What to Expect After an Energy Transmission

Many people report amazing levels of transformation in multiple areas of their lives after receiving an Energy Transmission. Often the first sign that the Energy Transmission is working is a change in the physical appearance of the face; skin may glow, eyes may be brighter or even sparkle. Many people find they begin to radiate youthful beauty, vitality and vigor. Sadness and fatigue start to disappear. After the Transmission, sleep is often more deep and satisfying, and there is an overall increase in energy during the waking hours.

Many people also report greater clarity of mind and an absence of mental and emotional confusion. Some people feel more spiritually connected, positive and hopeful or experience improved intuition. Often, unexplained feelings of happiness and peace, increased self-confidence, and a sense of wellness surface organically.

The Trivedi Effect®has also been reported to increase libido and sexual enjoyment. As sexual dissatisfaction can be the root cause of many physical, emotional and social problems, this is a significant benefit. After an Energy Transmission, men commonly exhibit improved performance and stamina that allows them to offer greater fulfillment to their partners. Women often report increased ability to experience orgasm, as well as relief from menstrual and menopausal discomfort.


Energy Transmission Reported Effects in Humans:

  • Increased sense of peace and well-being

  • Reduction in pain

  • Reduction of symptoms of chronic ailments

  • Better interpersonal relationships

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Reduced fear of the future

  • Deeper, more refreshing sleep

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Natural glow to the face

  • Rapid growth of hair & nails

  • Clearer complexion

  • Improved vision

  • Clearing of skin problems

  • Increased libido and sexual enjoyment

The Healing Process:

It is important to note that an Energy Transmission may initiate some physical, mental, and emotional cleansing. The energy emitted during this Transmission triggers a reconstruction of your body-mind complex, and this may not always be comfortable. As with all natural healing modalities, this period of “feeling worse before you feel better”, sometimes referred to as a healing crisis, is simply an indication that the energy is working.

After an Energy Transmission, some people may experience exhaustion, flu-like symptoms, or physical discomfort that has no observable cause. All of the above experiences are part of the cleansing process. You may need extra rest and may sleep longer during this transformational period. This is perfectly normal. In fact, it will help you to assimilate the energy more quickly and recover faster. While not everyone will experience these symptoms, they are normal indicators that the transformational energy is at work. The symptoms should not last more than a few days.

A Special Note to Women:

Many women find that The Trivedi Effect® has amazing effects on their lives. Thousands of women have reported relief from the symptoms of both menstrual and menopausal dysfunction as a result of receiving an Energy Transmission from Mahendra Trivedi. After receiving the Energy Transmission many women have experienced significant relief from symptoms, and even the complete disappearance of bloating, cramps, mood swings, and irritability. Women also report that they experience both improved cycle regularity and enhanced sexual satisfaction. For many women, these improvements were dramatic enough that they represented the start to a new life. Please note that all of the symptoms and experiences described above are based on anecdotal reports, and have not been explained by medical science.