Effect of superconsciousness external energy on atomic, crystalline and powder characteristics of carbon allotrope powders

Journal: Materials Research Innovations PDF  

Published: 01-Dec-09 Volume: 13 Issue: 4 Pages: 473-480

DOI: 10.1179/143289109X12494867167602 ISSN: Not Available

Authors: M. K. Trivedi; R. R. Tallapragada

Citation: M. K. Trivedi & R. R. Tallapragada (2013) Effect of superconsciousness external energy on atomic, crystalline and powder characteristics of carbon allotrope powders, Materials Research Innovations, 13:4, 473-480, DOI: 10.1179/143289109X12494867167602



Scientists are searching for eluding link between spirituality and science. Some believe fundamental essences of universe to be energy and information. As per current understanding, energy and matter always coexisted and is considered one and the same. Energy is considered as 'matter in perpetual motion' and matter as 'stationary energy'. Interconversion between matter and energy has been defined by Einstein's famous energy–mass equation (E=mc2) which has been proven by nuclear physicists using complex nuclear reactions involving high energy particles. However, many spiritual masters have claimed to realise this energy–matter interconversion using their spiritual powers/energy but scientifically unknown and unverified. It is the first time that the lead author (M. K. Trivedi) has been using his unique superconsciousness energy in the form of thought intervention and information signals to bring about dramatic and radical transformations in the physical and structural properties of organic and inorganic materials. The present paper is the first scientific report that deals with the effect of consciousness energy which M. K. Trivedi uniquely communicates through thought intervention by sending an information signal that transforms carbon allotropes. The changes the energy has caused at the atomic, molecular and crystalline levels in diamond, graphite and activated charcoal have been studied very systematically and are reported in this paper. It has been observed that the superconsciousness energy when transmitted to carbon allotropes has changed the lattice parameters of unit cells, crystallite sizes and densities. Computed weight and effective nuclear charge of the treated atoms exhibited significant variation. It is believed that the energy is acting on the nuclei causing their transmutation.