Few Warning Signs of Abusive Relationships

Human Beings are Social Beings

Way back in 350 BC, the great Greek philosopher and polymath Aristotle described Human beings as social beings. Current day anthropologists further this argument by sighting human collective behavior of living in small units which get termed as family.

Abusive Relationships

Relationships are Based on Love and Trust

Within these family units, stand alone relationships develop and evolve their own dynamics between individuals who are members of the family. These inter family relationships get manifested in various forms like relationships between parents and their children and relationship between spouses. Most such healthy relationships are built on a firm foundation of mutual love, trust and respect.

Reasons Behind Common Relationship Problems

When any one or all of the above indigents in a relationship starts to diminish, relationship issues crop up between family members leading to common relationship problems. When these relationship problems are not addressed by the concerned family members appropriately, they build up of frustration.

Some Common Examples of Relationship Issues are as Follows:

Taking out One’s Frustration on Our Loved Ones:

Since our loved ones give a patient hearing to our woes during the bad times we face, we sometimes cross the line and start to take out our pent up frustration on the very people who are trying to help us. This can either be due to one’s inability to address the issues at hand or more likely take the relationship for granted.

Failure to Confront Issues Bothering you:

In today’s hectic modern life where both husband and wife are working, finding appropriate time and place to discuss and trash out burning problems which are confrontational in nature has become difficult. The more the issue at hand is pushed to the back burner, the more likely it is that it will blow up in your face at a later date leading to abusive relationships.

Not Listening to Your Dear Ones:

Being too distracted or worried to pay attention to what your near and dear ones are saying is another common relationship problem. It typically arises out of lack of mutual respect. It could also indicate a complete breakdown of communication between the individuals which again could lead to abusive relationships.

Unrealistic Expectations:

Both men and women are guilty of this offense. Having a unreasonable and untenable expectations from themselves and near and dear ones around them is a sure way to ruin ones relationship. These expectations could be about varying things. Like your job, how your spouse looks, the amount of money you have or how much of money your spouse earns. Not communicating with each other about their expectations will lead to serious misunderstandings which in turn lead to relationship issues.

Unresolved Relationship Issues Might Lead to Domestic Violence.

When these common relationship issues remain unaddressed for a long period of time they lead to domestic violence. The perpetrator of domestic violence start to try and impose their views and opinions on the rest of their house hold. This soon turn into a game of one up man ship. Gaining dominance over the relationship would be the prime motive of the individual. To accomplish this, the individual will resort to emotional manipulation and when that does not yield results might take recourse to verbal and physical abuse to cow down the rest of the family members and make them fall in line. A continuous display of this behavior leads to the development of abusive relationship and in extreme cases result in domestic violence.

Domestic Violence is One of the Early Signs of Abusive Relationships

Domestic violence can be broadly classified as child abuse, abuse of helpless elders and most common abuse of one’s spouse or partner. The use of fear and browbeating to impose once will on the other individuals in the relationship is termed as domestic violence. The threat or actual physical violence accompanied by verbal abuse goes hand in hand with domestic violence.
Few of the manifestations of domestic abuse are sexual and physical abuse, psychological abuse followed by emotional abuse and most importantly economic and financial abuse. All these different abuses have few common motives. These are outright intimidation, humiliation and total subjugation of the victim. This can also lead to physical hurt which is done in order to prove superiority over the victim.
To sum up an individual’s behavior towards his relatives which include violent or threatening gestures, controlling behavior, public display of disdain and cruelty, and finally lack of control on his own behavior towards his relatives are the clear and early signs of exploitation and abusive relationships.

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