By The Trivedi Effect
  • Posted on February 08, 2016

It is normal to feel down or sad at some points in life. Without being sad, we wouldn’t know happy. However, for many people, that feeling of sadness does not go away. The feeling of hopelessness, despondency, guilt, just will not go away and interferes with their daily li...

By The Trivedi Effect
  • Posted on February 02, 2016

Anxiety disorder is a complex mental issue which has a few different flavors. For example there is a generalized anxiety disorder, a social phobia anxiety disorder, a panic disorder as well as specific phobias. Most people experience some form of anxiety in their lives, such...

By The Trivedi Effect
  • Posted on December 31, 2015

Many people go through times in their life when they feel sad or depressed. It seems to be a normal part of life. When we lose a job, a loved one dies, or we end a relationship, we experience the emotional toll of letting go, the fear of what happens next, and all of the ...