Overview of Anger Management for Children

Like adults, children too face emotions. However, as children are young and novice, children need to be taught to handle the emotions. However, one emotion that children must and should learn the ways to handle anger. In other words, various experts suggest that the cause for various children behavioural problems is their inability to manage anger. If children are not taught anger management, children may develop oppositional behaviour, disrespect, aggression, etc.

Anger Management for Children

Therefore, here are the most important tips of anger management for children:

  • Distinguish between feelings and behaviour: Kids lack the knowledge of differentiating between angry feelings and aggressive behaviour. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to teach kids the difference so that they learn the art of verbalising their anger instead of reacting through aggressive behaviour. Also, it is very essential that kids are taught that feeling angry is normal.

  • Children behave like their parents. Therefore, set an appropriate example in front of your children. In other words, put in action, what you preach. If your kids see their parents losing control in anger, kids to imitate the same. Therefore, ensure that you keep a tap on your behaviour too. Though many parents consider, hiding their pain and frustration from kids is a good option, it is suggested that they see how you handle them, so that they learn them too.

  • Make it clear of what is acceptable. In other words, make it clear that what kind of behaviour is acceptable. Like for example families accept staying alone when angry or slamming the door. Thus, make it clear what anger behaviour is acceptable and what is not.

  • Teach your kids the best ways of managing anger. Kids are like white slates and when taught with good habits they remember and follow them. Therefore, make genuine efforts to teach your kids the ways of, how to control anger. Teach them how to react when angry or frustrated.

  • Make the kids realise the positive consequences they would face if the anger management rules are followed and the negative consequences they would face if not followed. This type of reward system makes children to make a genuine effort to manage anger positively.

Thus, with the above tips, parents can be assured that their kids learn the art of managing anger. However, there are cases where parents are facing trouble handling troublesome kids. In such situation, The Trivedi Effect ® session would definitely help bring a positive change in the child’s behaviour.

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