Love and Relationships are the Threads of Life that Bind a Family. Improve these Aspects with The Trivedi Effect

Love and Relationships are the fundamental components of a happy life. No relationship can be successful if it is taken for granted; it needs to be nurtured with commitment and conscious effort.

Love and Relationships

Young people start a relationship and claim to have fallen in love without even realizing what love really is. Two people like each other, go on a date or two and at that stage everything seems wonderful. However soon, things can start to go down hill as the excitement and heightened attraction levels start to wear off. Feelings of ‘love’ and care can take a back seat as the relationship becomes part of everyday life and demands and expectations start to put pressure on each other. Fights, misunderstandings, disagreements and miscommunications can seep into the fabric of a relationship and before long ‘love’ can start to go out of the window.

The concept of Love and relationships is not taught in school curriculums nor often explained by parents. It is something we acquire through observing others and through trial and error ourselves. Many people enter marriage or partnerships with unrealistic expectations based upon initial excitement, attraction and enthusiasm. No wonder around 50% of marriages end in divorce.

It is not just relationships with sexual partners that need nurturing and can suffer in today’s busy and demanding world. The increasing pressures of time and money in a world with increasing work demands and costs of living are placing great strains on relationships between parents and children. Children are frequently placed into the care of others from a young age, as parents maintain busy careers and as children start to grow up many parents find it difficult to take time out, to spend quality time with their young. Children struggle to develop that close bond with their natural parents, find communication difficult as they come to interact more and more with game consoles, internet sites and social media communication channels rather than learning to converse in person. As these children turn into teenagers they can become estranged to their parents, develop insecurities and find expressing their inner feelings /thoughts /desires difficult. As the young take their steps towards adulthood they can develop attitudes and behavior patterns that are different to their parents /guardians, arguments commonly ensue and relationships can turn sour. Teenagers or young people often feel that parents do not understand them and rebel against them, creating destruction in the family unit and upset to parents and other family members.

Over the past few decades work, education and distant relationships have caused families to spread far and wide. The Love and relationships between family members have disappeared. In the past extended family groups would live close together, often marry people from the same area and look after each other into old age. In today’s society many families live long distances apart. Elderly people are living on their own, sometimes long distances from their children. When life is incredibly busy it can be hard to find time to regularly visit elderly family members and as a result there are many older people who feel lonely and, not wanting to be a burden on others, they keep their problems, worries and sadness to themselves.

Relationships of all kinds are suffering in today’s society that is driven by materialistic gain. As a society many of us have lost track of the importance of spending quality time with others, taking time out to spend with friends and family, carefully listening and sharing our thoughts or feelings with those around us. People are very focused on the self and in that drive to satisfy personal needs, often people fail to recognize the problems building around them, breakdowns in relationships can creep up on people as they are centred on their own worlds and dramas.

Breakdowns in relationships can cause pain, sadness, emotional trauma, anger, resentment, jealousy, lack of mental clarity, poor concentration, bitterness, depression, lowering of self esteem /confidence, apathy, lack of focus, poor quality sleep, loneliness and fear from the future. Stress and anxiety levels are raised and people can become irritable, have mood swings and start to behave erratically. Problems can escalate and start to impact other areas of our lives, work performance can deteriorate, concentration when driving or doing tasks that need focused attention can lapse and other friendships or relationships may become drawn into the unfolding dramas. Problems may start to spill into all areas of life and escalate to family members and other friendships. To try to overcome the emotional fallout from problems In Love and Relationships people can turn to alcohol or substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, irresponsible, risk taking activities, excessive spending or eating in a drive to try to find short ‘fixes’ of happiness. The emotional trauma associated with relationship problems is one of the biggest causes of depression and mental health disorders.

So why do Relationships Break Down?

  • Failure to spend quality time with each other

  • Lack of communication about feelings, inner desires, worries etc.

  • Not listening or seriously valuing the other persons needs or emotions

  • Lack of attention to appearance, not making an effort for others

  • Lack of physical attraction

  • Differences in opinions, living standards, habits

  • Insecurity/ lack of trust

  • Low respect for each other

  • Different expectations of what a relationship entails

  • Differences in expectations of levels of social interaction with others

  • Physical abuse /Aggressive or Controlling Tendencies

  • Addictions

  • Increased work/finance related pressure or anxieties

  • Sexual dissatisfaction

Crisis in Love and Relationships begins when we are not able to fulfill the emotional needs of our loved ones.

In life we interact with many people on a daily basis, some are passing interactions, some are short term and others are long term. How we interact with people reflects our inner state of being. If we feel good in ourselves, are confident, have good self-esteem are content with our lives and we are in overall balance then our interactive experiences tend to be good. However if we lack confidence, harbor insecurities about ourselves or others, have past experiences that have created negative emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness, have rigid expectations of others, have made compromises in life, settling for options in relationships or careers that do not really ‘feel’ right or bring happiness then how we interact with others can be erratic or problematic. Many people without realizing it can, project their values, inner expectations standards and insecurities onto others. I am sure everyone at some stage has misjudged another’s behavior, made conclusions about why they haven’t phoned, are late, where they have been; that have turned out to be wrong, generated by our own fears and insecurities rather than trust in another.

Love and Relationships become conditional when we place our own values, expectations and demands on others. In today’s society we do not often honour the desires and inner guidance/intuition that derives from the Soul/Spirit, instead the brain and logical analysis drives forward actions and in so doing we make decisions in life that do not really bring us true happiness or that are out of alignment with our soul/spirit. In relationships that really work, both parties have respect and honour for the others deep inner desires, dreams and expectations. There is communication at the level of soul/spirit, an understanding of each other, a tolerance and acceptance of differences and deep respect/value for each other. The joy comes in seeing each other happy, sharing and working through things together rather than projecting one sided values, ideals and expectations onto each other.

Life will always bring stressful or challenging experiences, but it is how we chose to view them or deal with them that dictate how they affect our lives. When we are in a state of insecurity, feel unfulfilled, have fear of the future we are consumed in our own emotion and can become entrenched in worry, anxiety, sadness, loneliness or fear over how others ‘see’ us and over life’s circumstances or events. We can fear taking responsibility or making decisions. In this state we hold onto emotions, replay events in our minds analyzing what went wrong, regretting actions or reliving the bits that we don’t like trying to get understanding or resolution or alternatively play out possible outcomes of choices or decisions to be made weighing up the benefits/problems and analytically trying to decide which is best for us, rather than allowing natural intuition to be the guide.

This perpetual cycle of over reflection, worry over others or our own opinions only serves to build up the effects of trauma, stress and anxiety and if perpetuated can lead to mental and physical health disorders as well as disturbances in matters of Love and relationships. In this state we often make decisions that are not in harmony with our soul/spirit. We can stay in unhealthy relationships for fear of the future, of not meeting another or coping on our own, we can hold onto resentment and anger and react in response to these emotions, we can say hurtful things driven from our anger or hurt, people can enter relationships against their inner feeling for material gain or status, people can let the opportunity for a good friendship/relationship go out of insecurities that they are not good enough.

Alternatively if we are in balance and are in tune with our soul/spirit / have high consciousness we can detach from the negative emotions or perceptions held with these events /trials in life. Instead the individual sees the positive in each event, seeing experiences as lessons, growing from them, learning to rise above the tides of emotion and just accept what is happening allowing conclusions to evolve, being pragmatic, seeing the possible outcomes and preparing for them in a calm way. In these situations people do not react from the perspective of the self but look at the picture as a whole. In this way a person is able to remain balanced, they do not let other people’s opinions or judgments’ affect them but act from the perspective of their own inner truth, they are neither in a state of excitement or sadness and do not hold onto blame, jealousy, resentment , anger or bitterness . In this state they make decisions and actions based on their inner feelings, they are guided by actions of the soul/ spirit and can feel connected to the universal life force /god of their understanding utilizing the natural connection to natures wisdom/instinct/intuition to guide them in life’s choices. In this state one experiences; happiness and calm and that is reflected in the way they interact with others. Difficulties in life or challenges do not throw them off balance and as a result dissipate quickly. These individuals attract like-minded people to them and are likely to succeed in matters of Love and Relationships.

If a relationship is not working there are choices to be made whether to break the relationship, to stay and just put up with it or to raise the issues and try to resolve them to make them work. Each party needs to examine their own/each other’s feelings expectations and demands and how they influence each other as well as considering how much their inner happiness and guidance is being compromised. Sometimes relationships have just become stale but fundamentally partners are well matched whilst at other times people may have been drawn together originally for the wrong reasons, may through life experiences have changed and hold fundamentally different life perspectives to the other. In these cases sometimes it is the right decision to leave a relationship, where the spirit and soul is being suppressed and deep-rooted sadness exists as a result of a partnership. Most relationships with increased communication, willingness to be truthful, openness to grow/ learn and sheer effort can be improved.

Love and Relationship Box

When Making Relationship Decisions :-

  • Assess why the relationship is going wrong.

  • Be completely honest about how you feel about each other

  • Be honest with yourself about how you feel about the other party in the relationship

  • Consider how much you / your partner are compromising in life as a result of that relationship

  • Consider whether you place unreasonable demands on the other person or are they being placed on you.

  • Question whether you/your partner has insecurities / perspectives that are projected onto each other

  • Be open with each other and try to discuss things without emotions driving actions

  • Be respectful of each other’s opinions

Whilst many people try to resolve these Love and Relationships issues themselves, through mediators, counselling, the fact is that results take time to be effective, emotions can still be held for a great length of time and continue to influence how we react with each other.

It is hard to fully eliminate the root causes of problems, or the pain from a split or difficult relationship .Often people carry so much stress that they end up taking prescribed medication to suppress emotions and alleviate depression or anxiety.

The Trivedi Effect® is a phenomenon that has helped many people that have had tired, difficult relationships to find a deeper connection or happiness. People facing relationship issues who experienced The Trivedi Effect® stated that they developed a deeper understanding and trust and their relationships gained a new meaning. Couples have reported renewed passion, sexual pleasure and orgasm, deep love and happiness in company of each other. With improved aspects of Love and Relationship in life, people found a dramatic dip in their anxiety and stress levels, freedom from inner turmoil, profound peace and inner calmness. Those who have had a separation or loss also reported to have gained profound peace and relief in emotional trauma, many whom have going on to attract their true soul mate or new friends into their lives . People have experienced better quality sleep, inner peace , mental calmness, greater mental clarity , deeper connection to their inner guidance system , clarity over life purpose , no fear of the future ,good health, improvement and /or elimination of stress and anxiety, deeper feelings of love, connection, tolerance and understanding in relationships as well as increased abundance and overall sense of well being. Whilst that sounds too good to be true , it actually really works and most importantly has been experienced by over 150,000 individuals , thousands of which have left testimonials attesting to the outstanding benefits/improvements it made to their lives. These can be viewed at

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What is The Trivedi Effect®

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Love and Relationships - Testimonial

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