Successful Transformation Through Energy Transmission

The Trivedi Effect®

The “Trivedi Effect®” is a natural phenomenon that can transform living organisms and non-living materials to perform at the optimized level to serve a greater purpose. Mahendra Trivedi (commonly referred to as Mr. Guruji) has this distinct ability to transform living organisms and non-living matter. In 2009, he founded the non-profit organization The Trivedi Foundation™ to work with the leading research institutes and universities to establish a new scientific dimension on this earth, through the application of the Trivedi Effect®.

Energy Transmission
Infusion with Science

Mr. Trivedi has staggered the worldwide medical community and research institutes through his extraordinary power of energy transmission. He has successfully collaborated with the scientific researchers all across the world for the betterment of people. His more than 4,000 studies expounding amazing yields on living organisms and non-living materials by substantiating his unique ability through scientific measurement and validation have been documented in the top international journals. These series of experienced can be viewed on the Trivedi Science™ website: Mahendra Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi, and Master Gopal have the ability to transmit this power puffed transformational energy for complete well being.

Widespread Influence on Psychosomatic Disorder

Psychosomatic disorderis the most common problem in the residents of US. It is a problem that directly affects the physiological functioning and gradually degrades the cognitive and perceptive power. In practical terms, both mind and body gets affected due to the psychosomatic disorders, which results in chaos. People under chronic stress or depression exhibits a higher level of psychosomatic problems. However, through these energy transmissions, tens of thousands of people have experienced a dramatic reduction in their psychosomatic disorder levels. Many have claimed that now they are able to enjoy their sleep peacefully.

Many people have asserted that they are also being able to maintain the highest level of awareness after participating in the Trivedi Master Wellness™ programs. Trivedi Master Wellness™ programs are engineered to provide a new model for wellness, a model based on a single phenomenon: improving one’s connection to his or her own intuitive guidance system and ultimately to the Infinite Source of Universal Intelligence. This occurs through the Energy Transmissions of Mahendra Trivedi, called as the Trivedi Effect®.

Amazing Influence On Stress

Stress is the most widespread problem among people crippling their professional and personal lives like never before. People are mainly failing to manage stress level in their workspaces. In fact, medical science and its joint efforts with the most advanced techniques are not able to suppress the stubbornness of stress. But thanks to The Trivedi Effect®, it has been able to bring everlasting peace to the people. People have asserted that after receiving the blessings from Mr. Trivedi and Dahryn Trivedi, they are now able to improve their perception, cognition, and significantly defeated the symptoms of stress. After receiving energy transmission from Mr. Trivedi and Dahryn Trivedi, people have a more positive approach to life.

Noticeable Influence On Sleep

Most of the people strive to have a high-quality sleep, but fail to sleep whole night due to certain psychological and physiological problems. This is the main cause of the other severe illnesses, too. However, after these energy transmissions, people say that get high quality sleep and feeling much relaxed. They are now enjoying the journey of their life in a seamless and worry-free manner.

Unquestionably, tens of thousands of people have reported that they are savoring their lives. They have claimed that they have successfully transformed their health including relief from chronic pain, increased joy, and increased ability to concentrate after receiving these Energy Transmissions. High quality sleep, improvements in stress, anxiety, depression, phobia, fear from the future, restlessness, sadness, ADD/ADHD, and relief from chronic pain have also been reported.