The Trivedi Effect®- A New Age Solution to All of Your Problems

Mahendra Trivedi (Guruji)Ever wondered if you could directly speak to your inner conscious self and easily sort out the mental discrepancies going on at the backend? Is it possible to establish a balance between work and life, fix relationships, ensure physical and mental wellness or have an incessant communication between your conscious and subconscious mind? Indeed, as we are heading towards a world of greater technological advancements, everything is possible in the 21st century.

The Trivedi Effect® is a new and radically innovative concept introduced by Mr. Mahendra Trivedi that aims to obliterate all the roadblocks that hold back our individual growth and success. With his unmatched powers and compassion for humanity, he is capable of transforming everything that is living or existing on this material world for greater welfare. To those of you who are struggling to get rid of work-related issues, family disputes, physical or mental illnesses, relationship issues or be it anything under the sun that calls for a positive change, Mr. Trivedi provides a legitimate backing via the process of positive Energy Transmissions™. Being a spiritual master himself, he can engender positive energy with his thoughts and create an impact on all of the living and non-living world. With this extraordinary talent, he endeavors to achieve emotional, spiritual, relationships mental, sexual, social, financial and physical wellness for all.

Why do you need the Trivedi Effect®? Although there are a myriad of ways and modes of fostering positivity and wellness, such as spiritual retreats, meditation, relaxation, yoga and the like, the results are intermittent and often not very impressive. With today’s scenario on mind, it’s also becoming almost next to impossible to dig out time for these recreational activities from our busy schedules. On the contrary, The Trivedi Effect® presents to the world an exceptional Energy Transmission trend sent through the thoughts of a compatible conduit, which is fascinating those who are open-minded, self-conscious, intelligent and mature citizens of the world drawn to the truth and scientific validity. It is for people who have an immense desire to excel, want to attain inner harmony and are ready for a deep-rooted insight into human behavior. These Energy Transmissions are unmatched in optimizing human potential to maximize rewarding returns in all spheres of life. In the process of achieving this Divinely inherent connection, a sort of bond is established between Universal Intelligence and a person, which serves them at the highest level and helps them to flourish. When this is established, one is able to maximize their inner potential and perform tasks that would otherwise have been impossible or unimaginable. In other words, The Trivedi Effect® strengthens the depth of your connectivity with God and enhances your personal power manifold. This distinctive self-enhancement program is for people from every journey in life. Countless people all across the world have experienced the impact of The Trivedi Effect® to date and have paved the way to better happiness, health and prosperity. What most people love about The Trivedi Effect® is that it addresses their problems at the very core and root cause. The Trivedi Masters™ have helped them revive and regain their lost spirits. Mahendra Trivedi, affectionately also known as Guruji, and the other Trivedi Masters™ (those who have attained the ability to also transmit this energy) are marking a new era on this planet, changing human to superhuman. The “effect” sees no age bar and people from every level and path of life can reap the desired results. Our most precious testimonials about the Trivedi Effect® can be read here – Trivedi Testimonials

Is Trivedi Effect® backed by scientific research? Of course it is. Trivedi Foundation™, a non-profit group, was established in 2009 with an objective to join with scientific research institutes and major universities across the globe to set new standards in the scientific world. Results have laid an effective and reliable foundation for introducing a whole new series of services and products to boost the overall eminence of life. The Trivedi Foundation™ precisely explains the core objective of the Trivedi Foundation™ and talks about the astounding results in multiple scientific arenas such as agriculture, biotechnology, animal husbandry, poultry farming, microbiology and material science. Over 4000 separate scientific tests have confirmed that “Guruji’s” Energy Transmissions™ have immense power to change all living organisms in a positive way, right from the smallest amoeba and extending to humans and animals. If that isn’t enough, it changes non-living materials as well! Additionally, the contributions of Mr. Mahendra Trivedi in the field of material science have been unique and notable. His Energy Transmissions™ can create an impact at the atomic level and mark a positive change in the overall structuring of ceramics, metals, polymers and chemicals. Continuous efforts are being dedicated towards exploring new traits and areas in which the matchless powers of The Trivedi Effect® can be best used to channel a smooth flow of positive power and change. Additionally, the foundation also endeavors to promote research and observation into the deep-rooted and complex physiology of Mr. Mahendra Trivedi and other certified Trivedi Masters™. Mr. Trivedi’s physiological features have been marked as one of the best discoveries of the Trivedi Foundation™ yet. The Trivedi foundation™ website ( is the best source of information in case you wish to know anything about Trivedi Science™’s scientific research to prove the validity of the Trivedi effect®, Mahendra Trivedi’s unique physiology, publications and lots more. Testimonials from clients who have benefited from the Trivedi Effect® are a valuable asset and have been posted on the Trivedi Testimonials™ website, acting as a driving force for the Trivedi Foundation™ to keep striving for its goals. Moreover, Trivedi Testimonials™ are a great source of motivation for the Trivedi Foundation™, inspiring them to follow up on the amazing outcomes of the Trivedi effect® through multiple projects and envisage many more new subject areas that have yet to be tested with the Trivedi Effect®. It’s worthwhile to see how people who are suffering from many illnesses, mental instabilities or day to day struggles are constantly benefited from The Trivedi Effect® power. Many people are finally starting to live a normal, healthy life or even an “extraordinary” life and do the things they have always wanted to do. When you visit the Trivedi foundation™ website, there is a lot of information about their research and scientific projects. For example, the Trivedi foundation™ also offers grants to ventures specifically designed to use the Trivedi Effect® and measure its impact in multiple fields of science, health and wellness. Results have already been analyzed and proven authentic in the domains of biotechnology, animal husbandry, material science, microbiology, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cancer, agriculture and the like. Several products infused with the Trivedi Effect® have also been introduced in the world market and many more are in the pipeline. The Trivedi Foundation™ also promises to explore new spheres where The Trivedi Effect® and its potential can be channelized and demonstrated for a better prospective.
Core objectives of the Trivedi Foundation™ With his innate ability to transform all living and non-living substances, Mr. Mahendra Trivedi explored his capabilities in several fields of science, finding marvelous outcome. Furthermore, he has joined hands with scientists and researchers based in USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and India to explore the true strength of the Trivedi Effect® for scientific verification. Most importantly, the outcomes of these collaborations are beyond the imaginations of current technology and science.
With so much in the pipeline, the Trivedi foundation™ was established with a set of pre-defined objectives:

  • Join with international universities and research institutions to further create and follow up on the impacts of the Trivedi Effect® observed through various fields like agriculture, microbiology, human wellness, material science, biotechnology, cancer, genetics, livestock, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, etc.
  • Integrate consciousness, spirituality and science with the miraculous energy of The Trivedi Effect®
  • Provide lasting and high-end solutions to the most critical problems related to human wellness
  • Set up research and scientific testing to promote the production of new products and services under the surveillance of Mr. Mahendra Trivedi
  • Investigate the impact of The Trivedi effect® in a multitude of scientific fields
  • Last, but not least: to improve the basic conditions effecting human existence and heighten the overall quality of life across the planet

Needless to say, the world is struggling and each person on this planet is fighting more and more for existence, quality and comfort. We are striving hard to achieve goals, meet expectations, fulfill desires and live a peaceful life. Thus, realizing the need at this present hour and with a sense of duty to assist humankind, Mr. Mahendra Trivedi has bestowed the world with the biggest gift ever in the form of The Trivedi Effect®. Without a second thought, the benefits are guaranteed to create a better world for mankind. Hence, as responsible citizens of this world, it becomes our duty to partake and experience The Trivedi Effect® to enforce a better and more positive world in which we all can live!