The Science

The Cashew Breakthrough

In April 2002, a plot of farming land was divided in two sections separated by a barbed wire fence. Half of the plot – 106 acres – received Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment, while the other half did not. After four months, 9000 cashew saplings were procured from an agricultural university and planted in both the treated plot and the control plot of land. The treated group of cashew trees were raised under strict organic conditions: they were not treated with any pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers or chemicals of any kind – and were only given normal amounts of water. The control group of cashew trees from the neighboring plot were given the standard amount of pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and nutritional supplements required to offset the high incidence of disease and pests within the geographical location of the farms.

The Result

Within five years, the mortality rate of the cashew trees from the treated group decreased to less than 0.5%, while the untreated control group which had a 35-40% mortality rate. The trees on the treated plot of land also yielded 334% more cashews, had 300% more vitality, liveliness and strength, and had a much longer shelf life than the control group and compared to other normal cashew crops. When comparing the cashew plants from the control and treated land, the scientists found that the cashews from the treated land had 30% more chlorophyll a, 93% more chlorophyll b and 45% more total chlorophyll. The amount of Chlorophyll b in a plant is a direct indicator of its health, life force and ability to harness energy from the sun.

This science experiment has been published in the peer-reviewed science journal “Journal of Plant Sciences” under the title: Effect of Biofield Energy Treatment on Chlorophyll Content, Pathological Study, and Molecular Analysis of Cashew Plant (Anacardium occidentale L.). To read the full publication, click HERE

The Cashew Breakthrough

Benefit to Mankind

Organic crops, while better for human health, typically have decreased yields in produce. However, Mr. Trivedi’s energy transmissions are able to resolve the problems that organic food production currently faces. When applied to organic crops, The Trivedi Effect can yield more and higher quality organic produce than produce treated with chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. These crops also enjoy a longer shelf-life – reducing food waste and shortages. The Trivedi Effect not only increases the quantity and quality of organic produce, but causes ecological changes in the soil composition of the crop. The Trivedi Effect is proven to promote the health, vitality and longevity of 100% organic agricultural crops.




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