Success in Life, Made Meaningful with the Trivedi Effect

How does one define success in life? For some, success is based upon the accumulation of material wealth, for others it is based upon achievement of academic goals or career status and for some it is just about being happy.

Success in Life

To feel successful in life a person needs to measure their progress in life against a set of criteria that they have established.These criteria may be driven from external pressures based upon standards accepted by social, familial or peer groups or they may come deep from within a person’s inner being. The goals to reach a level of success in life may move frequently throughout life, as one set of goals is reached, new goals are created and as such this leads us through life, striving for the next level in money, academic accreditation, the type of house we live in, the car we drive and so on.

The problem with success is, if it is based upon material matters or even academic criteria alone it may not always bring fulfillment in life. For many, being wealthy, being in the highest level job or having nice cars does not always mean that a person is happy, content or fulfilled. People can strive to reach goals believing that success in whatever field will bring them happiness in life and in reality when these goals are achieved they may still feel dissatisfaction, inner emptiness, or un-fulfilment in life.

To find the secret of being happy, fulfilled, and to achieve success in life, is the Holy Grail that has been sought after by millions over the years. This can be achieved, but it needs a person to set goals and targets that are in true alignment with the mind, body and spirit. For many the mind drives success, to please others or to achieve status within a community. If this success does not reflect the true life purpose of a person and the aims of the spirit within then that inner completion or feeling of fulfillment cannot be truly achieved.

Success in Life

On the other hand when people are connected to their inner guidance system, act on their truth and follow what they feel is right rather than what society, family or peers thinks is right, they will feel fulfilled and driven by a deep desire and passion. Success in life is primarily measured through a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and enjoyment in what they are doing. Through this people can attain contentment and happiness in life. When people follow a path that is in alignment with their true purpose there is no resistance, they utilize the hidden gifts and talents that they are born with and through that can feel inner satisfaction and happiness.

We are born with a natural guidance system that helps to lead us to discover our true purpose, gifts and talents in life. This connection, inner feeling or intuition, if followed can lead towards happiness and success in life. The problem for many of us, is that in modern society we grow up to follow the mind, to allow logic and reason developed on the values and expectations of the society that surrounds us, to lead us in decisions. In doing this many of us make compromises in life, choosing pathways that we feel we should take rather than the pathway we feel will make us happy.

When people do not follow their inner truth they face resistance in life, if they choose a career or relationship that is not in alignment with their true purpose they will struggle, face challenges and success will be limited. On the other hand when people follow their inner guidance system and follow a path that is in harmony with their life path they move through life in the flow of nature, feel supported by natures wisdom and are more likely to reach happiness, contentment and success in life.

In today’s society people are not encouraged to follow their inner guidance system, and many of them struggle to recognize that connection. When people are disconnected, they struggle to make choices in life, can feel discontented, lose motivation, and lack interest in life. Through a feeling of un-fulfillment people can develop depression, anxiety, stress, turn to alcohol or drug abuse.

How do people connect to their inner guidance system and start to steer their lives in the direction towards inner contentment and happiness, towards success in life measured on these values rather than just material gain. There is a phenomenon that has helped tens of thousands of people to transform their lives across the world and it has done so through connecting people to their inner guidance system. This phenomenon is called The Trivedi Effect®.

Success in Life

Brought to the world’s attention through Mahendra Trivedi, this phenomenon has astounded scientists and people from all over the world with its ability to bring measurable transformation not only to humans but to animals, plants, microbes, water and nonliving materials. This phenomenon has the ability to enhance and modify all it interacts with in a way that allows the recipient to optimize its potential so that it may function in a way that serves a greater purpose in its existence. Mahendra Trivedi has the ability to harness a Universal Energy through the power of his thoughts, that is able to bring about transformation to all it interacts with, known as The Trivedi Effect®, and transmit it to recipients located anywhere in the world. Dahryn Trivedi, Alice Branton and Gopal Nayak are also able to transmit The Trivedi Effect®

Mahendra Trivedi states that the energy, received through Energy Transmissions, connects individuals to their own inner guidance system and ultimately to the Infinite Source of Universal Intelligence. It is through this enhanced connection that people’s lives can start to transform

The Trivedi Effect®is not the result of a placebo effect or wishful thinking; its transformational properties have been validated in over 4,000 studies at major international research institutes/universities and its effect documented in international, peer reviewed journals. People all over the world have experienced The Trivedi Effect® and its transformational capacity on humans has been corroborated by the testimony given by tens of thousands of people. The
Trivedi Effect® has brought beneficial change to many varied aspects of people’s lives, helped them find direction in life and brought about overall inner peace, contentment and happiness to their lives. People have also reported greater material success in life, increased financial abundance, enhanced career success, and improved relationships. To find out more about the personal experiences of people who have received The
Trivedi Effect® please go to

People have described that they experienced increased inner ‘bliss’, profound peace, greater lasting happiness, raised consciousness and enhanced levels of energy after experiencing The Trivedi Effect®.
People have reported how they gained greater clarity, direction and success in life, discovered their true life purpose and learned to utilize the hidden gifts and talents that they were born with. People receiving The Trivedi Effect® have described how they now feel fulfilled and truly happy in their lives.

Energy transmissions can be received on an individual basis or as part of a program run through Trivedi Master Wellness that is designed to help people maximize the benefits of The Trivedi Effect® over time.

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