Need Long Distance Relationship Advice? 12 Ways to Iimprove Your Relationship

  • Are geographic distances between you and your spouse straining your relationship?

  • Do you find it difficult to communicate/connect with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend because of your remote location?Long Distance Relationship Advice

Everyday Story of Two People in Love, Breaking up Because of Work Pressure!

Mr A, and Ms R, were happily married for three years, and were well-settled in their high paying corporate careers. Though their work schedule was very hectic, they switched off from anything related to work during weekends. They made sure to take time for each other and do the things they liked including shopping, watching movies and taking picnics over the weekends. One afternoon, when Ms R was out, she received a call from her loving husband. The rest of the day, she could not concentrate on her work. She was very anxious and worried; her husband had to leave for an onsite assignment for six months. There was no way that she could accompany him, because she was responsible for high-risk operations and her office would not give her time off.

How Often have You Felt this Pain of Separation and Loneliness?

The pain of being separated slowly dawned on them. Finally, the day came for her husband to leave and they bid goodbye in tears, having convinced each other that they would be in touch virtually, thanks to the latest communication technology.
Everyday seemed to take a long time to pass; both of them missed each other so much! Weekends were the worst. They were in touch through Skype, phone calls, chats, e-mails and text messages. But the time difference between the two locations made it difficult to cope up with the separation. Over time the frequency of calls reduced. Staying up during the nights for calls and coping with extended work hours took a toll on their health and M. A fell ill. From the hospital, Mr A could not be in constant touch. This led to calls through cell phones, increasing their bills tremendously.
Statistics - Long Distance Relationship Advice

After recovery, work had piled up so much that Mr A could hardly find time to be in touch with Ms R. Many days started to go by, with no chatting, e-mails, Skype or phone calls. Ms R started going out with friends, to evade her loneliness and pain of being away from Mr A. Though they were still in love and missing each other, their mutual trust was deteriorating. They felt insecure in their relationship. The calls, chats and e-mails that followed ended in fights and arguments. They were frustrated even more by how much they wanted to be together. At one point, both of them doubted the stability of their relationship. Eventually they understood that it was the distance, between them, that caused all these fights and quarrels and thus, sought the best long distance relationship advice. They calmed down to resolve the issues and clarify their emotions.

Have you Identified the Issues Between You and Your Better-Half?

Mr R was due to return home. They made sure to look their best. Ms. R waited at the airport, with love and excitement in her heart. Mr A, on seeing her jumped with joy and ran to her. Seeing each other face-to-face after months apart was the best feeling they had ever experienced! They fell in love all over again!

Problems Encountered in Long Distance Relationship

This story clearly depicts the problems of long distance relationships, that include financial strain, time differences, physical absence, jealousy, fights and quarrels, misunderstandings, conflicts, missing each other’s presence, boredom, doubts about the future, lack of attraction, close association with friends and others and the worst of all – fear of infidelity. These problems, in turn, lead to undue stress and tension, which may manifest as disorders.

Here is some long distance relationship advice that can help you keep the spark alive.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Latest cyber technologies have gone a long way in shrinking the world and defying distances. Here is some long distance relationship advice that can help you survive and thrive steadfast, overcoming all the associated hardships of living away from someone in love.

  1. Modern communication technology has gone a long way to help families/ loved ones seem closer when they are separated by many miles

  2. Seeing someone whilst talking helps keep the chemistry alive despite long distance separation.

  3. Explain the reason for staying away. Stay in touch, at least once every day, through Skype or phone calls, chats, e-mails or text messaging

  4. Be transparent and communicate the happenings of the day, as elaborately as possible

  5. Avoid arguments and clarify any conflicts or doubts in a calm and composed way

  6. Pursue common interests despite being apart

  7. Challenge each other to improve overall fitness, learn new skills or improve on old ones

  8. Be positive and supportive to each other

  9. Exchange personal belongings to hold on to, when missing each other

  10. Remember that you are in a valuable relationship and try to avoid or overcome temptation

  11. Build confidence and reassure each other about feelings for one another and the stability of the relationship

  12. Apart from the advice, experience the Trivedi Effect® for a healthy relationship

Understand The Trivedi Effect®

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How can the Trivedi Effect® Improve Your Relationship?

Current science has made many technological advances that have made human lives easier and more prosperous. However, current science has no tools or technology to measure or treat the factors associated with human consciousness, such as love, affection, emotions, sentiments, feelings and perception. When people in relationships start to experience problems either or both parties may start to experience fear, anxiety, stress, mood swings, irritability , emotional imbalance, insecurity and lack of confidence . These in turn create more problems and cause the relationship to fall further apart.
Whilst there are alternative therapies like counselling, meditation, various healing modalities, relationship guidance from religious leaders, friends or family that offer help to resolve relationship problems, many people find it difficult to open up to others about problems and struggle to find external solutions to their problems.

The Trivedi Effect® is an external solution that is stress free with no need to sit and discuss, at length, the problems being faced. It was brought to the world through Mahendra Kumar Trivedi who developed the ability to harness a universal energy through his thoughts and apply it to living organisms and non-living materials with the effect that it brought about long-lasting and incredible transformation

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