Understanding and Managing the Munchausen Syndrome

Munchausen Syndrome is a severe mental disorder where a person is so desperate for attention that he/she pretends to be sick, or get sick or hurt purposely. They are likely to make up symptoms, want to have complicated surgeries without reason, and even falsify blood test results, to gain attention and sympathy. This condition belongs to a group of illnesses called factitious disorders – self-inflicted and made-up diseases.

Symptoms of Munchausen Syndrome

People with this condition always narrate a host of medical problems and frequently visit the hospital, but tend to disagree and argue with medical professionals. It is likely they hop from one doctor and hospital to another. They are not able to describe the symptoms properly, but are keen on undergoing all sorts of tests and procedures. People with Munchausen Syndrome are well versed with medical jargons and diseases, and keep demanding medicines. They may fake symptoms like pain, or even harm themselves by burning, cutting or self-injecting with harmful substances.

Causes of Munchausen Syndrome

Experts are yet to agree on a single cause. Risk factors include suffering emotional, physical or sexual trauma in childhood, or even a serious illness that necessitated a lot of care. People with low self-esteem, those whose ambitions of becoming a health professional were unfulfilled, or those who have lost a loved one, are some who run this risk.

Such people are likely to develop other mental disorders, or end up seriously injuring or even killing themselves. They may become addicted to alcohol or drugs, and also suffer financial losses.

Treatment Options

There is no standard therapy for Munchausen Syndrome, mainly because the person wants to be sick, and rejects treatment, refusing to believe there is nothing wrong with them. A lot of patience and kindness needs to be shown towards them; medication may be prescribed to treat certain symptoms.

How Can the Trivedi Effect® Help with the Munchausen Syndrome?

Those who suffer from the Munchausen Syndrome are obviously mentally weak and insecure. It is for this reason that they need constant attention from others. However, when they do not get this attention naturally, they tend to forge illness and gain it. The Trivedi Effect®, being a non-intrusive, natural phenomenon has reportedly been proven to be very helpful in bringing relief to people suffering from this disorder; by helping build their mental strength and emotional wellness which in-turn drives away insecurity making people more comfortable with who they are.

This extraordinary phenomenon uses the power of thoughts to urge people to once again form a connection with their Inner Guidance System or the God of their understanding; helping strengthen their bond with the source of all creation – the Universal Intelligence; thus ensuring a beneficial transformation.

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