Incredible Photos Surface from Trivedi Master Wellness Retreat

Many of you are aware that the Trivedi Master Wellness Retreat took place in Los Angeles last weekend, June 22-24, 2012 – it was a tremendous success. Participants are still buzzing about the Retreat on twitter and Facebook! They have been asking for pictures to remind them of their amazing experiences and unique discourses hosted by Mahendra Trivedi. Your request is our demand; here are some incredible photos that were taken throughout the weekend

Mahendra Trivedi

Day 1 – Friday, June 22
Founding members of Trivedi Foundation and veteran hosts, Fred and Debra Poneman set the stage for Mahendra Trivedi and did a fantastic job.  Mr. Fred, as he is often referred to, had a blast on stage with his long time wife Debra.  They opened the stage daily for Mahendra Trivedi speaking to Retreat participants and making them feel right at home. Fred and Debra gave great insight into the history of the Trivedi organization and even spoke on various aspects of how the Trivedi Effect® can have a positive impact on your life.

Dahryn joins her spiritual teacher and husband, Mahendra Trivedi, on stage to speak about her transformation from “Seed to Tree;” her miraculous journey of becoming a gifted Master of the Trivedi Effect® in such a short time frame. Participants enjoyed seeing how much Dahryn has grown since the last Retreat on 11/11/11, and many complimented her on how much she has blossomed into a beautiful eloquent woman, gifted with a remarkable Divine Feminine Energy. Others also commented on how they enjoyed seeing the couple interact together on stage.
Day1 Dahryn
Pictured above is Dahryn Trivedi just before the historic event where she administered her first In-Person Group Energy Transmission. Mahendra Trivedi states .“It is Dahryn’s purity and innocence that enabled her to rise so quickly to the level of Master. The flavor of the Energy that Dahryn transmits is distinctly softer and more feminine than the Energy I transmit. It has a particular quality that is very nurturing to woman.” Many participants gave testimonials on how Dahryn’s Energy Transmission had a soft, yet intense effect on their mind and bodies.
Pictured above, Mahendra Trivedi smiles and speaks on how beautiful Dahryn is after viewing  Dahryn’s photo gallery.

Participants flock to purchase the highly anticipated release of Dahryn’s Silver Gel™ which is the first product released from Dahyrn’s Skin Care. If you are interested in purchasing Dahryn’s Silver Gel™, it is available  in a 4 oz, 1.5 oz, and bundle of both for a special discounted price that may not last. Men, this product is for you too; a lot of guys experience dry skin, razor burn and loose skin – Dahryn’s Silver Gel™ can help with even the worst damaged skin.

Day 2 – Saturday, June 23

Pictured above, Mahendra Trivedi speaks on life, love, and relationships. He also discussed how transformation is a process to accomplish happiness, and emphasized how important it is to pay attention to the “outcome” in whatever you are doing in life. He further shared how one’s foundation should be built on their skills, talents and gifts, which will help lead them to their life purpose and from there happiness and truth can be experienced.Day2_audience-smile-4
Mahendra Trivedi connects with audience on a very personal level and as you can see by the positive expression on their faces, they enjoyed being able to spend the weekend with Mr.Trivedi. Pictured above, you can see a few of the Healing Masters and Master Students enjoying dialogue from Mahendra Trivedi’s discourse.
Mahendra Trivedi discussed Dahryn’s Silver Gel™ Saturday morning asking who had the chance to try the silver gel , and as you can see in  the picture above,  a large majority of the participants put the newly released skin care product to the test. This silver gel is projected to revolutionize the skin care industry and a large majority of participants reported softer skin, an immediate reduction in eczema and dry skin, a feeling of tightness where skin had been loose and one man even said he noticed a visible loss in wrinkles after only one application of the silver gel.

Day 3 – Sunday, June 24
Pictured above you can see Mahendra Trivedi speaking on how the Trivedi Effect® works within animals. The image pertains directly to the Poultry Project in which a controlled group of chickens were given Energy Infused Trivedi Water™, and the results were clearly phenomenal. The meat had 6% lower fat, 17% fewer blood platelets and infectious bacteria as well as 3.5% lower cholesterol.
James Robinson, Mahendra Trivedi’s healing master in the Trivedi Beef™ project, speaks on the recent purchase of 1,300 calves and  the hiring a team of  cattle ranchers in Montana to raise the calves ethically and  at the highest standard of health. In March 2012, Mahendra Trivedi performed the first Remote Energy Transmission on the group of calves without having ever seen a photo of the animals or even knowing their exact whereabouts in Montana. Cattle ranchers from across the region eagerly awaited Mahendra Trivedi’s arrival to Montana, excited to meet the man who was responsible for the incredibly rapid growth of these calves, due to his Energy Transmissions. Ranchers confirmed that the statistical growth of the Trivedi calves was unprecedented! Grass-fed Angus beef calves typically gain 1.5– 1.9 pounds per day from birth to maturity and this specific group of Trivedi calves averaged 2.5 to 4.5 pounds per day over a period of only twenty days.
Pictured above you can see participants line up to give live on-stage testimonials in front of their peers. Testimonials came from both men and women on various subjects touching on everything including: decreased depression, better sleep, loss of fear from the future and better overall health and wellness, to name a few, after receiving Energy Transmissions  from Mahendra Trivedi.  We take our hats off to the participants who got on stage to share their experiences with the Trivedi Community!
Here is the Trivedi family, volunteers and staff joined together on stage and was recognized for their efforts to make this Retreat a success for Mahendra Trivedi. There were many hands involved with making this retreat possible; Mahendra Trivedi’s humbleness overwhelmed the staff by bringing them on stage for this amazing recognition.
The event was filled with memorable moments and extraordinary experiences. As part of the 2012 Trivedi Master Wellness Retreat Gift bag, onsite participants received an Energy Infused crystal which included a laser burned image of Mahendra Trivedi inside after three days of numerous powerful Energy Transmissions and unique discourses, some participants chose to stay an extra couple days and receive Individual Transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi and/or Dahryn Trivedi. And for those who are anxiously waiting for the next Trivedi Retreat….wait now more! At the end of the Retreat Mr. Trivedi announced that the next Trivedi Retreat is anticipated to be in Scottsdale, Arizona in November 2012!