Psychosomatic Disorders – A Global Epidemic

Merriam-Webster describes Psychosomatic as follows:

1:  of, relating to, concerned with, or involving both mind and body.

2:  of, relating to, involving, or concerned with bodily symptoms caused by mental or

emotional disturbance.

Segen’s Medical Dictionary describes it as:

(1) An individual having a biological predisposition to a particular condition, which may

have genetic, trauma-related or other predisposing factors;

(2) The individual has a vulnerable personality i.e., there is a type or degree of stress

the individual’s coping mechanism and ego structure cannot manage.

Mental illnesses and chronic diseases are closely related. Chronic diseases can exacerbate symptoms of depression, and depressive disorders can themselves lead to chronic diseases.” Chapman DP, Perry GS, Strine TW. The Vital Link Between Chronic Disease and Depressive Disorders.


Psychosomatic disorders are physical disorders created by an individual’s emotional state – “Psycho” relating to the mind and “somatic” to the body.  As our mind develops emotional patterns of thought combined with programmed beliefs, it creates dis-ease within the body manifesting as an organic physical condition.

In recent years, medical science has gained a better understanding of how anxiety and stress, leading to depression and one’s cultural background(s), play key roles in the majority of physical symptoms and illnesses experienced by patients throughout the world.

  • The Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows in 2010 more than 63 million Americans were treated with mental disorders.
  • Almost one-fifth of children in the United States younger than 18 years (14.2 million) have a chronic illness that results in the need for special health care.  Approximately 20% of these children have behavioral and emotional symptoms—twice the rate seen in the general population.  (

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. How do we begin to calculate the cost to society, the family or individual suffering from this debilitating disorder?  It’s catastrophic.

Based on a variety of factors, each individual responds differently to various emotional traumas and toxic substances bombarding their daily lives. These contributing factors dictate the level of severity, weakness of one’s immune system and how long it take to recover. In the majority of cases, the emotional and physical disorders are never resolved.

Physical conditions in which psychological factors are shown to be a contributing factor are currently classified as “psychological factors affecting medical conditions”. These include disturbances in the nervous system in which the emotions play a significant role. Multiple sclerosis, cancer,  chronic pain, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, high blood pressure, inflammation, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, asthma, nausea, peptic ulcer, cramping, digestive issues, bowel disorders, skin disorders, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, arthritis, allergy, headache, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, chest pains and endocrine disorders are just a few of a very long list.

With so many stresses affecting our emotional state, it’s no wonder the majority of diseases within the body are directly related to our perceptions and thoughts.

The use of pharmaceutical drugs is prevalent and relied upon within the medical community.  However, drugs only mask the symptoms by giving a brief moment of relief, never healing the root cause. How often have you or someone you know been given a prescription which ended up creating another symptom or series of symptoms? The doctor prescribes a second medication to counteract the effects of the first, then a third, fourth and fifth. Pretty soon you’re swallowing a handful of pills creating additional side effects with numerous physical concerns.

There has been limited success in using behavior therapies to treat such disorders.  Patients are taught new ways of coping with stress and developing new patterns of behavior. Among the techniques used are electroconvulsive therapy, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, group therapy, relaxation training such as meditation and yoga, classical conditioning focusing on the positive and negative using social and material reinforcement. Even with all these available options, those suffering from psychosomatic disorders will spend the rest of their lives chasing the Dream of Wellness.

But, there is another option to explore … The Trivedi Effect®

Here is a unique example of someone with serious psychosomatic issues manifesting as dis-ease within her physical and emotional bodies. If that weren’t enough, she then suffered a serious spinal cord injury with the potential to increase the levels of stress in her life exponentially. However, by incorporating ongoing Biofield Energy Treatments from The Trivedi Masters™, not only was her state of mind more relaxed – her level of trust increased significantly lowering stress thereby allowing Divine Source to support her in every moment. Instead of her stress increasing, it was actually lowered during an intensely stressful experience.

This is a testimonial from Donna A. regarding the miraculous changes she has experienced in her life as a direct result of The Trivedi Effect®.


“I would not have been prepared for the inertia I had created, hurtling me toward a life changing event had it not been for Mahendra Trivedi and The Trivedi Effect®.

In May 2009, my partner and I had just moved our business from the west coast to Northern Virginia near Washington, DC. I was working full time in addition to establishing our portrait photography business. Every moment was consumed by work.  My husband was on edge. Arguing became more frequent. The move had been his idea.He believed this was how we were going to “make our millions” – providing for our retirement.

I was suffering from insomnia, anxiety, raging hot flashes, night sweats, anger, frustration and impatience, unresolved emotional/physical trauma from having been sexually molested by a family member, seasonal allergies, digestive issues, inflammation, back pain, constipation and facial discoloration. I was on pain and anti-anxiety medication. I was eating less yet gaining weight. I felt disconnected from Divine Source, unsettling fear of the future, relationship issues and lack of trust. I was at the end of my rope.

Over the years I’d spent thousands of dollars with psychologists, psychiatrists, naturopathic doctors and healers practicing every modality available. I’ve read books addressing emotional issues and healing, attended numerous workshops and seminars on how to create a mindset of wealth and abundance as I recited positive affirmations as I prayed for relief.  On the outside, I was happy, confident always moving forward.  Inside there was a deep disconnect.

In May 2010, I received an email about a man – Mahendra Trivedi (Guruji) – who could transmit energy transforming plants and improving human life with scientific research backing his claims. It was an invitation to hear about the science and receive a Biofield Energy Treatment formally referred to as Energy Transmissions. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I signed up.

The first Biofield Energy Treatment I received from Guruji gave me an immediate physical response with intense gurgling and churning in my gut. That night, I slept like a baby for the first time in over 10 years. From then on, I signed up for every call offered. With each treatment, I felt physical and emotional shifts. I had the great privilege of meeting him in person and received several in-person treatments. With so many physical, emotional and spiritual issues needing attention, I found new hope through this experience.

Life is a journey and what an amazing one it has been …October 29, 2010 I fell breaking my neck at C3/C4, sustaining a severe spinal cord injury paralyzing me from the shoulders down. I never lost consciousness. The paramedics decided I needed to be airlifted. I was uninsured and no insurance would mean county hospital care. Instead, I was airlifted to Inova Fairfax hospital. The surgeon was one of the top neurosurgeons in the country and it just happened to be his only night of the month “on call”. He pioneered the latest technique to rebuild broken necks. I was in the best possible hands.

Twenty minutes before being wheeled into surgery, I asked my partner to contact Guruji. Guruji explained how he would “bless” the surgical suite, equipment, doctors and nurses making sure there were no preconceived notions as to the outcome of my surgery.  And, he would continue to “bless” me throughout the coming weeks.

A surgery, normally taking 7 hours, took only 4 1/2. The neurosurgeon told me it was the cleanest surgery of this type he had ever performed. Unfortunately, the damage to my spinal cord was severe.  After removing all the broken bones at C3/C4, over 50% of my spinal cord had been damaged or severed.

The surgeon told me I would never walk again, have use of my arms or hands or have bowel or bladder function. I would require a motorized chair controlled by a joystick at my chin.  I would require a respirator to breathe – I was a quadriplegic. However, I refused to accept the prognosis.

I was transferred to the Trauma Intensive Care Unit. Each day, I prayed to the Divine for cellular transformation. Then, I would visualize myself doing the physical activities I enjoy…walking, swimming, running, biking etc… and remembering how it “felt” to experience those movements.  Lastly, I focused on moving different parts of my entire body, in hopes of something moving. This was my daily routine. Several days went by without success.

On the morning of the 6th day, during my routine, I was able to make a toe on my left foot quiver. My doctor was amazed at what he saw. “This isn’t supposed to be happening. We need to get you out of here immediately” were his exact words.

The staff leaped into action to locate a model rehabilitation hospital, but none would take an uninsured patient. Early the next morning, a model rehabilitation hospital specializing in spinal cord injury, called to say a bed was available and if I could provide a caregiver, the bed was mine. This facility happens to be one of the top 20 rehabilitation hospitals in the United States and it was only 2 hours away. Within an hour I was being transported to Richmond Virginia, MCV/VCU Hospital.

At the rehab hospital, they confirmed the prognosis stated by my neurosurgeon. I began a three month program. With numerous Energy Transmissions from Guruji, my bowel and bladder function returned within 3 weeks and I was off all prescription meds.

I completed the 12 week program in 6 weeks. I was walking again. Not pretty and not very far, but I was walking. I watched my Physiatrist, a cynical, stern doctor, transform into a funny, talkative man. Every doctor and nurse called me a Miracle.

From there I was transferred, on scholarship, to Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Hospital where a 3 week outpatient program was extended to 4 months – another miracle – since their scholarship program had been discontinued several months prior to my arrival.  By February 2011, I no longer needed a wheelchair.

Today, although I still lack various degrees of sensation throughout my body, my healing continues. Strangers have no idea I’m a partial quad or the extent of my injury.  I’ve never broken down and cried about my situation, felt sorry for myself or blamed anyone for my current situation. Instead, I give thanks for this unique, life changing experience.

My connection to the God of my Understanding has never been deeper. I have no fear of the future. Just thinking about my deep connection to God brings tears of deep gratitude to my eyes. I am supported in all areas of my life while embracing my future with joy. The list of miracles that have manifested in our lives continues to grow. The relationship with my husband and children has taken a 180-degree shift. My husband tells me I’m sweeter and he is more loving towards me. I feel a peace and calmness I’d never felt in this lifetime. I trust and allow Divine Will to flow through me with grace and ease. Facial discoloration caused by sun damage and hormonal imbalance has diminished significantly. Insomnia, anxiety, raging hot flashes, night sweats, seasonal allergies, digestion, inflammation, constipation, back pain, relationship issues, lack of trust and anger stemming from physical and emotional traumas have all been resolved and healed. I no longer needed prescription medications for pain and anxiety.

My life has become an incredible journey of awakening, healing and freedom. Even now, I am more aware of how I present in this world. How I choose to interact or react to a situation defines my perception of its outcome based on my awareness and how I am the integral factor of how my life flows with Grace and Ease.

This is just the beginning … all due to Mahendra Trivedi and his unique gift, known as the Trivedi Effect.”

By receiving ongoing Biofield Energy Transmissions from the Trivedi Masters™ we honor this sacred responsibility we’ve been entrusted with – our Life’s Eternal Journey.

Mahendra Trivedi – The Master of Transformation – has the unique ability to focus, through his thoughts, concentrated Biofield Energy. Some refer to this Energy as The Divine, Source Energy, Universal Intelligence or the God of One’s Understanding. His abilities are known around the world as The Trivedi Effect®.

Thousands of individuals have shared how The Trivedi Effect® has impacted and transformed their lives improving physical and emotional health, relationships, happiness, contentment, focus, drive, finances and more.

The scientific community continues to be baffled and astonished by the nearly 4,000 scientific research studies proving the miraculous impact Mr. Trivedi’s Biofield Energy Treatments have on plants, agriculture, cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, animals, genetics, organic and inorganic materials.

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