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“This is nuclear transformation
at the nucleus level.”

~Dr. Rustum Roy, Ph.D. Material Science professor at Penn State University, 23-time Nobel Prize nominee

  • He was a Professor at 5 Universities in USA.
  • His research has been published in more than 900 leading scientific journals.
  • His name has been cited in more than 60,000 publications.

Garrett L. Yount, Ph.D.

California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute, California, USA

“The results suggest that the biofield treatment administered in the laboratory can induce cell death of brain cancer cells from a distance while at the same time promoting the viability of normal brain cells. Such selective efficacy against cancer cells is the sought after “holy grail” for novel experimental anti-cancer agents and makes this work all the more exciting.”

Garrett L. Yount, Ph.D., California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute, California, USA