Biofield Energy Signals, Energy Transmission and Neutrinos

Journal: American Journal of Modern Physics PDF  

Published: 21-Aug-16 Volume: 5 Issue: 6 Pages: 172-176

DOI: 10.11648/j.ajmp.20160506.12 ISSN: 2326-8867 (Print) 2326-8891 (Online)

Authors: Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, T. R. Rama Mohan

Citation: Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, T. R. Rama Mohan. Biofield Energy Signals, Energy Transmission and Neutrinos. American Journal of Modern Physics. Vol. 5, No. 6, 2016, pp. 172-176. doi: 10.11648/j.ajmp.20160506.12



There has been significant data published in peer-reviewed scientific journals about Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi exercising the biofield energy to change the behaviour and characteristics of living organisms including soil, seeds, plants, trees, animals, microbes, and humans, along with non-living materials including metals, ceramics, polymers, chemicals, pharmaceutical compounds and nutraceuticals, etc. This effect of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy on living beings and non-living materials is referred to as The Trivedi Effect®. The changes are attributed to changes at the atomic level and the subatomic level. Changes in atomic/molecular weights are postulated to the changes in atomic mass and atomic charge through possible mediation of neutrinos. The recent discovery of neutrino oscillations seems to give credence to our postulates. This paper discusses briefly about the neutrinos and some of Mr. Trivedi’s results and attempts to link these to biofield energy and associated signal transmissions.


Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is known to transform the behavior and characteristics of living beings and non-living materials through biofield energy transmitted by his physical presence, as well as long distance through his thought intention. The results of the transformative process of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy is called The Trivedi Effect®. Based on the information available on neutrino oscillations and biofield and brain computer interface (BCI), Mr. Trivedi’s experimental results are explained by certain postulates. The neutrino oscillations require energy. This is possible by extraordinary individuals, who can negate all stray thoughts (as in meditation or intense concentration) and focus these in a single intended direction. Often, such individuals in this state emit radiation known to be halos (could be linked to photon emission). The thoughts are thus a focused beam of neutral neutrinos and can change into positive and negative on interacting with a receiver object composed of atoms and ions and replicate the original signals and thought pattern as observed in BCI and other psychic phenomena. The effect of neutrino interaction with body fluids increases the number of neutrons of the metallic ion of the salt solution. Sometimes, the neutrons can also be decreased by weak interactions effectively increasing protons. The latter pulls the electron cloud in the atom/ion closer to the nucleus, thus decreasing effective surface charge on the atom affecting the bond energy. The neutrinos generated by the thought pattern can create oscillations in the receiver, thus causing subtle changes that alter atomic, molecular, crystalline, cellular, and chemical behavior as demonstrated by Trivedi’s experimental results.