How to Deal with Depression?

When days seem long, life feels foggy, happiness seems a faraway dream, and the simple joys of life no longer hold any meaning, life can become a struggle. Depression affects millions of people on a daily basis across the globe and is by 2020 estimated to become the second highest contributor to the global burden of disease for all ages and both sexes.

How To Deal With Depression

How to deal with depression is a major question/problem facing the world as stress levels within all societies are increasing and the demands of life are getting more pressing. Modern medicine does not seem to be able to prevent this rising wave of depression from impacting the world. Doctors are having to prescribe more and more anti depressants to alleviate symptoms as people succumb to this condition that is seeping into the fabric of society.

Depression has become a real problem yet finding a solution to it is elusive. Left unchecked it can have serious consequences to both individuals and society. How to deal with depression poses to be a major question for health, business and economic professionals. It has been estimated that the economic cost of depression is between $30-44 billion per annum in the United States.

Causes of depression

Whilst some medical conditions can trigger depression, situations that bring crises in our life and affect us emotionally and psychologically generally cause depression. Some common causes are:-

  • Relationship problems

  • Loneliness

  • Lack of social support

  • Emotional trauma

  • Financial issues

  • Early childhood abuse or trauma

  • Family history of depression

  • Career issues

  • Health problems

  • Alcohol or drug abuse

How does depression affect a person?

A person suffering from depression feels hopeless and helpless and is short of ideas on how to deal with depression. His attitude towards life becomes desolate. He lacks interest in life’s enjoyments and turns himself away from pursuing any hobbies and interests and often, quits socializing. With strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt, he criticizes himself. He becomes acerbic towards his family and society.

Other signs and symptoms of depression

  • Change in sleep pattern and other issues- insomnia, hypersomnia

  • Change in appetite

  • Change in weight

  • Irritability

  • Engaging in wild behavior like rash driving, gambling

  • Substance abuse

  • Problems in concentrating and making decisions

How to deal with depression: The way out!

Dealing with depression can be really tough. At the moment, the current treatment plans offered to many people suffering from these conditions include prescriptive medicine, psychotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Whilst the drugs (commonly anti-depressants or beta blockers) are often successful in suppressing the symptoms, they have many flaws and do not treat the root cause.

How to Deal with Depression and Suicide

The side-effects of taking prescribed drugs for long time are ominous. As the chemicals in these medicines are absorbed in the blood stream, the toxins in the body build up. Over time cells can become contaminated with a chemical build up, and bodily organs like the brain, liver and kidneys can be adversely affected. A person can develop increasing drug tolerance levels over time on anti-depressant medication and can start needing stronger doses or different drugs for medication to be effective. Similarly some sufferers develop a dependency on tablets and find it hard to function without them. How to deal with depression is then replaced by a more depressing question, how to save from the side effects of medicines!

Psychotherapy treatments include series of sessions with trained professionals in areas like cognitive behavior therapy or counseling aimed at changing the perception and behavior patterns of the individual. Whilst the benefits of these treatments are often positive, they can be slow and often patients cannot afford to fund ongoing treatment. Often, the number of sessions allocated is not always enough to tackle all the problems and people can experience setbacks as conditions around them remain problematic. The question how to deal with depression ultimately remains unanswered.

In their quest to find solutions to depression with fewer side effects than conventional medicine, many patients are turning to alternative or complimentary treatments. These alternative ways include exercise, spiritual or religious blessings, healing, homeopathy, hypnosis, nutritional advice, chinese herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, Indian Ayurveda, homeopathy, Unani, Siddha, yoga, meditation, tantric sex, music therapy, dancing, singing, reiki, tai-chi, qi-gong, and discourses from religious leaders, spiritual masters, and new age transformational leaders, etc. Most of the available methods have a positive impact, but work very slowly.

The main problems with all these strategies are that, although perceptions and general health may show some improvement, these methods are slow and the life conditions surrounding a person may not change, therefore continuing to negatively impact the patient. This leads to the possibility of set backs and recurring bouts of depression.

What if a solution is provided that can work fast, without any side effects and is highly effective?

The ideal answer to how to deal with depression is to create a therapy that would help to gradually eliminate the root causes of depression, as well as altering the perceptions of the individuals so they can better cope with the stress/difficulties of life in a positive manner.

A revolutionary alternative solution for depression is called The Trivedi Effect®. Testimonials from tens of thousands of people receiving this treatment, suggests that The Trivedi Effect® really does work. People previously suffering from acute depressive disorders have given testimony that they have found relief from their disorder and are experiencing incredible improvement in their overall mental health and happiness. Mr Mahendra Trivedi gives the answer to how to deal with depression.

Depression Testimonial

Many exposed to The Trivedi Effect® have experienced significant improvements and, in many cases, complete resolution from not only depression, but also many other conditions that are hard to treat. People have reported relief and found the answer not only to how to deal with depression but also anxiety, panic attacks, stress, fear from the future, insomnia, menstrual problems, anger problems, mood disorders, autism, ADD, ADHD, fatigue, chronic fatigue, psychosomatic disorders, skin problems, and eating disorders amongst many more. People from all ages and walks of life have found vast improvements and transformation in their lives upon receiving The Trivedi Effect®. To hear the people’s testimonies for yourself, go to

The Trivedi Effect® – the Silver Lining in the Dark Clouds

Originating from Mahendra Kumar Trivedi in 1995, The Trivedi Effect® is a phenomenon that has left scientists bewildered and in question of everything we currently know about science. The effect is created from exposure to energy transmissions that are administered through the power of thought. This energy has the ability to transform both living organisms and nonliving materials in a way that enhances and elevates performance to an optimal level to serve a higher purpose.

Mr. Trivedi, his wife Dahryn Trivedi and Master Gopal possess the ability to transmit The Trivedi Effect® through Energy Transmissions.Having experienced The Trivedi Effect® individuals have reported heightened mood states, described as an “inner bliss,” a “deep calm,” or states of profound inner joy and happiness.

The beauty of the Energy Transmissions is that they are not invasive, can be received anywhere, and many programs are designed to operate while you sleep, causing no additional stress to the children or other family members.

There have been over 4,000 scientific experiments, designed to validate and explore the potential of The Trivedi Effect® undertaken at leading research institutes throughout the world in collaboration with the Trivedi Foundation™.These were conducted on plants, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, trees, animals, metals, ceramics and polymers that have produced transformational effects, down to the very atom. In each case, the subject matter showed dramatic and positive changes when exposed to the energy transmissions. To find out more about the Trivedi Science™, see

The results showed an elevation in the potential and value of the subject matter, enabling the treated subject to perform, grow or function in a better way and thus becomes of greater benefit to humanity. Or, as Mahendra Trivedi puts it, “to serve a higher purpose.” For people struggling with how to deal with depression for instance the transformation has been so significant and, in some cases, the changes showed results so dramatic that it excelled beyond the knowledge and limitations of today’s paradigm of science. Changes previously thought to be impossible, even with the use of lengthy and complicated procedures, were brought about instantaneously through the intent of one man’s mind. The effect of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s energy transmissions have been tested, measured and documented by well-respected scientists and researchers across the world, resulting in major international, peer-reviewed, scientific journals. Mahendra Trivedi was able to replicate the results consistently. This rules out the possibility human error and random or anomalous change occurrences, giving credence to the powerful effects of this energy on living and non-living materials.

Facts About Depression

The Trivedi Energy Transmissions™ have the unique ability to connect people to their own inner guidance system and, ultimately, to the Infinite Source of Universal Intelligence. Within a short period, people start harnessing the Life Force/Vital Force from the God of their Understanding. That Life Force/Grace of God has the ability to bring everything into a person’s life, which includes good physical and mental health, emotional and psychological balance, pleasure, orgasm during sex, financial abundance, and healthy relationships. Questions like how to deal with depression, how to deal with anger or anxiety or stress find answer in Mahendra Trivedi and his phenomenal energy transmissions.

Although this sounds incredulous and (understandably) alerts a level of skepticism, The Trivedi Effect® has been objectively and quantifiably assessed, showing that the results are real. No other healing modality has been subjected to the rigorous scientific testing that The Trivedi Effect® has undergone. In addition, no other alternative therapies have consistently produced the dramatic results that have been attested to in people’s testimony after receiving The Trivedi Effect®.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), a neurologist famous for bringing psychoanalysis to the world, introduced the idea to the medical world that unconscious thoughts can be converted into physical symptoms. Today, quantum physicists are discovering the existence of new types of particles and energy that were previously unknown to man. They are exploring processes we never would have dreamt as being possible a few years ago. Things we thought existed only in the realms of science fiction are now becoming a reality in the world of science. Mahendra Trivedi has brought something new and very real to the world, although as of yet we don’t fully understand what the energy is or how it works. But we can observe its effects. If the unconscious mind can influence physical matter in the body by manifesting physical symptoms, then it is not inconceivable that there is an aspect of the mind not yet known to us that can also be utilized to bring about elevating transformation. The world is witnessing the emergence of something new and exciting that has the ability to transform the way we experience life and the world in which we live. What of how to deal with depression, dealing with anything in life becomes easy.

Don’t just read about the miraculous properties of this energy; experience the energy transmissions for yourself, learn how to deal with depression and numerous other problems of life and become a part of the growing body of individuals who have started their journey of transformation with the help of The Trivedi Effect®. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

To find out about how to receive an Energy Transmission please go to the Trivedi Master Wellness™ website There are a number of regular transmission programs (Trivedi Master Wellness Programs™) and energy-infused Trivedi Products™ available for people, all with the aim to regularly infuse people with this miraculous energy so that they can cumulatively increase their benefits, start to experience expanded levels of higher consciousness, and find peace and happiness in their lives. Energy infused products are available at

Discover a new meaning in life and say cheers to the world!

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