Finding the Secret to Happiness in Life with Help from The Trivedi Effect

Finding happiness is the ‘holy grail’ in life. For centuries people have searched for the secret of true happiness. True feelings of
happiness in life, are accompanied with the sensation of freedom, of no stress or anxiety, a feeling of being on top of the world. When a person is happy, their life seems to feel smooth and effortless. The problem for many is the experience of happiness is temporary, often-extreme highs can be followed by deep lows and for many the experience of life oscillates between the two. To understand the secret to finding happiness in life one needs to examine what is meant by the term happiness itself and how confusion over defining what happiness is, can lead people further down a pathway of illusion.

Happiness in Life

If everyone in a room was asked to define happiness, everyone would probably come up with different descriptions dependent upon their own life perceptions, experiences and beliefs. What one person experiences as happiness another may not, indeed what many would term as happiness on one day may not be the same for the next. The term happiness is subjective in nature and as such cannot be easily defined, measured and interpreted by science.

Definitions vary for happiness, and can include descriptions of life satisfaction, to having more positive emotions than negative ones, to a feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can’t help but smile, to the opposite of sadness. It is a sensation that has depth and quality, where people can feel joy, laughter, intense elation and experience it briefly, for a short period or longer spells. At what point do these states of being become true happiness? The problem is that the subjective nature of the term happiness makes it inherently difficult to identify and therefore pursue in our lives

So what do people feel brings happiness in life:-

  • Experiencing something we enjoy doing

  • Acquiring something new or material wealth

  • Being in love

  • Success in career

  • Status

  • Beauty

  • No stress /anxiety

  • Religion

  • Being in nature

  • Having children

  • Being around animals

  • Good harmonious relationships.

  • Receiving or giving gifts

  • Luxury

  • Holidays

  • Favorite foods/drinks

The list is endless. People often associate what they like with happiness and as such many crave material, wealth and status in the belief that reaching a point in life without financial worry and having the ability to acquire anything or be anything they wanted will bring happiness in life. Yet for many who have reached this point that feeling is temporary; illness, relationship problems, or boredom can start to undermine happiness and wellbeing. The excitement of success, status, new relationships or wealth can be short lived and at the stage something is acquired individuals can start to crave something else in a continual pursuit of that elusive factor that will bring sustained happiness in life.

For some actions relate to a sensation of happiness, extreme sports, the act of giving, singing, dancing, receiving gifts or praise. For others religion may provide the answer, participating in a communal belief or act of worship may bring for some a feeling of joy or happiness. However in all these cases happiness is conditional on something else, whether it is an action, objects, beliefs, relationships, ritual or dogma. In all cases it is hard for humans to sustain the feeling of happiness in life. In this sense it is possible that for many of us we confuse the state of excitement with happiness. Excitement relates to a sense of being that is short lived, a state of anticipation, wonder, intense laughter or joy.

On the other hand a true state of happiness in life relates to a state of being that doesn’t change regardless of changing life circumstances or situations, a feeling that comes from within not from something external, a state of being that exudes a calmness, a sense of balance, contentment and harmony. A sensation that is not affected by others perceptions, a state of being that is unconditional, that places no demands on others and equally is not dependent upon expectations. Happiness in this essence is the ‘holy grail’ and thousands throughout history have sought out alternative practices to achieve it. Many have tried alternative therapies like meditation, counseling, yoga, listening to discourses from religious masters and spiritual leaders, Reiki, Qigong, going to retreats to try to find that equilibrium in life that brings mental calmness and contentment that is long lasting. The problem is that whilst many of these practices can be helpful and bring calmness or balance the results are intermittent and people frequently continue to fluctuate between positive and less positive mood states.

So what can bring happiness in life that is sustainable? This is a question that until recently has not had an answer, however in recent years a phenomenon has arisen that has started to gravitate people towards lasting happiness and wellbeing. Experienced by over 200,000 people worldwide, this phenomenon is bringing a wave of change across the globe. Thousands of people who have experienced it have reported how their lives were transformed as a result. Many experienced significant improvements in overall health, wellbeing and life circumstances. However one of the most commonly reported qualities of this incredible phenomenon is its ability to bring lasting happiness, feelings of calmness and balance into people’s lives.

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So The
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By being naturally happy, we are able to follow the wisdom of nature. We are able to accept everything that comes our way without resistance and thus, are able to be truly happy. People experiencing The Trivedi Effect® have reported to have gained a state of mind that could not be altered by any external influence and a sense of natural, unconditional happiness in life.

Happiness in Life

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