Self Esteem – The Most Essential Tool for Raising Happiness!

Self-esteem relates to a person’s overall emotional evaluation of his or her own worth in life. It is the judgment of your own self that you have formulated; as also it is an attitude toward the self.

Having little self-regard or a low self-esteem can lead people to get into a mode of acute depression. They may fall short of their potential and unnecessarily be tolerant to abusive situations and relationships making themselves a laughing stock in the end.

Boost Self Esteem
Some people with a low sense of self-esteem constantly seek attention, have overly shallow relationships, and tend to exploit the people close to them. Many a time there is a conflict of emotions when people with low self-esteem struggle with the reality of who they are and where they stand, a criteria that often does not match the idea of who they would like to be!

Depression may lead to suicidal ideology and loneliness, as these people cannot tune out their shortcomings, are not able to speak about it and get engulfed in the shadows of their own perceptions. We need to help our loved ones if they are a victim of low self-esteem and resort to expert guidance and supervision. Orthodox forms of medication often fail to leave behind an ever-lasting impact and also fail to uplift the dampened soul and spirit!

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