This Labor Day, Boost in a New and Healthier Career

Labor day is just around the corner, awaiting a well deserved break. One of the benefits of being on a break on Labor day is to glance back at the professional experiences in the recent past. Each experience has the potential to change the look on our faces which eventually leads to a conclusion of being positive or negative.

Whether our goal is to increase productivity, improve confidence at workplace or to find a healthier balance between work and life, the Trivedi Effect® can help. Mahendra Trivedi (lovingly known as Guruji) believes and practices as he quotes ” There is no shortcut in life, you have to work hard”. The wisdom of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, with the invigorating power of his Energy Transmissions, has helped thousands of people who seek better opportunities and are dealing with overwhelming stress of financial insecurity.

Connie M, a victim to the economic turndown has witnessed this firsthand. “My husband has been laid off for 18 months now, and it does not look good for him to be hired. Since the last Energy Transmission my husband and I were presented with a gift that I have been praying about” Connie M and her husband were able to buy a much needed business and own it today. “We both are anxious because we have never owned a business before, but it has been something that we have always wanted to do.”

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The Trivedi Effect® is a stimulus program that has worked for some of the most successful business leaders in the world. These, and many more remarkable transformation has been validated by hundreds of testimonies, including Connie M, who shared her story online at Trivedi Testimonials (

With the presence of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and Trivedi Effect®, we connect with the energy of our inner guidance and start harnessing the Life Force/Vital Force to experience mental, physical and emotional balance.