Relationship Problems Quotes – Learn How to Build Better Relationships with Others

Thanks to the pressures and stress we face today, human relationships are bound to develop relationship problems. Mature and the wise folks acknowledge the presence of these pressures and seek appropriate advice and resort to relationship problems quotes to overcome the same.

Relationship Problems Quotes

“Don’t be Mad when Someone Else Starts to Appreciate the Person You Took for Granted. What You Won’t do, Someone Else will” Author Anonymous

As the above quote illustrates, it is easy to take close relationships for granted. But it is also very important to go the extra mile to acknowledge and communicate to our loved ones the importance of their presence in our lives. Only this acknowledgment will perpetuate the relationship and make it grow stronger.

“Easy is to Forgive others, Difficult is to Ask for Forgiveness” Author Anonymous

Once the unfortunate participants in a problematic relationship start to acknowledge the issues that is causing friction, it’s important for them to address the same. They need to try and look for solutions to overcome it. The first step towards this resolution is for the person at fault to seek forgiveness. This will lead to restoration of trust and belief in the relationship.

Importance of Good Relationships Problem Advice

Hence getting access to “good relationship problems advice” becomes extremely important in overcoming relationship problems. Relationship advice can be explained as a set prescription or recommendation offered to individuals who are going through a challenging phase in their personal relationships. Based on the professed advice, the individual can make choices on how they want to respond to their interpersonal relationship challenge.

Importance of Knowing How to Give Advice

While it might be appropriate to step in and offer relationship problems advice, the giver of the advice should seriously consider if the person receiving it is in a state of mind to appreciate it and act upon it. There is a famous quote from an anonymous author which states that it is “Easy to judge the mistakes of others, but difficult to recognize our own mistakes”. As if to prove the saying correct, we find many people who are having relationship problems but are failing to recognize their own wrong doings which is leading to the relationship break down. Hence the giver of the advice should satisfy himself first that the person receiving the advise has the level headedness and maturity to take the feedback at face value rather than point fingers at others who are involved in the problematic relationship.

Importance of Knowing how to Receive Advice and Use it Appropriately

Easy is to admire a full moon. Difficult to see the other side…” – Author Anonymous People who are stuck in an unfortunate relationship problems should be open minded and accepting when a relative or friend tries to help them with advice. Rather than reject it off hand or get defensive, they should carefully consider the implications of the feedback being given and try to implement it in their relationships. They should be realistic and personally seek out those people who maintain healthy relationships themselves. Repairing the relationship becomes easier with the help of trusted relationship problem quotes.

Easy is to Hurt Someone who Loves us. But it is Difficult is to Heal the Wound. Author: Anonymous

To better understand and put in perspective the above quote let’s look at some real life examples. For the sake of propriety, we are not naming the individuals by their names. In the first decade of this century, the entire world was witness to an embarrassing relationship crisis that engulfed the US first family. The immense hurt and turmoil that the then president caused to his wife of more than three decades by accepting in front of global media that he was unfaithful to her made for a gripping and fascinating study of human beings weakness. The first lady was utterly devastated. She was humiliated in public by this admission by her husband. All through the years, she had stoically backed her husband in his political life and had been his staunchest supporter.

As the quote above illustrates, the husband had caused immense hurt to an individuals who loved him the most – Namely his wife and daughter.

This same example is also illuminative of how one can go about finding solutions and mend relationships which have been severely damaged. Keeping in mind the well being of their only daughter and the prestige and image of the highest public position her husband held in US, the first lady graciously forgave the Presidents past misdeeds. She continued to support the president’s cause and defended him in front of the entire nation. Looking back, it seems that their relationship came out stronger after facing the ultimate test in front of the entire world. This real life story gives us hope to believe that as long as we are genuinely repentant about our mistakes in the management of a relationship and work towards reforming ourselves, the mutual love and respect will mend the relationship over time and lead to better times together.

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