Do You have Happiness in Your Life or is it Just Denial?

Happiness in your life is that elixir that allows you to savor life, despite the challenges and the limitations that we face and overcome.  The essence of happiness differs from person to person.

Happiness in Your Life

Is Happiness in Your Life a Perception?

Quite often, happiness is defined by the acquisition of physical comforts and luxuries one possesses. This perception is, usually, passionately expressed by young adults, fresh on the thresholds of life, full of lofty dreams of their future! It cannot be denied that not everyone achieves everything they ever dream about!

Wellness Experts: Denial of Happiness

For those who dwell and study the subject ofhappiness in your life,’ conclude that the common thread through most of their subjects is that they live in denial.

The common practice is to associate denial with feelings of happiness. It is the same feelings we associate with depression or anxiety. We do not want to feel pain. Similarly, we do not want to feel happiness either!

Why it is so natural for us to indulge our mind in feelings of sadness, hurt and pain? Why it is that, we want to always feel there is something amiss, lacking in our lives?

What drives us, compels us to say we are not ‘quite’ happy because there is always some minor facet of life that is not a 100% aligned with our DESIRE?

Perhaps that is why the word ‘dream’ was coined – to describe the feelings and emotions that our sub-conscious wants us to achieve or experience and our physiological presence on Earth does not permit. Whichever way the perception is defined, it remains the aspiration of every individual to be happy! The emotions and associations are relative to the person. Therefore, for a preacher, the ultimate happiness in his life is when his followers believe in the Faith and unfailingly follow his preaching! To a child, the greatest happiness is when its smallest whims are satisfied!

We are quick to admit to pain, even quicker to admit we are emotional distraught but fail to admit to even the basic emotions of being happy about the many blessings in our lives! Are we afraid that we may lose those precious ‘something’ that makes us happy, if we admit to it.

Happiness should not be the search for the eternal silver lining in every cloud.

Defining Happiness in Your Life

Pursuit of happiness does not work to a definite plan. Incidentally, happiness is the ‘unstructured moments’ of life that total up to happiness.  Simply recount to the many times when something unstructured made you happy. These moments are indeed precious and the highlight of life.

Most often, happiness in your life is defined by future milestones. How often have you said to yourself, if I land that promotion, then that is the happiest moment in life! And when you achieve that moment, there is  a sense of satisfaction, before long you begin to wish for the next ‘happiness’ flash-point, the next luxury car that will define your happiness. There is no happiness in the milestones and associations that you have already achieved. This is the root cause of the frustrations and sadness in many of our lives. Happiness in your life is to negate the high emotions of denial and to experience the true form of the rich experience of life!

Waves of positivity and thoughts that make us happy, will always allow us to look at life’s challenges and unexpected hurdles as the stepping stones to success! They longer become the ‘denial’ to experiencing the truth of happiness!

When can We Stop- Denying Happiness?

Understanding the differences between being happy and the reluctance or denial of such happiness is by far the definition of ‘happiness in your life’!

For those who have experienced ‘happiness’ in its truest form, the denials of many of us is surprising. Mr. Trivedi, a spiritual mentor and guide offers great insight into why we are in denial of our truest happiness. ‘Happiness in your life’ is not a medal that is won after a race, but is the process of the race itself, that of overcoming our desire to deny!

Trivedi Effect is a powerful program that lets you explore that inner self and experience happiness in your life!