‘How to Fix a Relationship’ – Gain New Meaning in Relationships with The Trivedi Effect

Relationships are meant to make our lives better and not bitter. Our lives revolve around relationships and it is the bonding that we share with our partners, family or friends that forms a fundamental part of our life. Good relationships add quality and value to our lives while strained relationships can make our lives miserable. As our inter-personal relationships turn sour, the source of true happiness can become lost.
How to Fix a Relationship
Among all the relationships, the most important relationship is the one with our life partner or soul mate. However, in a media driven and materialistic world, trust, loyalty, respect and long lasting harmony can be hard to find. Whilst most relationships have a ‘rosy’ start, demands of life, time and financial pressure, self-insecurities and competitively driven social structure start to take a toll on many relationships. After a while many couples get stuck in the game of expectations and allegations, the ‘chemistry’ between each other breaks down and relationships start to fall apart. The purity and innocence of love becomes engulfed with insecurities, needs and demands. In today’s society divorce rates are at the highest they have ever been, affairs are on the increase and short-term relationships are popular.

Why do Relationship Issues Arise?
Relationships turn sour for various reasons. Some of which include

  • Neglecting the partner

  • No time set aside to be together

  • Breakdown in communication

  • Reduced effort to look attractive to a partner

  • No common interests

  • Lack of respect/value for each other

  • Boredom

  • Sexual dysfunction/problems

  • Lethargy /No enthusiasm for life

  • Financial pressure

  • Heavy work load

  • Poor physical/mental health

  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse

  • Emotional /Physical Trauma

Relationship breakdowns can deeply impact mental health through emotional trauma and possibly physical abuse, house moves and divorce proceedings cause stress, anger , bitterness and resentment , mood swings may affect concentration and productivity at work, and the chances of depression are high. Children can be caught in the drama of relationship splits and may start to suffer from personality changes, insecurity and anxiety disorders.
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Prevention or Damage Limitation: The Trivedi Effect® can Help
If you find yourself in the situation of being in a relationship that has lost its spark, has become drab or stale then consider exploring what the The Trivedi Effect® can do for you. Similarly if you have gone through a divorce or split and are finding it difficult to find your feet again then explore The Trivedi Effect®. If your children have suffered as a result of a split and are showing signs of stress or are withdrawn then The Trivedi Effect® can also help.
Over 150,000 people have experienced The Trivedi Effect® and thousands have left testimonials stating how it dramatically transformed there lives. The effects are long lasting.
Many people have described how after experiencing The Trivedi Effect® their relationships have improved, they have:-

  • Developed a deeper understanding or love for each other

  • Renewed passion and enhanced sexual performance

  • Libido has increased

  • Anxiety levels have dropped

  • Broader family relations have improved

  • Financial abundance has increased

  • Increased confidence / trust

  • Greater attraction to each other

Developed an overall happiness
People who have suffered from a split or loss have amongst many other things found that following The Trivedi Effect® they experienced:-

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Relief from anxiety, depression or fear

  • Increased self confidence

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Increased inner peace

  • Some have gone on to meet a soul mate

  • Became more attractive to others.

  • Happiness

What is The Trivedi Effect®?
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