What is the Value of Life

How does one define “the value of life?” Finding the true value in life is a combination of many things including relationships, humbleness, happiness, high consciousness, loving relationships, friendship and finances to help self-identification.
Mahendra Trivedi

King Janak was born a prince in India, and became a unique master, and after his enlightenment, he left nothing behind. He was enlightened, he was transformed, yet he was still a king. He had riches, power, several queens, he left nothing behind; he was a real master. To become a master or become enlightened, the right approach is not
to live in the absence of luxury, for luxury is what attracts the people to you.

It is meaningless (or valueless) when a poor says, “I do not like money.” There is no depth, no reality to this statement. Without experience, how can one come on the final conclusion that something is of value or valueless? Without first-hand experience, how can one say whether something is good or bad? How is it possible to come to this final conclusion?
So when a poor person without money says “I don’t need money, money is worthless” – it comes from lack of awareness, a place of confusion, illusion, and from very big ego.
So what exactly is ego? They are trying to impress the people in society. Indirect self-fulfillment of ego; this is applicable in all areas of humans’ life. When transformation comes, money has no value.

Sexual Desire
Sexual intercourse is the root cause of evolution for humanity. Without these acts, desires and actions, humanity would be at a standstill. There are many masters who believe that celibacy is part of their guidance for maintain their status quo but without experiencing, how can they label these acts and desires unfavorable.
For example, sex. So many masters say “I’ve been practicing celibacy since childhood/birth.” They say, “Sex is so bad”. How can one say that sex is bad without experience? “If I get sex or if I don’t, it makes no difference in my life, there’s no value, no importance of sex in my life.” Without experience, this statement is irrelevant.
How can one declare sex as useless without ever having experienced it?

Money and sex have no relation to violence, whereas humbleness is a byproduct of the violence. Society identifies humbleness with being cowardly; if one is very powerful in society, politics, etc., and this person does not use that power to damage the people in their lives, this is true humbleness. On the contrary, it is meaningless if a poor person (poor mentally, financially, politically, sexually, etc.) labels himself or herself as humble because they have no power by which to damage anyone in the first place.

A rabbit sees a lion attacking a human and makes the statement “I am non-violent, see the lion.” Because the rabbit is not attacking the human, he cannot say he is humble because the rabbit is not violent by nature and has no ability attack the human. Now if the powerful lion sees the human and does not attack, this is true humility.

A person with nothing cannot say, “I am not living luxuriously, I am living humbly.” This statement is valueless, because they have nothing to begin with (no money, no power, no riches). Humility is characterized by a life without greed and lust. A king with riches, wealth & power, who chooses not to exercise this power to harm others may be described as humble. Similarly, a poor person with absolutely nothing, living without greed or lust for the things that he does not have would also be considered humble.

That is the definition of humbleness. You don’t torture others from your side, you live in truth & honesty but at the same time, you do not allow anyone to do injustice with you. These characteristics of humility will elevate your alertness and awareness, leading to higher consciousness.

Society is taught that for external transformation, one must outwardly show that that they are living with no money, practicing celibacy and using no power – this has no relationship with true transformation – Transformation elevates your consciousness. Only in higher consciousness are you able to realize the worthlessness of money, power and sex. At the same time, your awareness and alertness is much higher and there is no need for compromise or tolerance of nonsense in life.

Statistically, more than 90% people throughout the world label themselves as having a spiritual value or connection however most are confused and living in illusion and delusion, with a lack of awareness. Also, unfortunately society has a placed a general stereotype on the group who have chosen to lie under the umbrella of consciousness, as uneducated, incompetent, lazy, lethargic, “slackers.” Due to this stereotype, and those who actually fit the mold, the spirituality & consciousness movement has stopped growing.

Up to a certain place, money is a need, a gift; but after a certain limit – money becomes a burden, the same with sex and all other areas. You see, excess in all things becomes a burden.

Discourse provided by Mahendra Trivedi.