The Science

Killing Cancer with
Intelligent Energy

In a double-blind study led by Dr. Garrett L. Yount, Ph.D. at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi administered his Biofield energy transmission to a mixed group of cancerous (GBM) and healthy (Non-GBM) human brain cells. The mixed group of human brain cells were kept in a Plexiglas environmental chamber while Guruji Trivedi delivered this energy transmission at a distance from outside of the chamber. The cells never came into contact with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, and the scientists handling the cells were purposely kept unaware of which cell cultures received the Biofield treatment. Each scientist was blinded from the other scientists’ activities until the raw data analyses were complete in order to maintain consistent and authentic data testing.


At the completion of the study, Dr. Garrett L. Yount concluded that “The results suggest that the Biofield treatment administered in the laboratory can induce cell death of brain cancer cells from a distance, while at the same time promoting the viability of normal brain cells. Such selective efficacy against cancer cells is the sought after ‘holy grail’ for novel experimental anti-cancer agents and makes this work all the more exciting.”

Widely accepted treatments – like chemotherapy and radiation – fail to distinguish cancerous cells from healthy cells, damaging all cells in an effort to eradicate the problematic cells. This is why modern cancer treatment comes with high risks and – more often than not, leads to an unnecessary rapid decline in health. The Trivedi Effect, however, not only targeted and killed cancer cells, but also provided viability and health to healthy cells. This experiment validates that the energy harnessed by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi possesses an inherent intelligence that distinguishes and treats each recipient and specimen uniquely – a truly astonishing scientific breakthrough.

The revolutionary results from this experiment have been published in the peer-reviewed “Journal of Integrative Oncology” under the title: The Potential Impact of Biofield Treatment on Human Brain Tumor Cells: A Time-Lapse Video Microscopy. To read the full publication, click here

Killing Cancer with
Intelligent Energy

Benefit to Mankind

Pharmaceutical industry drugs are composed of a multitude of chemicals – a chemical energy. The Trivedi Effect is also an energy – but a more efficient, pure and natural energy with inherent intelligence that can solve the puzzle of disease and sickness without relying on a toxic mix of chemicals developed for profit. The Trivedi Effect can – and will – change the way we treat disease today, and for the foreseeable future.



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