Monthly Enhancement Program | Jan 15, 2015


Good evening and welcome everyone to this January Monthly Enhancement Program call, we are very happy to have all of you here with us tonight. Happy New Year to those of you we haven’t spoken to, we are very much looking forward to this year, 2015, there is so many new things and exciting things happening here, at the Trivedi Organization and we are looking to the future, we’re going to share some of the things with you tonight. We are also very happy, as Guruji has returned from India, he is back with us and those of us, in America are so happy to have him back around.

He is going to be here tonight to share with you his insights and outlooks, the things that are coming up for all of us in the future, so very happy to be here, so really without further ado, I want to bring Mr. Trivedi onto the call for alll of you. It has been a long time since we have seen him, seems for ever on the call so, we’ve heard from you that you are really waiting to see him so, good evening Mr. Trivedi welcome to the call.


Thank you very much, all the participants on this call. It was very eptic trip, I left Las Vegas on 22nd of December and came back on this Monday, 12th of January. Utilization of every moment, every hour was so important, we need to do lots of science for the credibility of Trivedi Effect.

And we need to do lots of science for specially our Healers, the people who are part of Healers Mastery or other people, if they are part of MET program. But definitly if they also want the scientific validation for themselves, our scientific validation for all of you, will not be a piece of paper.

That scientific validation, will be really a source of wealth. Source of wealth, doesn’t mean just money. Source of wealth means your intellectual abilities, your potential to transform everything. Your potential really to challenge the existence of science and scientists.

And the final outcome, that to win the trust in the society. So many healing institutions, colleges, universities, big drama. I am sure that the teachers that are teaching over there, they have zero ability to influence anything.

They have huge ability, to impress the peole psychological, to talk you and keep you into the delusion for at least two years, you learn delusion for two years, you pay lots of money, you get out from that institute and then you start suffering from frustration. Because whenever you start your journey, for any reason, for relationship to accomplish some degree, some kind of skill in your life, till it is going on, you live into the delusion. The moment you finish, you start asking the question : What is the outcome? Outcome from those institution close to zero, no ability.

Since very first day, the day I started this program, I took a commitment to myself; that these people they will come up with some kind of potential, some kind of abilities, that’s why I am not interested in any kind of piece of paper.

On the contrary, I am interested all of you, can get the publication, international scientific peer-reviewed journal, that’s my goal. That was my goal for Gopal, now my goal for Alice and Dahryn, and in ??? my goal for all of you.

All of you means specially those people who started their journey, three years back, to become really certified healers. I don’t want to certify you, I want others, skeptic idiots, they need to certify.

So, very busy journey over there, I hired six scientists, gave them four days of training, and in the evening of the fourth, I came to the conclusion. Three of them, they were useless idiots and you know I don’t keep parasites around me, even for a minute, I immediatly fired them on the spot.

Because neither I want to struggle and suffer, nor you, we don’t want their mercy, their job to do the analysys, what is the difference between control and treated. And what is the significance of this difference, that’s it. That’s their job.

They cannot do more than that. So I was very busy over there. It’s baby steps, very beginning, they are started getting lots of data, I also learned some science from those people. We are going for mice model study, so what we are doing.







(A) With low melting point

(B) Mtals with similar properties/groups





















We are doing experiments on different types of metal, ceramics, polymers, amino acids, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, pharmaceutical drugs, phytochemicals, rare earth metals..


Healthy subjects and unhealthy subjects




D1 C3

D2 C4

T 1 Preventive

Maintenance model

T 2 TE

T3 TD1

T4 TD2




M3 TE + TD1

M4 TE + TD2


This is mice model, we are planning here, I contacted multiple contract research organisations, a third party, so that we can get more authenticity, better validation for us, for you and me and Alice and Dahryn. So, these are the four control groups. In each group, the number of mice, they will be 20, 15.

First, will be the preventive maintenance model, I am talking you just accept this is a drug, a drug model, right. For mice we can do the whole healing and in the whole healing we can see the impacts of antibiotics to prevent the infection.



First group, I am going to bless the first group of mice, they will be 20, 15 in each group.

After 15 days, like they will get lots of immunity and lots of self-healing power. They may get one time blessing but they may get daily transmission. We will make decision within next one month.

After that, the organisation, they will do the whole and everywhere, C1, C2, C3, C4, the whole group, T1, T2, T3, T4, these groups, third group also M3 and M4. And we will see that yes, without any medicine, without any drugs how the first group responds.

Second group, after ????, I will start blessing this group. We will see how this group responds versus control, after disease. Third group, we will use the drugs. Whatever the drug we eat for ourselves, right, hemoxicilin all kinds of existing drugs like doctors they prescribe to us.

We will give to these models, C3 and C4, and here in T3 and T4, I will bless the drug and then the blessed drug will be given to the scientists. M3 and M4, I am going to bless mice and drug both. Than we will see the impact.

This is the drug model, simply we can use this model for five chemicals, nutraceuticals, we can use this same model for healthy subjects. Unhealthy subjects, here we are talking unhealthy subjects, diabetes, stress, sleep disorder, that kind of disease. Healthy subjects, how this energy can improve the health of the mice and once this will be done, than after six months we will start human trial, it’s a huge project.

I need at least 80% time out of the office, I already had a meeting with employees over here. Same kind of model for the people, you will also get, specially the people who are part in Healing Master Program since last one year or more than that.

They also get directly, this type of model, I am planning so that you can also get the validation, the authenticity over here. If you get the results in mice it is accepted worldwide. Less placebo effect in human trial, it is a little placebo effect but mice model, no placebo effect.

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This is very important slide again. Me and Gopal we were discussing that the people that are struggling for their success. still in your life; what best we can do to push them so that they can get the best outcome. The second slide will give you the idea.
















Infinity sign


(Sensory acuity)


Me and Gopal we were discussing when we got the answer from the Divine that functioning of brain. You cannot stop the functioning of brain. Focusing ability doesn’t means that you just focus on the work and you don’t allow your brain, you stop your brain going here and there, that is impossible.

What happens with the unsucessful people, the brain goes into useless activity, specially it goes into the past, whatever happened in the past, something which has no use in your present time and your future life, that’s why I am saying useless activities.

The reason, time and space it is changing all the time. You can do meditation at one place, but your planet earth is rotating. That’s why, time and space is changing every minute, you cannot stop space and time. Till you cannot stop the space and time, You cannot stop the functioning of your brain.

Brain has to focus on something, suppose your are making the coffee or tea, simple example, you are cooking the food at home or you are doing some kind of photocopy, you are giving the command to your photocopy machine, and you need 20 or 50 papers, it needs just two minutes, what will happen, suppose your are focusing on the machine, focusing on the machine doesn’t stop thinking here and there. You cannot do that. Time and space is changing, the brain will go outside this work.

So for the successful people, the brain can go into past or can go into future. But always bring, push the information from the past or push the experience from the past. Useful information, useful experience, it pulls the information and just start thinking how this experience can be implemented for future.

On the contrary, the failure people, unsuccessful people, they just immerse their brain into useless activity, whatever happened in the past. But the successful people, they pull the information, immediatly they pay attention over there, the brain is jumping between the activity, their doingness right now and whatever they want to accomplish in future.

The brain is going in between, their alertness and awareness is so high, I am giving you the example, even Alice, if I am talking in her room, I am sitting in her room, I am talking somebody on speaker or I am talking without speaker, on cell phone. She is working on computer, and she’s paying attention to my voice quality, she understands where I am going.

I am getting good message or I am getting bad message, she understands, she pays attention on my face expression, on my speech of the ???, my ups and downs. If I am on speaker phone, she pays attention that I am not understanding the accent of some americans, or that american is not understanding my voice.

She’s doing her job also, she immediatly jumps and grabs the phone and convey the right message. And helped me to interfere, helped me to interact with that person, that’s the alertness. That’s the next level all of you, you need to accomplish.

That way you will be ten times more productive, if your productivity is ten times more, your income will be ten times more, your mental satisfaction will be millions times more.

You can enjoy the calmness in your life.

Calmmess doesn’t mean someone sitting in meditation, physically not moving here and there, and his and her brain is busy in useless activity in the past. I have seen so many frustrated people. This is the biggest curse in human’s life.

So what we have done, I was searching, I will talk on the subject, very big subject, I will try to finish the subject if not possible, then definitly, I need to elaborate this on our 31st workshop.

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We have the Trivedi Online Workshop coming, it is January the 31st, 2015, this is where Guruji is going to go on more depth on this topic and every other topic that you have question about, this time is really about too short but on the one day workshop he can go in depth, give more explanations and we also have the extended energy transmission so for those who have attended, you know, you always come back, it’s a very powerful event, it’s a day that you can give yourself to really make your growth go much faster, accelerate, is the word I am looking for, so this is going to be on Saturday, Januray the 31st and you can register online as you are doing right now.

If someone needs help, it is from 1 :00 PM to 8 :00 PM , eastern time you can click on the register now button if you are on line or you can go to the website and sign up. That is really, we are seing less and less of Guruji on the call because he is learning the science, this is a wonderful opportunity, he will be here with us in the studio to get that in-depth wisdom and knowledge. I urge everybody to sign up.

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What today we are doing, today we have hired a very reknowned and potential scientist from America, we are planning to do lots of research in India, but ultimately, we want to repeat or replicate in US, somewhere in the US universities or in the research organisation here, some kind of business organisation over here for me and all of you also. That’s our future plan but whatever you want to accomphish after three or six months, you have to plan today, you have to start taking action today, so I am introducing Dr. Claude Samson, right, he is coming in the studio and along with him, we have very potential candidates and me and Alice we were searching for her, since last three years, four years, she’s also into the studio. I am introducing both and then they will introduce themselves and talk about themselves.

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Dr. Claude Swanson :

I am glad to be here..

Gaea Powell :
I am Gaea Powell, I am one of the newest team member of the Trivedi Family and I am very honored and feel very privileged and I am also very blessed to be able to speak to Dr. Swanson about his story and his history, we will get right to that, because it’s very interesting, so tell us a little bit about your history and your career, it’s fascinating.

Dr. Claude Swanson :

I grew up in a small town with lots of curiosity, I guess, I really wanted to know about the world and I got into science and went through the classic education, I went to MIT, got a physics degree, undergraduate and I thought it would answer all my questions, it didn’t. So I went to Princeton university for my PHD in physics and I learned more physics, so the best teachers, the best theories, I still thought like something was missing but I kept, I did post-doctorate at Cornell, helped teach at Princeton, Cornell and then I worked at other departments after that and other areas, worked at Defense Consulting but I kept trying to figure out, something it seems to me that the present physics did not really fully explain all the things thar are out there, in the mid-eighties I came across something that didn’t fit my education, it’s called remote viewing and again hearing about it, there is the government knew for a while first and eventually became public.

They told me there is a connectedness, that our science and the universe is conneted, the consciousness is connected in the way that our present physics doesn’t really account for, and that put me on a trail to figure out what the missing physics, the missing science was. That’s here. This is my book : Life Force, big too, two inches thick and has couple of thousand references and it has Mr. Trivedi’s work in here to, it’s extraordinary. But the book really tries to understand consciousness which is a force that is supposed to be in our physics. Quantum physics was discovered a hundred years ago, realize that consciousness is really important, it’s kind of ignored, that every factor in, and now with very powerful people like Mr. Trivedi, we are starting to see effects that say consciousness needs to be part of our science. So, to me that’s the frontier, that’s part of my excitment.

Gaea Powell :
Very wonderful, so, tell us a little bit how you met Mr. Trivedi.

Dr. Claude Swanson :

Well, I knew professor Rustum Roy. He was a full professor at Penn State University, hundreds and hundreds of papers, very eminent creative in the department over there. He told me about Mr. Trivedi and about 2009 or 2010, about five years ago, he gave me some of the papers, some of the researchs they have been doing very, very impressive.

And that got my curiosity up because Mr. Trivedi is interested in promoting the science and helping understand how these things are possible and that’s what I was trying to do too so, this is very exciting to have someone of his caliber who can do these things, that got my interest in all the work he has been doing.

Gaea Powell :
So, bringing us to the present, what was the catalyst to your decision to be a part of the Trivedi Effect.

Dr. Claude Swanson :

It seems to me that consciousness and types of research, types of projects that Mr. Trivedi is doing can really change the world, can make the world a much better place and solve a lot of the problems that we are facing today, It can bring new technologies and it can also help us to understand this missing science of consciousness.So It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of it.

Gaea Powell :
Can you show the audience what are some of the studies you will be involved with?

Dr. Claude Swanson :

I’ll be helping out with analysing and may be conducting some of the work in agriculture, nutraceuticals and other areas that he will be doing and also be looking at the physics and the science and seing how we can push forward the frontier of understanding, how that all works.

Gaea Powell :
Do you believe that the scientific community will accept the repeatable scientific results without being able to understand how those results were obtained?

Dr. Claude Swanson :

Well as you asked that question earlier today, I think I started singning a song from the thirties, they all laughed when Christopher Columbus told them that the world was round, every pioneer has face this problem of skepticism and resistance from others, and it takes years or decades for people to come around usually, to accept the big pioneer and breakthroughs. So, I think the theory will help, lots of data will help and time will help.
Max Planck who invented the quantum physics said : Science advances funeral by the skeptics pass on and new ??? comes in. But I think, in this case, it’s going to happen faster because some of Mr. Trivedi’s results are so powerful and so exciting, that I think it’s going to turn people quicker than that.

Gaea Powell :
It’s wonderful. Do you believe that others can be empowered how to utilise the Trivedi Effect for the betterment of themselves, others and of the world we live in?

Dr. Claude Swanson :

I am sure of it. I know several already, I have seen some people here in this company who have done it. I have been for a blessing or two, I am hoping for some more in the near future. But he is very powerful and I know, to me as a scientist, the interest is that these are basic laws of physics, these are ways the universe does work. Mr. Trivedi has harness these abilities and so these people can learn how to do them, they can also do similar types of things.

Gaea Powell :
And I understand you have prepared some slides for us to help the audience understand a little bit more clearly.

Dr. Claude Swanson :

In the 1950’s Russian Scientist NIKOLAI KOZYREV discovered new property

of space called TORSION FIELD. It is a type of twisting of space-time.

– Carries information

– Changes mass of the objects

– Can slow or speed up time

– May be the basis of Chinese Chi Gong



Torsion waves Time Distant matter of universe
Toward future

TARGET Distant focal point

(Object, person, event)

Toward Past Space

Can be displayed in time & Distance

Mr. Trivedi Future; past

Aura Does not weaken with distance

These are two real quick slides just to give you an idea, that there is some physics that is starting to try to understand consciousness. It is just the bare beginnings. About fifty years ago, the Russian, discovered something called torsion, the torsion field. Nikolai Kozyrev, the eminent astrophysicist that discovered it, in space, it is the property of space, the twisting of space, it carries information, it changes the mass of objects, it can slow down or speed up time, these are two things that in our pressent physics, there’s just no way to explain them.

The laboratory they have been able to do and Mr. Trivedi has accomplished similar things in many ways, his things go further than what the Russians have done. But there are similar direction I think it’s a clue, that’s a similar kind of force, it’s probably also related to the Chinese Chi force which is something else that science doesn’t understand, to me that could be the beginning of the physics of consciousness.

I have a little graph on the next slide, just to show an illustration and this is just an attempt to try to explain; torrsion is unusual, in that it has waves that travels backward in time as well as forward in time and it can go out very, very great distances to the edge of the universe where they are reflected. So in this little diagram, I am trying to show you, how some of the powerful consciousness, like Mr. Trivedi can send out the torsion waves but there’s also a backward reflected part, it also comes back.

And around our bodies, it’s a combination of two sets of fields, they mixed together and form what we called the aura. The human aura which is something else science doesn’t understand today, Physicists can’t really measure or explain what the aura is, it’s because basically an aura is a torsion field. Now by accuratly or carefully, combining these two sets of waves, you can focused them at a distant target, which can actually be displaced in time, at well at some distance and I think this might be a way to start to understand how objects, chemicals, people consciousness can be affected at a distance. This is a ruff idea.

Gaea Powell :
Can you share your vision of the evolutionnary future of this unique effect?

Dr. Claude Swanson :

I believe that right now our world, first of all is in great need for some changes, some improvments, we have problems, to me consciousness, the discovery of the power of human consciousness is a potential revolution. We all shift from this robotic, unthinking lifestyle that most of us grow up with today, to understand how powerful our consciousness can be to create or change our reality, to make it what we want it to be, that will be a revolution. I think the Trivedi Effect helps to teach us to do that.

Gaea Powell :
Thank you so much for sharing that, the incredible story and the wonderful information.

Dr. Claude Swanson :

It’s my pleasure, I am very privileged and happy to be here, to be involved.thank you.

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Science is really trying to understand because what is happening in the process, in the journey. Something is here, less effective, and we just make it very huge effect. So the journey from here to there, there are some invisible steps, science is trying to understand those invisible steps. My struggle in India, with those traditional dumb scientists, whom I fired. That there is not some kind of pattern. Like when I am blessing something and we are checking through machine, so different, different compounds. Pattern means if the boiling point of something, right, either should go up or should go down. Here it is happening ups and downs, ups and downs.

And I told them, listen, there is no pattern, no, shut up. There is one definite pattern. That pattern is related to benefits. We are replicating the benefits by all means. Wether the temperature, the boiling point is going up and boiling point is coming down. You pay attention on the benefits. Let the Divine do it’s job. Let the nature, should do it’s job.

Don’t dare to teach the Creator, the Divine, the Universe, the Nature, how to do and what to do. You just pay attention for the final accomplishment. Small child with the biological mother, don’t teach the mother that yes, how to earn the money.

That child is just interested, what is the outcome. How mother is fulfilling the nature of the child, child is not interested how, child is interested that yes, the child needs they are fulfilled. So there is one pattern in everybody’s life, in your life also.

What happens before it completes its journey. You start getting panick, within the journey, that’s your problem and you stop your growth. You are damaging yourself, you are not damaging me. I am saying, let the journey should be completed.

At the end of journey, do the analysis, what is the outcome? After this blessing, my husband is like more drama queen or fighting, let him fight, let him do his drama, you just finished this journey. You come to the conclusion; is there improvment in terms of relationship, more closeness, more love and affection. You loose the patience, you don’t want to wait, you start coming to the conclusion, you become judgmental.

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On this consciousness scale, if your consciousness level is low, then definitly you must not be judgmental, if your consciousness is high, you must be judgmental. You become automatically judgmental.

If the consciousness is low, your judgment is always wrong. That’s why the elders in the family or more talented people in the society, they teach to duffers or dumb. Don’t be judgmental. Is it right? Yes, if your consciousness is low, I am going to teach you also don’t be judgmental.

If your consciousness is high, I am going to say use your judgment; that helps you a lot to make the right decision. Judgment is something, there is no syllabus, no textbook, nobody can teach you, somebody is teaching you judgment, that person might be mentallly retarded. That’s the gift of the God, the Grace of the Divine in your totality. You become judgmental, till your consciousness is low, you must not be judgmental.

So what happens, suppose your consciousness is low, 30 or 40 or 20, whatever, judgment means you try to analyse the person, here you cannot analyse anybody who is above you, you can analyse everybody who is below you.

Suppose you are at 40 on the scale, you can analyse everybody who is at 30, 25, 20, 10, 5 and one, you can do the analysis, you can judge those people, you can analyse those people. But the problem here, what you are analysing, ???? you will always get the people of this character; disloyal, dishonest, liar, cheater, betrayers, every bad characteristic is here, lazy, lethargic, blackmailer, exploiter, parasites, there is nothing for you to judge you. Low class people they are here, that’s why we teach the people, don’t judge because there is nothing to judge in this scale, below 40.

And we teach the people, don’t judge, because you cannot analyse the people who is above you, who has more skill, who has more consciousness than you, you cannot do that. Judgment is a gift of God, Grace of God in your skills, in your talents. This is another very high level of intuitive power, to judge somebody, it needs very high level of intuitive power. Otherwise your judgment will always be wrong.

Once the consciousness is high, I will always recommand the people and there is no need for me to recommand. Once you have that gift, if you want to use, don’t want to use, even though, you will come to the conclusion through your judgment about business, about relationship, about your job, about your future projection, anything you can project in your future, with the help of your judgment, how it comes, it comes from the higher consciousness, higher consciousness brings a full package, you become honest, loyal, you become contributor to the humanity.

If you don’t want even tough, you cannot stop. Your thinking alters, your perception alters. This is not something in your hands. At both the places, this is not in your hands. When your consciousness is high, if you want to become cheater, liar, betrayer, if you want to become parasite, a bastard, you cannot become.

Because your character and your property is different. And that’s why your behaviour will also be different, you cannot be selfish at all. Still me and Dahryn we are traveling in the economic class,. I went to India and the people they said : Guruji, you should purchase the first class or business class ticket, I said : Yes, I can afford but the question here, should I use that money for my luxury or should I use that money for science, right now science is top priority, right now, body doesn’t want huge comfort. Body is very efficient. Dahryn is just 23 that’s why her body is efficient.

I am 51 but because very powerful physiology that’s why, it’s very fit. We were in a big house and we were paying rent like 6,000$, I shifted to 1,800$ rent house. Because I need lots of money for science. So the question here, what we want to accomplish. We want to accomplish something for myself, for ourselves or something for others.

Whatever the science, we are doing like me and you, all of you. We are not going to utilize even one percent of that benefit. It will go to our next generation. They are going to utilize those benefits.

Ultimately, should I think about my comfort or should I think about the coming generation and I don’t know anybody who is coming in the future generation. But ultimately when the consciousness is high, you cannot be selfish.

It was like 40 hours journey this time, Bombay to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to New York, New York to Las Vegas. Sitting on the chair for 40 hours, Monday night we came over here, Tuesday all day I was sleeping because very, very tired, I decided I need to take complete rest.

On Tuesday I was to come to office, I called office I’ m coming at 2 :00PM, at 5 :30 I said I am not coming at all. Again the question, I have no desire to purchase the first class ticket or the business class ticket, when I am planning to go to India again, around 15 of February, again I am going.

So the most important topic, I am talking that me and Gopal, we had discussion that people in India, who were associated with us since last 10, 12, 15 years, whatever the benefits or the growth they are enjoying versus the people in America. It’s a big difference, still.

Their growth is much faster. What are the reasons : we discussed here and there and finally we made the decision, we will get the answer from Divine next week. After special prayer, we are asking the same question.

We came to the conclusion, there are two reasons, first, the length of this relationship, they are enjoying this energy since last 15 years. It’a huge momentum. Here, the people they are one year, 2 years, 3 years.

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– Poor physical and mental health

– ADD, ADHD, Mental restlessness &

Inability to focus

– Emotional trauma

– Liar, cheater, manipulator, dishonest,

disloyal, untrustworthy, shrewd &

cunning, thieves, parasites for others

and selfish



– Very good physical & mental health


– Emotional bliss


You will see on your screen, the contrast between low consciousness level and higher consciousness level, it really indicates what the importance is and why these characteristics are so very different.

So on the low consciousness level, there is poor physical and mental health as opposed to very good physical and mental health when you have higher consciousnes. Low consciousness level lots of ADD, ADHD, mental restlessness and that inability to focus, focusing in the past that Guruji talked about. At the higher consciousness level, they have very high focusing abilities by contrast, they can focus their attention where they need at high level.

Low consciousness level people, there is more emotional trauma and more living in the emotional trauma, thinking about the emotional trauma, looking for the emotional trauma, higher consciousness level people, they are looking for that emotional bliss situation where they can find emotional bliss, they want to stay in emotional bliss, not the emotional trauma.

Low consciousness level people, this is where we find the liars, the cheaters, the manipulators, dishonest people, disloyal, untrustworthy, shrewd, cunning, thieves, parasites for other people and selfish. Pretty much every low level word you can thing of, that is not people we would want around us or in our environment. When you come to the higher consciousness level, this is where you see honesty, truthfulness, loyalty to others.

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– Duffer/Dumb, low class

– Non practical, lack of alterness &

Awareness, busy in keeping the mistakes

– Always fearful with everything

– Always planning how others can be




– Intelligent, intellectual, creative &


– Practical, high level of alterness &

Awareness, don’t repeat the mistakes

– Fearless

– Always thinking about empowering

the knowledge and wealth

Thinks how I can contribute to others?

At the low consciousness level, this is the low class group like Guruji said, the duffers, the dumb, the people that have no intelligence, on a higher consciousness level by contrast, here we find the intellectual people, the creative, the intelligent, the innovators in the world. Low consciousness level, these people they arE non-practical, lack of alterness and awareness, really busy in keeping mistakes, really that means, continuing to make the same mistakes over and over, no awareness like Guruji was talking earlier about noticing how I notice, when he is on the phone by his tone. Even if I am not looking at him, that’s you have really that sense of acuity, you know those people that you can watch them, where’s they are just talking, talking, to another person and completely unaware that the person they’re talking to has no interest or is offended by what they are saying.

But they continue to impose their will, they have no idea what is going on, no alertness about the other person and no caring about that, where in contrast in the higher consciousnes level, these people are very practical. High level of alertness, high level of awareness about themselves, the people around them, their surroundings, they don’t repeat their mistakes.

They learn from them and they don’t make those mistakes again, because they have that alertness. Low conscioussness level, always fearful of everything wether that is the people they are closed to, fear of their own actions, not trusting themselves, fearful of their environment, of the world, of everything.

At the higher consciousness level, these people are fearless, they have that faith in Divine, Universe and they know that whatever they do, it’s going to be the right outcome, it’s going to be whatever they need, they have faith and security in that Divine Energy and that makes them fearless in life.

On the low consciousness level, always planning how they can exploit other people and in the higher consciousness level, these people are thinking about empowering the knowledge and wealth, how I can contribute to other people, how I can empower the people around me.

How they can become better, what can I do to share the wealth and that doesn’t mean money, that’s the richness of life, of experience, of relationship, whatever they have to offer.

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  • Highly distracted, always live in past



  • Always drawn towards low class




  • Always live in the present, very

optimistic for the future, having

always vision for bright future

  • Always drawn towards successful


On the low consciousness level, these people are highly distracted, that goes along ADD, they always live int the past, they are not optimistic. As Guruji was telling us before, they are always thinking about everything that when wrong in the past and projecting that onto the future.

They don’t need and enjoy the present moment because they are figuring how terrible their past was, usually how they were victimized, how their life wasn’t fair and that continues on into the future.

The higher consciousness level by contrast, these people live in the present, they really enjoy the moment that they’re in, whatever it is they’re doing in the simple moment or the more exciting moment. They are very optimistic for the future and they always have a vision for a bright future. When they look at their past, they objectively extract the commonlality may be of the experiences.

How can I apply this in my present, into my future, so that it is better. I can how apply that instead of dwelling in what’s wrong, what that means, their past doesn’t equal their future. And for the lower consciousness level, these people are always drawn towards each other, always drawn to the lower class people.

This kind of same perpetuating situation, they drawn the liars and the cheaters and they’re life is always cheated, they are a victim again and they have more emotional trauma then they’re thinking about their emotional trauma.
Reinforcing the fact that they had emotional trauma again so that this must happen in the future, we’re seing people like that and we know that cycle, this is what Guruji is saying, they shouldn’t make judgment about other people because that’s a negative cycle that they are living in.

Where the high consciousness level, they are always drawn towards successful people, that’s where they resonate, they see the value in those people. What they can learn from them, they want to be with people at higher consciousness level so they can continue to learn and grow and they see, they appreciate that growth from the Divine.

Really two different levels from the lower consciousness and the higher consciousness level, and may be you recognize those characteristics in yourself and people around you.

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Scale from zero to hundred

So what happens, where the people, all the seven billion people, at least six billion people they are struggling in their life, they are at low consciousness level and they start acting and behaving like higher consciousness, they start adopting or they start copying the people who are at higher consciousness level.

So like most of you, last year, 2013, so I had some people in the organisation, kind of right hand people, I would to say right hand parasites, they started behaving like master. I do know those people, they were in India trip, so you recognized them and they started behaving very arrogantly, humiliating the whole group. Started insulting the whole group.

Started thinking that everybody is low class, other than them. So what happens, that their class is very low and they are acting like when you do some kind of coffee, you cannot really do the real coffee.

Because you are just doing the outside exercice, outside behavior, you don’t understand the real essence inside, like biological mother is really very upset or angry with a small child due to some reason, right.

What do you think that she has started hating that child? She doesn’t like that child? No, she is on the extremity of the caring. Caringness, when you become like very caring for another person, then another person they are comitting some mistake, repeating the mistake, not growing and going down. You become very angry and upset. It doesn’t mean that yes, you have started hating those people, you don’t like those people, you want them to really suffer a lot in the future, nothing like that Because you are very caring and due to that caringness, if the people in your environment, if they are not growing, it gives huge pain to you. You feel that pain and that disapointment, that anger is due to that pain.That reflection of that pain, can you rephrase in american way,


The example is the mother and the child. So, I am going back to the beginning. When a child does something that put him in danger or whatever that may be and the mother gets very upset, she’s upset and we have all had this experience. Parents or friends are upset because of your extremity of caring for whatever you perceived that to be.

You don’t want the child to do that again, they might hurt themselves or they are not living up to their potential, that doesn’t mean that, you’re doing that because you hate the child or you have bad feelings for the child, we had all this experience, it’s human nature. It is the extremity of caring, but what people see from the outside of that, the lower consciousness level.

They see that and they are not authentic, they are just copying. And they can exhibit that behaviour and show anger. It’s truly anger, it’s not authentic. They are trying to copy something but they don’t have it inside of them. This is not who they are. They’re copying but it’s not the true emotions and congruent and it’s not authentic and they don’t really understand what they doing, they’re mimicking.

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Actually, the people, they are copying the behaviour, but they are missing that essence of caringness. Like if I’m angry on you, if somebody is copying me, that person will be angry on you. There is a big difference between my disappointment if I am upset, if I am angry on you, and if somebody is copying me.

Because the reason is different. Here I am very caring and you are disappointing me, that’s why that anger is coming and there that person wants to control you, that’s the big difference, caringness versus controlling. Caring versus control. So, that happens in the life. You have to be very careful that in your environment who is parasite and who’s your well-wisher.

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Mostly, 99% people, they commit the mistake, they say that this is a difference in the culture between east and west. It means the culture of the east is different than the culture of the west. Culture of Americans is very different than the culture of Indians or any country in the Asia. So the question here : if that is culture, what is civilization?

What is the definition of culture and civilization. What do you mean about culture and civilization. It’s very important for you to understand. Both worlds have very different views. One is extravert, another is intravert. One is just for yourself, another is for others.

Civilization, the way you walk, talk, smile, like coaching, type of drama. How civilized you are, how you behave with others, how you walk, how you talk, how you smile, it’s the behaviour, it is not your character.

It is your behavior, you can be hypocrite here, you can fool others with your behaviours, others they can go on delusion due to your behaviour, how nice you are, you might be a bastard, but how nice you are.

Or you might be very good, but other people they’re thinking you are really worst person. So goes vice versa. It’s a very big difference. Again, I am repeating the character and behaviour are two different things. If it is non-living, it is very much into some kind of pattern like ???? momentum in physics.

It is based on the character and behaviour, but because that the human is part of time and space, today you are different, tomorrow you will be different. Today you are something, tomorrow you might be something else. That’s why you start your relationship with soulmate and within few weeks or months or years, you become nightmare. Time and space theory, the journey from soulmate to nightmare.

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Culture is your truth. Who you are. Culture is within your sight, the calmness, your truthfulness, your perception, your loyalty, your honesty, full of characteristics. And civilization, it is your behaviour. How much you know that is your understanding, how much money you have, that’s your property.

How much you are giving to others, that’s your civilization. How you represent yourself to others; who you are, that is your culture. Culture is very individual. That’s why all the time, you say, listen, it’s a beauty in the east and west in terms of culture.

But can you say, everybody in America is honest, or can you say that everybody in India is dishonest. No, then you you come in the percentage, it’s a very big information. Very big language. Culture is very individual and civilization is for society.

Society is civilized, society cannot be culture. Society can be civilized. Your consciousness is your culture. Otherwise in one family, mother and father and three or four children, and these six people, at least, these four children, how they can differ from each other.

You are talking about the culture or the country, I am talking about the culture of four products from same biological parents. They might be civilized, their civilization is very close to each other.

They are nurture how to interact with each other, how to behave with each other, but culture they cannot be close to each other. It’s their individuality. It’s the outcome of the Grace of God for individual people.

Culture is directly proprotional to the level of your consciousness. That’s why sometimes in our routine language we say, you must be cultured. Means you must have higher consciousness. Right Alice. It’s difficult for americans to digest but that is the truth, I am giving this opportunity to Alice to describe in american way to americans, right.

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I think sometimes we have a different sort of way of using those words, so that’s a good way to describe them, the meaning is the same really, it’s that who you are truly, what is your true nature, and your true nature comes from your level of consciousness.

That is what Guruji is calling your individual, culture, and where you are on that scale, the higher you are, the more of those positive qualities you have and characteristics, the lower you are, the worst characteristics. That’s your individual culture as he is calling it, This is individual to every person, whatever God or the Creator or the Divine has created for you. That’s the inside part, but how you express yourself in the world. That kind of another way to say, that is the mask you wear to the world, how you present yourself to the world, whatever your manners are, how you were taught to interact in society and with other people this is what he is calling civilized, civilization, how you fit into civilization. And people can very much pull up with you, may be lower consciousness level, some of those negative characteristics in your individual culture, but they know how to be very civilized.and wear different masks in the world, so, may be they smile and seem friendly, seem nice, seem trustworthy but really their true nature is not so good.

That’s were they’re unauthentic. So, again your culture would be your level of consciousness, very individual and you know, we have seen this in our own families. A group of children can be raise by the same parents and they’re all very different, they can’t be the same. They can be born minutes apart, they can be nurture in the same way, they way they are nurtured and how they behave in society, how they are civilized, how they’re related to civilization but their unique individual identity, their culture their consciousness, who they truly are, they’re true characteristics that is all determined by their level of consciousness, as Guruji said : the Grace of God, so.

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What the problem over here, the people they had low consciousness and they started copying the behaviour of the people whose consciousness is high and what happen in doing so. They were missing that essence behind that behaviour.So they become more adultrated, more adulteration, more corrupt, that’s the problem here, so what people who are the teachers, they are teaching in east and west, both places, that you just start acting, behaving like this.
Like you know in several movies, I have no idea because I don’t watch the Hollywood movies, I did watch some Bollywood movies, form India, Hindu’s movies, so the actress has to play the role of a queen.

But basically if you have seen the queen or if you have interacted, really, very prominent people, very successful people, very rich people, very wealthy people, then you can understand that this actress who is playing the role of a queen, she is like a joker in the circus because the kingdom, that is not there.

That willpower is not there. You are playing the role of a queen. Or sometimes this actresses,they play the role of a prostitute and they never lived into that. They cannot play that role.

By copying somebody, you cannot change your originality, your authenticity. At one place at low consciousness level, you are copying the behaviour, you can do lots of changes in your behaviour. But within inside, you are just hollow, very empty.

Because ultimately you can be the queen into the movies, but after that when you come to your house, then you remove that crown. And you go for lunch or dinner or anything and you start attracting, you start drawned towards the middle class people.

So that drama was just to play the role. There is no difference in your originality, in your totality. It’s a very big difference between transformation and behaviour. When you change your consciousness level, you are transforming, question here, we can list that the people whose consciousness is low, they are liars, cheaters, manipulators, mentally sick and twenty other disorders.

Do you think they are responsible for that? None of them is responsible for anything. Then who is responsible? At every consciousness level, that consciousness brings something in your life. Brings everything in your life, the moment you go to high level, it will bring something different in your life. It will bring very successful people in your life. It will attract very successful people.Very trustworthy, loyal, honest people, creative people, innovative people.

It will bring the consciousness, brings everything in your life, now that depends where you are standing, are your standing at the bottom, are you standing at the top.

There’s no need to do the copy of others, because other’s consciousness is different than yours. That’s why people they ask me all the time same question. What else I have to do?

I am not suggesting any kind of meditation or yoga, any kind of ritual or dogma, or any kind of drama. Because it’s the copy, you have to suppress your needs. What is my life’purpose on this planet? It is decided by the level of your consciousness. If you are at the low consciousness level, then your life’s purpose just eat and excrete that’s the only life purpose. Because you cannot accumulate more than that. At low consciousness level, your thinking I want to help the humanity, you have to struggle a lot just to help yourself.

I want to be honest, you cannot be honest. Just in the afternoon, I was giving the example to the people, that in the socio-economic status in the US and outside US, top 2% people very rich, 8% people, they are also rich, 20% upper middle class, 40% they belong to middle class, 30% they belong to poor class.

Now when I was gifted in 1995, I left the decision in the hands of the nature and God and Divine. I told the Divine, that yes, I don’t know what is my role now. If my role for these 70% from bottom, middle class and lower class people, poor class people, then my action and behaviour will be different. I have to wear that religious leader type of dress, my hair should be very long, my beard it should be long, very special dress, lots of rituals and dogma. I will not be able to change my character. If sex is my need, I will do sex behind the curtain, and I will come in front of the curtain, will address the public, I am back to celibacy. I have no other option, if the sex is my need and if I will do sex in front of the curtain, that I am going to be rejected by this group because this group, they don’t like honesty.

It doesn’t exist over there. There is no honesty, no loyalty. They don’t get any attraction for honesty, loyalty, truthfulness, these words they don’t exist into their dictionary. Into their vocabulary, these are the words from their point of view for idiots.????

I have only two options, either, I have to lie and manipulate and cheat the people and do the sex behind the curtain, eat the non-vegetarian food behind the curtain and come in front of curtain and say, that yes, I am vegetarian or I am fasting since last 7 days, in India, this happens, very common.

These spiritual masters, they are eating lots of food behind the curtain. They go in front of public, and they say, that yes, they are fasting since last 10 days, 15 days. If they are fasting since 15 days, they are fasting for more than 200 days in a year.

There is no reduction of fat deposit in the body, so how this is possible. It’s a medical science you cannot deny. You cannot fool. So only two options, one option they have to lie or manipulate, second option, behind the curtain, they have to suppress their feelings, their cravings they have to suppress either for food or for sex, for any other.

But if your consciousness is high, then definitly you were born for those people or you are born for another group of people, who are the seekers for truth and who are the seekers for high consciousness, who are really searching, who are trying to go up. Who are really doing everything to grow in their life. This is so simple, you just raise your consciousness and that consciousness will bring everything in your life.

Like in corporate America, you are working at the clerk level, your salary may be 30 or 40 thousands dollars that’s it. But you have the desire to get all facilities like CEO. Millions of dollars of salary, status, big connections, big ressources, a different life style; And you are very angry and very frustrated and you have started doing meditation, nothing happened, you have started doing yoga. Nothing happened.

Then you combine together, then you started keeping some kind of crystal in your purse, one crystal then two, three and four. Till your purse breaks and you keep adding the crystal or other types of possible dogmas and dramas.

After five years, ten years you are frustrated. Still I am not CEO. This will not give you that position. Still I am not getting lots of money, still I am not getting lots of facilities, lots of status. You just grow in corporate America. You become manager, then you become chief manager then you become vice-president and you become president then you become CEO. The moment you get that title, that designation, you have to do no drama, no dogma, you will start availing all facilities, all status, because that title brings everything in your life. Similarly, the higher consciousness brings everything in your life. At high consciousness everything is good, ability to focus, high level of alertness and awareness, high level of productivity.

I think this is really huge topic, I am going on these topics I am going to cover those topics on 31st of January. I am requesting you to sign up for this program. Here I think how many people in this group you are understanding.

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(A) With low melting point

(B) Mtals with similar properties/groups





















We are shifting after six or nine months into the product division. Nutraceuticals market and vitamins and proteins, this is really hundred of billions of dollars through out the world, if you can read on the internet that the american and canadian market, this is really with full of products, hundred of companies, they are fighting with each other, they are fighting in terms of packaging and advertisement and messaging.

But really, in terms of mice model study, in terms of human trial, they are very close to each other. Because the biggest problem the existing science is facing. Lots of things, overhere, like I am giving you an example for phytochemicals, right, curcumin.

It is one of the phytochemical, it comes from tumeric. Tumeric has 42 very important phytochemicals, right, so curcumin is one of the most important phytochemical from there, it’s property, anti-inflammation, anti-cancerous but the biggest problem with this product, it’s water solubility is very poor.

It has no ability to cross the blood/brain barrier, it’s biovalability is very less. That’s why it has very little use, very less effective, very inefficient. Science can do nothing. What we can do, what I can do here, I can make it bioavailable, means the absorption into the human body. I can make it multiple, multitimes, I can make it water soluble, huge, so we can make it bioavailable, the absorption we can increase multifull, the human absorption, which is bioavailability, and we can make it water soluble.

Similarly, drugs, the problems nowadays with the drugs, that toxicity, water solubility, toxicity, bioavailability and detoxification abilities. Four items, very important, hundreds of companies from here to Japan, they are fighting with each other on these four issues. None of them has any solution. Experiments I conducted in India in 2006, 2007, 2008. Those experiments they are showing that what I have done, I have done all four, multifull times, on the contrary, I have done one more thing.

Which is kind of expiry of the drug, the general drug they expired after two years, our durg is going to expire after seven years, expired better. Detoxification of in the human body, science cannot do that.

We can do that very easily, so ultimately we have started the baby steps into the product line, God knows for how long, this one day workshop and special prayer, and you and me we are talking, this kind of energy transmission, boosting your consciousness. For how long this will be available, it is really into the womb of earth, it is in the question mark. But for sure, it will not be available for a long period of time, so that’s why Alice was suggesting you, try to get the maximum benefits because don’t take it for granted. Is there comments in the chatroom?

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There’s wonderful comments in the chatroom. The first one is from Elizabeth Patric.

From Elizabeth Patric
« We are so lucky to have Dr. Swanson working with Guruji! Both are brilliant lights and the two of them together can greatly amplify the transformation to science that we all have been waiting for. I have been watching the bridging of science and consciousness for many years, and I think that this liaison is the most profound event for the expansions yet to come. »

From Maria Nielsen
« Excellent, Dr. Swanson! I am so happy about the fact that some of the scientists are open to raising consciousness on this planet and are becoming a part of the evolution….
It always seems impossible until it’s done by someone and than it becomes common thing…. »

From Deborah
« Guruji’s discourse today is so relevant to me and my relationship with my husband! It is because I love him that I experience the frustraton at times when I feel disappointed! Makes so much sense to me! Thank you Guruji so much for this enlightening knowledge. Lots of love and I am excited about the scientific studies. »

From Kathleen Starr Vagt
« Thank you so very much Guruji. The science is the future for us all and generations to come. »

From Madeline in New York city
« So much truth! So perfect. Amazing discourse. Thank you Guruji!!! »

From Alleen Lee
« Thank you Guruji and Alice for this very enlightening program. Dr. Swanson’s talk about consciousness science and Guruji’s contribution is so exciting and I look forward to learning more about it. I appreciate your amazing insights and profoundness. Much love to you, Alice and the Trivedi Family. »

From Deborah Smith
« Thank you for such an informative call. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gotten so many energy transmissions before Guruji fully embraces science. I am very excited about all that Guruji is telling us about what lies ahead. »

From ???
« Thank you Guruji, once again for all the love that you have given us, we are very lucky and you generosity is never taken for granted. »

From Angeline
« So good to see you again, Guruji. It is so much fun to see how the Divine works and love. Love Angeline. »

From Deborah in Daytona
« Wonderful experiments, I am looking forward to see and hear the positive results from Guruji and Dr. Swanson. »

From Margot Doba
« Hi Guruji, thank you so very much for your blessing and love your point of view. Love your dedication for the better future for us all. »

From Peter Serghei
« My deepest thanks to the Divine and Guruji and Gopal, I am enjoying the benefits of clarity and gratitude throughout life. »

From John Hoe
« Thank you Guruji for all you have done for me and my family in the last four years. I am grateful every day that the Divine has brought so much love to my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. »

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Me and Gopal, we were going through each person, everybody who participated in special prayer in the month of september, who participated one day workshop, 15th of November, these two groups. We came to the conclusion that people who are part of daily transmission and 15 blessings and Healing Masters, these people, their growth is really very significant. Between September 2014 and I would like to say maximum first week of January, Gopal most of the time he was with me when I was interacting with the scientists, he was listening the conversation. He’s so intuitive on very first day, he said : you’re spending lots of time on these people but these three scientists they have no ability to understand and after four days, ultimately I said them : Good bye. He told me on very first day,.

Again for growth, for higher consciousness, each energy transmission gives you boost, the moment you start getting the momentum, everything is very fast, that’s the time for all of you to accomplish everything in your life. And that’s why I decided today, that in a state of keeping a personal assistant in between you and me, I want Alice to do that job for me that so you can share you’re all secrets. Alice is not kind of employee who is going to leave me, Alice is part of this organisation, part of my life. Alice is born on this planet for me and for this organizstion. Right.

Because being a normal person you may struggle for several months, to solve a small problem. But if I know that, I can really kick that problem out within few days, may be one week or two weeks.

It’s more than enough so that your growth shoud not be stuck. Otherwise, you are stuck with your problem, you are going further, up and than due to that problem you are coming back, instead of moving forward, you are moving back and forth. Huge waste of time and energy.

Other people also but there’s a limitation like this daily transmission and 15 blessings per month, they are getting every day and once in two days, fifteen times a month. The growth is fast because each blessing has some outcome. There’s nothing like jumbo, there’s always jumbo during special prayer. Between two special prayers, there is nothing like jumbo. It adds and gives the strength also.

Once you go very fast, you need huge strenght. We will make sure that yes, from February onward. these people at least, they should start getting something, accomplishing something in their life.

I also want to know where some people they are struggling, stuck, it might be your perception, it might be parasites in your life and your environment, otherwise, there’s no possibility that anybody can be stuck. Other than these groups, the people who are part of MET program, 1, 2, 4, they are also in good shape. Lots of people in MET program. Right.

There are more struggle there. Because number of energy transmission less, already, lots of problems over there, so really it’s kind of less time, less effort because I am just doing effort one time in one month, and we have to really produce something very big. Till some people, they are struggling in their life, some negativity, still there but still in some cases, it is over there. We will discussed and I will start talking to you one on one, than definitly you get ready for yourself right down the bullet points. They may be five or ten. Don’t ask non-genuine, none practical question, right. And then definitly we will help you a lot. One more time, you try to sign up for the maximum number of people in your family, in your relationship so that everybody can get the benefits of this time, this energy, this opportunity. God knows about the future. We are meeting very soon. Thank you very much, good night.

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