Experiencing Lack of Motivation? Raise Motivation with The Trivedi Effect

Motivation is the desire to do something. It increasingly drives us to achieve more with our lives, it leads us to move forward to achieve something that is wanted and to work for a goal that can make our life better. One needs to stay motivated to achieve positive change. Without motivation, life can feel drab, monotonous and repetitive.

Lack of Motivation

Staying motivated however, can be quite a task and often, it does not come naturally to us. One needs to ‘pep’ oneself up deliberately and continuously to stay motivated. One needs to believe in one’s abilities and believe there is a real chance of achieving one’s goal. Everyone has the potential to make positive change in life, and with motivation and determination, one can make his/her desires a reality.

How to Increase Motivation:

To stay motivated, one needs to be clear about the goals. Setting a specific goal is very important. It needs a lot of consideration. You need to set realistic and easily achievable goals. If you only have a vague idea about your goals it is difficult to determine an action plan to steadily move closer to achieve them. Motivation can be lost if goals are not clear and strategies to achieve them are not defined. The route to ‘achieving’ in this scenario becomes vague and a long way off.

Defining goals is crucial to keeping up motivation and creating the feeling that you are making progress. For example, instead of having a goal like losing weight, it is better to set a target number of pounds/kilos to lose within a specific period of time. This way progress can be easily monitored and goals become realistically closer in the mind.

Once you have set your goal, you should make respectful decisions about accomplishing it and make an agreement that no matter what, you will work towards your commitment. As you learn to do so, you will be able to manage any inner resistance that comes as an obstacle. It is also very helpful to move towards your goal in a steady way. It is better to take small or regular steps towards your goal rather than taking a big step, becoming exhausted and not touching it again for months as you have ‘run out of steam’. Each time you contribute a step towards your goal, you feel motivated and encouraged to keep going, to see the results and feel closer to the bigger picture of success.

Visualizing the outcome of success rather than the process can also help you stay motivated. Imagining the product of success helps you stick to your task, with excitement. For example, the idea of thinking about sweating regularly in the gym or staying away from chocolates may not seem very exciting, however, visualizing yourself in a new outfit where you look slim and beautiful may really help you stay at it.

Rewarding yourself for each accomplishment can also motivate you. Rather than criticizing yourself for what you could not do, appreciate your perseverance and try to feel good about all efforts made. Above all, believe in yourself. It is the mantra to stay motivated. You should continuously think and remind yourself that you can do it. Believing in your abilities makes the task a lot easier to complete and creating outcomes faster to achieve.

The above suggests useful tips to help increase motivation.

Motivation Chart

Motivation is very important for a person’s growth but it is an emotion that is driven from within the self. There is not a tablet or medical procedure that can give motivation. Rather it is a state of mind that relates to our level of consciousness and is brought through the spirit/soul. Lack of motivation makes us apathetic and can stagnate life. Without motivation, people make compromises in life, settling for second best rather than striving for what they really want and ultimately limiting the level of true happiness they can achieve in their life.

A person can lack motivation due to low self-esteem, lack of faith in one’s ability, fear of failure, lack of interest, fear of uncertainty, procrastination, laziness, stress and nervousness. Sometimes lack of motivation can be created through a medical condition or through side effects of prescriptive drugs. When someone is experiencing lack of motivation it can be hard to change. Changes in perspectives, approach to life, self belief, physical fitness, health and goals all need to be addressed and altered. Whilst motivational talks, advertising campaigns, psychotherapy, counseling, hypnosis, healing modalities among others can stimulate a level of transformation and raise awareness or levels of motivation, many people find it motivation acquired in this way is hard to sustain and often fades over time as old deep rooted beliefs start to creep back in and compromised solutions seem an easier alternative.

The Trivedi Effect® – A New Way to Deal with Lack of Motivation

Everybody could benefit from a fast working, easily accessible and effective way to become motivated that somehow alters limiting beliefs and boosts energy and vitality. One natural phenomenon that has been validated through science, called The Trivedi Effect® does just that. Over 150,000 people have experienced The Trivedi Effect® and thousands have left testimonials stating that they have experienced great transformation in their lives. Increased motivation, inner peace and calm, vitality and happiness are just a few characteristics that people have developed as responses to this phenomenon.

The Trivedi Effect®is a natural phenomenon where universal energy is harnessed through the thoughts of an individual and directed to a subject that receives the energy. This energy has the potential to bring about positive changes in the recipient, maximizing the potential of the individual by increasing the ability to be productive, efficient and functional. This energy was first brought to the world through Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. It is his belief that the energy connects people to the God of their understanding, and to their inner guidance system. Through this and within a short period of time, people are able to harness the Life Force/Vital Force that has the ability to bring everything into a person’s life. Dahryn Trivedi and Gopal Nayak also now have the ability to harness this universal energy in this way. To find out more about The Trivedi Effect® please view the web page

Motivation Infographic

The incredible potential of this energy has challenged the scientific community of the world. This energy can transform any living organism or non-living material to serve a higher level purpose. There have been over 4,000 scientific experiments on plants, animals, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, metals, ceramics and polymers and the impact of this energy has been validated. The results showed that the energy initiated wonderful transformation, optimizing the potential of the subject matter in ways that were beneficial to humanity. Tens of thousands of individuals who experienced The Trivedi Effect® have left testimony attesting to the amazing beneficial properties of the energy for human wellness which are shared on To find out more about Trivedi Science or read, related peer-reviewed publications, see

This energy can be administered, through Energy Transmissions either in-person or remotely, to anywhere in the world. The effect of the energy transmissions have been documented in major international, peer-reviewed, scientific journals.

Trivedi Master Wellness Programs

Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi founded the company Trivedi Master Wellness so that people could start to access and benefit from this wonderful energy through receipt of Energy Transmissions. A variety of energy transmission programs are available along with special program for kids designed to help people to harness the maximum benefits of the energy in their own lives through the cumulative effects of The Trivedi Effect®. To find out about how to receive an Energy Transmission or read more about the Energy Transmission programs available please go to

The Trivedi Effect® can really make a difference to your life. Don’t wait , get motivated and register for one right away.

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