Mahendra Trivedi Speaks on “The Charm of the Mystery of Life”

Fortune telling, future forecasting, psychic readings, there are several ways to know about what is going to happen in the future. Through astrology, palmistry, numerology, psychic abilities, and paranormal abilities. I have this powerful ability to see the future of any human on this planet, but mostly I don’t do this, and I never suggest that anyone try to prematurely learn their future destiny.
Mystery of Life
The reason?
If you find out what your future holds, you will lose the charm of the mystery of life.

The beautiful mystery of life gives the world hope for a bright future. Without hope there is no bright future; without this mysterious charm, life is a fruit without juice. Any human can survive for dozens of days without food, a few days without water, and a few minutes without oxygen, but nobody can survive without hope. Behind negative thoughts some positive thoughts also come, and the thoughts counterbalance each other. That is why it’s very important not to know your destiny.
Your destiny will track you down, and learning your destiny will not allow you to alter your journey. Therefore learning of your future may bring a state of hopelessness which will bring frustration and depression well before its time.
Without trust there is no hope. Jump into the unknown and enjoy the mystery of life.
Answers and direct dictation from Mahendra Trivedi.