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Biofield Energy Signals, Energy Transmission and Neutrinos

Abstract: There has been significant data published in peer-reviewed scientific journals about Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi exercising the biofield energy to change the behaviour and characteristics of living organisms including soil, seeds, plants, trees, animals, microbes, and humans, along with non-living materials including metals, ceramics, polymers, chemicals, pharmaceutical compounds and nutraceuticals, etc. This effect of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield...

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Atomic, Crystalline and Powder Characteristics of Treated Zirconia and Silica Powders

Abstract: Zirconium oxide and silicon dioxide powders are selected and subjected to a non-contact Biofield energy known to be transmitted by Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. Particle sizes d50 and d99 showed up to 71.5 percent decrease indicating that the energy had caused deformation and fracture as if the powders have been subjected to high energy milling. This is also...

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Effect of Bio Field Treatment on the Physical and Thermal Characteristics of Silicon, Tin and Lead Powders

Abstract: Silicon, tin and lead powders belong to group IV in periodic table and exhibit decreasing semi conducting nature towards the bottom of the group. These are very useful in producing non ferrous powder metallurgy components. In the present investigation silicon, tin and lead powders are exposed to bio field. Both the exposed and unexposed powders are later characterized...

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Effect of superconsciousness external energy on atomic, crystalline and powder characteristics of carbon allotrope powders

Abstract: Scientists are searching for eluding link between spirituality and science. Some believe fundamental essences of universe to be energy and information. As per current understanding, energy and matter always coexisted and is considered one and the same. Energy is considered as 'matter in perpetual motion' and matter as 'stationary energy'. Interconversion between matter and energy has been...

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Effect of external energy on atomic, crystalline and powder characteristics of antimony and bismuth powders

Abstract: Next to atoms and molecules the powders are the smallest state of matter available in high purities and large quantities. The effect of any external energy on the shape, morphology and structure can thus be studied with relative ease. The present investigation deals with the effect of a non-contact external energy on the powders of antimony and...

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Effect of Biofield Treatment on the Physical and Thermal Characteristics of Aluminium Powders

Abstract: Aluminium powders are used in a wide range from propelling rockets to improving personal hygiene. More popular industrial applications include manufacture of silver metallic pigments, paints, inks, plastics, packaging, textiles and aerospace industry. As thick film pastes used in the manufacture of silicon solar cells, and as reducing agent and sources of heat, used in alumina thermic...

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Physicochemical and Atomic Characterization of Silver Powder after Biofield Treatment

Abstract: Silver is widely utilized as antimicrobial agent and wound dressing, where its shape, size, surface area, and surface charge play an important role. The aim of present study was to evaluate the impact of biofield treatment on physicochemical and atomic properties of silver powder. The silver powder was divided into two groups, coded as control and treatment....

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Effect of Biofield Energy Treatment on Physical and Structural Properties of Calcium Carbide and Praseodymium Oxide

Abstract: Calcium carbide (CaC2) is known for its wide applications in the production of acetylene and calcium cyanamide, whereas praseodymium Oxide (Pr6O11) is used in sensors and high-temperature pigments. The present study was designed to evaluate the effect of biofield energy treatment on the physical and structural properties of CaC2 and Pr6O11 powder. The powder samples of both...

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Characterization of Atomic and Physical Properties of Biofield Energy Treated Manganese Sulfide Powder

Abstract: Manganese sulfide (MnS) is known for its wide applications in solar cell, opto-electronic devices, and photochemical industries. The present study was designed to evaluate the effect of biofield energy treatment on the atomic and physical properties of MnS. The MnS powder sample was equally divided into two parts, referred as to be control and to be treated....

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