Soul Mind and Body – Finding Harmony with The Trivedi Effect®

Being a good/happy person can mean different things to different people. To some of us, it is based on a moral compass that revolves around charity, generosity, empathy, doing no harm to others or the self and other such values whereas others associate these terms with material wealth , good careers and high standards of living. In the esoteric world it is recognized that to achieve a truly rewarding and fulfilling life one must gain balance between soul mind and body. Harmony in the soul mind and body is the key to ultimate wellness and happiness, and as such attaining this balance should be an important goal for every individual. However, most people rarely give it a thought. In today’s materialistic world most people spend time and effort concentrating on the surface demands and needs of the brain and body, and ignore the mind and soul.

Balance Your Body Mind & Soul

Today, in this highly-competitive society, people are placed under a lot of stress and pressures, life is conducted at a fast pace and as a result the soul mind and body are not in balance. People are driven by demands and standards set by others through work, adverts, friends and family. Many people do not have time to find peace or to tune into their natural and instinctive inner guidance system. Although people have heard of the terms ‘gut instinct’ or intuition they don’t know what it is or pay attention to it. People are not aware that intuition is our natural connection to nature’s wisdom, a natural mechanism or survival instinct that leads us in the right direction to maximise potential and happiness in life. People have over the last few decades become detached from their natural instinct or inner guidance system as lives, have, with modern technology become easier and survival is no longer dependent on our gut instinct. People have turned to logic and reasoning instead and are used to making decisions with their heads, allowing logic rather than inner feeling to predominate in decision making. When this happens people start to make compromises in life, doing what they think they should do rather than what they really want to do and as a result do not reach that feeling of fulfillment and true happiness.

As a result greater and greater numbers of people are starting to suffer from disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, fear of the future, boredom, low confidence and are unhappy in their lives. To stem this darkening cloud that is threatening humanity it is time that people started to recognise and connect with their inner guidance system and in so doing get back into balance, following their own natural blueprint and life path that is right for them rather than a compromised life directed towards satisfying the standards set by others and pressures created by society. As humans we are sometimes afraid to do what we want to do ,we are concerned that money will be problematic, are worried over what others may think, like to stay in the status quo and often do not live our truth. We need to learn to trust the wisdom of nature and the Divine, speak and live our truth and follow the guidance that is from within. Through connecting to the Universal Intelligence/God of your understanding a person can start to harness that universal energy/natures wisdom and as such start to attract all they need into their lives to allow them to grow and flourish.

The Body

The physical body is designed to communicate its needs, dislikes, problems through sensory perception. Our actions are directed towards satisfying our desires that are highlighted through the sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Our body reflects our inner being, if our mind, body and soul are in balance then our body is in balance. Disease occurs when the mind, body and soul are not working in harmony, the term dis-ease represents the turmoil created when these three components are out of alignment. The body is a complex machine designed by nature to serve the spirit /soul. Without the soul or connection to the vital life force, the body is useless. After death the body decays and cannot function. In today’s society people have lost track of just how important the soul/spirit is and how to utilize it to maximize our experience of life.

To this end the senses should be used to support the soul, guiding us to the things that are in harmony with our life path or that are good for us. However over time the senses have aligned with the mind or brain. When the brain leads, and life choices are made that are not in true alignment with the souls desire, we experience disharmony and the senses start to function in a way that wants to satisfy and bring back a sense of balance and peace. Negative emotions arise when we are not in balance. When a person is fully connected these emotions subside quickly, the trust in the Creator or sense of knowing that natures wisdom supports you allows you to quickly let go of low vibrational energy like sadness, fear, insecurity, hopelessness, panic, unhappiness, boredom, jealousy or anger. When a person lacks connection these negative emotions can sit with a person for a long time and even gain intensity over time.

The senses, in these cases, work to counteract these emotions , people may start to excessively crave the things that have brought them any state of happiness regardless of whether the happiness was temporary or not. People crave things like money, sugar, chocolate, sex, alcohol, drugs, attention, nice clothes, and new objects, music geared to bring release of anger, frustration or tears. People can crave new experiences in a constant effort to bring satisfaction and balance. When the brains direction contradicts the spirits desires we suppress our truth, our natural instinct and distortion can occur. On the one hand logic directs us one way, the spirit and soul another, the brain senses imbalance and the chemistry in the body responds. Suppressed desires, unhappiness, boredom, lethargy, anxiety, stress, worry, sadness, jealousy, anger, loss, loneliness, emptiness and a feeling of dissatisfaction can bring about a deterioration in health and over time lead to dis-ease.

The Mind

The mind can function at different levels, it is the thought mechanism that drives our physical body to experience, it works with the brain and the soul and as such determines how the body responds. When we are born we are connected to the Universal Intelligence, our mind follows our natural guidance. When a baby is born it naturally follows its desire to suckle the mother’s breast and to cry when it needs something. There is no analysis in the mind weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of suckling or crying. Over time the mind loses this strong connection to intuition as stimuli in the environment start to influence behavior. Actions generate responses, pain, laughter, sadness, anger and over time the mind creates a memory bank which serves to influence future actions. As this memory bank grows the mind starts to make decisions based upon learned responses. The memory bank expands to incorporate responses influenced by knowledge, social demands, familial expectations, material pressures and media influences. The mind is bombarded with a myriad of signals that influence our actions and it is within this jumble of messages that in time our connection to the Universal Intelligence or nature’s wisdom, our natural intuition can be lost. The mind starts to depend on the learnt responses rather than the intuitive ones and a discrepancy with the soul path can emerge, creating dissatisfaction and imbalance. When this happens people can face disappointment, failure, stress, anxiety, loss of faith, loss of self-esteem, low confidence, fear from future, hopelessness and depression.

It is so important for our mind to be aligned with our soul/spirit, to make decisions that feel right, to allow our bodies and actions to be guided by that source of Infinite Intelligence and wisdom that creates and drives everything in nature. Everyone deserves to be happy, we are born to experience life, to fulfill our desires and contribute to the world in which we live in a way that satisfies our soul. We are all different, not designed to be a perfect replica of each other and through following our inner guidance system we can learn to uncover our unique gifts and natural talents that are connected to our soul path, become our true selves and bring our unique wisdom to the world. In this connected state our soul mind and body are in balance, bringing health and wellbeing to our lives and ultimately true happiness in our lives.

The Soul

The soul is the core of our being. We can never experience happiness by suppressing our spirit and our soul. The mind needs to feed the soul without which life does not exist. By connecting to our inner guidance system and raising our consciousness, the mind nourishes the soul and we are able to attain profound peace and inner bliss. The soul is able to establish a connection with the Divine/ Universal Intelligence/God of your Understanding /Natures Wisdom and gain true happiness in life.

The result is we become happy both inside and outside. We are able to find the true meaning of our lives, happiness is gained and spread around us.

Soul Mind Body Infographic

The soul mind and body are said to be in harmony if we have

  • Awareness of the Self

  • Realization of life purpose

  • Raised consciousness

  • No fear of the uncertain

  • A deep connection with the God of your understanding

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