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Estimation of Collagen Synthesis in Human Dermal Fibroblast Cells: an Impact of Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment

Abstract: Human dermal fibroblasts are defined for skin strength and resilience by continuously secreting extracellular matrix (ECM) components, which are responsible for promoting skin rejuvenation and remodeling. Precisely, the branched collagen fibrils provide the skin with its shape and firmness. The objective of the present study was to assess the potential of Biofield Energy Treatment (Consciousness Energy Healing...


Wound Healing Activity of Consciousness Energy Healing Treatmenton HFF-1 Cells and DMEM Using Scratch Assay

Abstract: The wound healing activity using scratch assay is considered as a convenient in vitro tool for the assessment of wound healing. The present study deals with the optimization of Biofield Energy Treatment (Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment-The Trivedi Effect®) in the HFF-1 cell line (Human Foreskin Fibroblast) and DMEM (Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium) using scratch assay against positive...

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Wound Healing Potential of Biofield Energy Treatment in HaCaT Cell Line Using Scratch Assay

Abstract: Wounds may be acute, subacute, or chronic and are the common clinical life entities. It is a complex biochemical process to restore the cell structures that depends upon cell proliferation and migration, mainly by keratinocytes and fibroblast cells. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of the Biofield Energy Treatment (Consciousness Energy Healing...


Protective effects of tetrahydrocurcumin (THC) on fibroblast and melanoma cell lines in vitro: it’s implication for wound healing

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the role of tetrahydrocurcumin (THC) against various skin health parameters using in vitro human foreskin fibroblast and melanoma cell lines (i.e. HFF-1 and B16-F10). The study was assessed using cell viability by MTT assay, identification of extracellular matrix component in HFF-1 cell line (i.e. collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid),...