directions. The energy varies inversely with the wavelength of the radiation and is high for gamma rays and low for radio waves with several regions of intermediate energy in between. Depending on the energy of radiation, the effects of interaction with matter are different. While gamma rays affect the nucleus of the atom, ultraviolet rays affect the outer electrons, and the infrared waves and microwaves affect the molecular vibrations and rotations. Therefore, the various regions of electromagnetic radiation are used to fingerprint different levels of structure at the atomic and molecular level.

The dual nature of matter and radiation led to quantum indeterminacy. The apparent necessary incompleteness in the description of a physical system has become one of the characteristics of the standard description of quantum physics. Prior to quantum physics, it was thought that (a) a state of a physical system can be uniquely determined by all the values of its measurable properties, and conversely (b) the values of its measurable properties uniquely determined the state. This made late Albert Einstein skeptical of quantum indeterminacy and in 1926, in a letter to Max Born, Einstein wrote: “I, at any rate, am convinced that He [God] does not throw dice.” This became one of his greatest and most philosophical statements.

Atoms and subatomic particles are in continuous movement. Einstein postulated that neither the time, the weight, nor the mass are constant. When moving at high speeds, all of these things get compressed; only the speed of light remains the same. Einstein says this happens because energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared, or E=MC2. This led to the concept of the atomic bomb, where the mass of the tiny atom is converted into tremendous energy. The reverse concept of converting energy into mass has yet to be observed.

Gravity is yet another energy that plays a dominant role at the macroscopic level (at the level of large masses like human beings, planets etc.). Einstein attempted to generalize his theory of gravitation in order to find a single unifying force, the special cases of which are gravitation and electromagnetism.

According to the prophetic novel “The Trigger,” written by late Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Kube-McDowell, the well-known CERN model does not say anything about why matter exists. Rather, the understanding is energy is energy, and matter is also energy. Forces are transmitted by vector bosons, which are elementary particles, and confusion arises because particles are matter, and matter is energy. The authors pose the question, “What is the factor which collapses the primal energy field into so many discrete fields states – four forces, a dozen of elementary particles, a hundred elements, a hundred thousand compounds? What is the essence of differentiation that allows a drawer full of pencils, a sky full of snowflakes, a beach full of sand grains to exist – with each element of the set retaining its individual character and separate existence, without sacrificing the underlying identity of form?” Their hypothesis was “Information organizes and differentiates energy. It regularizes and stabilizes matter. Information propagates through matter-energy and mediates the interactions of matter-energy. It is the mind of creation, the anti dyne to chaos.”

The matter is considered to be a mere derivation: a subordinate phenomenon. The fundamental essences are energy and information. Information binds energy into form as will binds volition into purpose. “Alter the information, and the form is altered, while the substance remains unchanged.” According to them, the information was the Universe’s Will, imposing order on the Universe’s substance—the order that had followed in the wake of the spontaneous and explosive transformation wrongly taken as the moment of creation. Energy is older than information, but formless and timeless without it: older than matter, but helpless and useless without it. In this new and provocative view, the Big Bang was not the birth of the Universe, but the birth of its consciousness.

Life Energy/consciousness/information signals the universe exists and needs a medium through which it can express itself. This has to be an entity different from all living beings: a unique individual on this planet.

Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi (lovingly known as “GURUJI”) is the one who defies the laws of human physiology and has performed what a layman would call “miracles.” Although his physiology is totally different in comparison to that observed in normal human beings, he possesses excellent health with a fully functioning body and brain and very high levels of perception, interpretation and execution of daily activities. His food intake and his sleep are as normal as any human.

Mahendra Trivedi has the ability to harness the Divine Force/Vital Force from the Universe and to transmit/infuse it into any living or nonliving substance located anywhere on this planet. This is called The Trivedi Effect®. The energy of The Trivedi Effect® can make permanent changes into the structure of the atom, including the distance between two atoms, the size of the atom, the mass of the atom and the energy within and between the atoms, which are the basic building blocks that compose the entire known universe, visible and nonvisible. Mr. Trivedi’s energy/consciousness/information signals, otherwise referred to as “The Trivedi Effect®,” have altered the gene sequence by huge proportions in all varieties of plants and microbes, as well as changed interactions within and between atoms. Normally, the changes caused by external applied force/energy will revert back due to the restoring forces operating at the atomic level. However, the above-mentioned changes are found to be permanent and do not alter even after the force is removed (even in the absence of Mr. Trivedi’s physical presence).

It may also be noted that, to alter the gene sequence, it is necessary for the technology in the form of energy/force to remain there permanently. Only then can new gene sequences express themselves in the DNA as well as form new proteins and provide unusual results (which are not seen in traditional varieties of crops and microbes). DNA fingerprinting is a rather crude and elementary method to analyze the impact of The Trivedi Effect®, as in any DNA even a single gene sequence consists of molecules with a large number of atoms. In such a system, the molecules are bound by weak secondary forces, which are somewhat easier to manipulate. Hence, to understand this impact/phenomena of The Trivedi Effect®, it is essential to conduct investigations at the level of atoms where the energy within and between the atoms is caused by strong primary forces.

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has conducted thousands of experiments on metals, ceramics, polymers, chemicals, organic and pharmaceutical compounds through XRD, Mass Spectroscopy, Thermal analysis, Particle Size Analyzer, Surface area, ESR etc. Based on the results of these experiments, it was concluded the biofield treatment of The Trivedi Effect® can alter the distance between the atoms in a unit cell; change the energy in the crystalline structure as well as the crystallite size and the energy quantum between the atoms and within the atom. As per the existing science, if by some means one can alter the above parameters then the behavior of the atoms (and resultantly the materials) in both living and non-living things can be changed. Further, this energy constantly controls/regulates all of the constituents within the atom and between the atoms in such a manner that the atomic behavior and the crystalline behavior of the material must be altered throughout and remain the same all the time, anywhere on this planet.

Based on the results obtained and documented, it can be concluded that Mahendra Trivedi can induce the energy permanently into the atomic world through the procedure of thought intention. The same experiments conducted through the same machines on the same materials (both living and non-living) miraculously yielded different results in terms of quantity and quality when different amounts of energy/information/programming were fed. Every time, we have obtained different behaviors between the Control and Treated samples and also between different Treated samples too, which did not match with each other, by inducing different information every time in terms of the biofield treatment of The Trivedi Effect®. As Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Kube-McDowell pointed out, “Alter the information, and the form is altered, while the substance remains unchanged.”

The results of experiments on microbes showed that The Trivedi Effect® changed the species of microbes (based on the data through 16s rDNA). Hence the biofield treatment was able to create a new species of microbes or was able to “rewrite the destiny” of the microbes to be different in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on generations. Thus, his energy has the capacity of creation, which was already shown through the experiments using mass spectroscopy and XRD for non-living materials, where energy was converted into mass. As per Mr. Trivedi, there is only ONE energy. Based on this fact, the same energy creates different types of impacts with varying results on both different living and non-living things.

Therefore, there is little surprise that Mahendra Trivedi can guide, control and regulate the energy through his thought intention procedure, which in turn significantly alters the behavior of the individual atom. It also alters groups of atoms at the level of the crystalline and poly crystalline states in inorganics and large molecular structures in organics, polymers and living things. In doing so, sometimes his physical presence is not required. Many times, he has treated living/non-living things from different corners/countries on this planet.

Also, there is no method according to the existing science (of any discipline) where energy can be converted into mass. Rather, only mass has been converted into energy. Through various experiments, The Trivedi Effect® has shown energy convert into mass (within the earth’s gravitational force), thereby proving Einstein’s concept that E=MC2 to be absolutely applicable in the case of this miraculous energy.