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100% Organic Poultry

In October of 2010, an experiment was conducted on approximately 4200 chickens. 2100 chickens were placed in a treated group and 2100 were placed in a control group. The chickens in the control group were given 34 different antibiotics, hormones, steroids, other related medicines as well six vaccines, per standard procedure on a poultry farm. The control group was fed a normal diet and given normal drinking water. The treated group of chickens were fed a normal diet and received drinking water that had received an energy transmission from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi – from 6000 miles away. The treated group were given no medicines or vaccines.
After 47 days, scientists quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed and compared the treated and control groups of chickens. The results were astonishing. The treated group of chickens consumed 7% less food – but gained 15% more edible meat than the control group. The meat from the treated group was deemed 100% organic, had 4.6% lower cholesterol, 6% lower fat, 10% more protein and had little odor from their excrement (which is rare on a poultry farm). The treated group had 17% less infectious bacteria and 17% more blood platelets than the control group, demonstrating that the chickens that received The Trivedi Effect water also had a stronger immune system – despite not receiving any of the aforementioned drugs or medicine.
This science experiment has been published in the peer-reviewed science journal “Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences” under the title: Effect of Biofield Treated Energized Water on the Growth and Health Status in Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus). To read the full publication, click HERE

100% Organic Poultry

Benefit to Mankind

The Trivedi Effect can produce 100% organic, high quality meat while reducing costs and increasing meat production – and profit – for the farming industry. It can increase immunity and can more effectively mitigate the severity of bacteria and viruses that cause illness and disease in livestock than the use of antibiotics, vaccines and other treatments that ultimately lead to drug-resistant bacteria and microbes that can wreak havoc and spread to the human population through contaminated meat. This energy can be infused into livestock directly or can be administered into the food or water supply, creating meat that is healthier, more sustainable and less toxic to consume.



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