July 3, 2012 Online Group Energy Transmission and Knowledge Call Recap

Mahendra Trivedi opened up Online Group Energy Transmission and Knowledge Call on July 3, 2012 speaking on the importance of Energy, what is transformation, how long transformation takes and what it will cost you (not necessarily in terms of money). These Three Miraculous Evenings can truly benefit all who are ready to increase their consciousness; this is the first step to becoming truly happy in life.

Energy Transmission

Mahendra Trivedi also began to speak about how the Energy positively impacts human life with better health, relationships with family and your peers, and life productivity. He spoke about the people in this world who are successful, which he estimates is around 2% of the population. They harness good emotional, physical and mental health, positive sexual health, and experience very little relationship problems. On the contrary, he said that more than 90% of people on this planet are struggling with numerous things in life including money, finding a soul-mate or maintaining good relationships, maintaining a job and paying bills, etc.; the list goes on, and unfortunately these individuals live their life in the dark

People in this world who are in the dark can begin their transformation and life journey with the Monthly Enhancement Program. This program is priced affordably, and designed for all to increase your consciousness and bring you higher abundance in the areas that are most important in your life. Take the first step out of the darkness and into the light; every Energy Transmission you receive can help your life journey by increasing your consciousness, and as a result, have the ability to draw in everything you want.

Participants in Trivedi programs have reported amazing results, some of which are mentioned below, and you may experience them to:

  • Better overall health – receiving this powerful Energy can help your mind, body and spirit. Results may not be instantaneous, but the results are there.

  • High quality sleep – instead of needing 8-10 hours, this Energy has the ability to allow you to get better sleep with only 5-6 hours,  waking up in a good mood, feeling more energized, you  having a calmer demeanor, and  greater mental peace.

  • Decreased anxiety and depression – many people are very stressed in their lives with family, work and bills. This high power Energy has the ability to help overcome these difficulties.

  • Higher consciousness and better mental clarity thousands of people have reported a higher sense of connection to the God of their understanding (Divine, Universal Intelligence, Infinite Source of Energy, etc…) after experiencing an Energy Transmission.

This Energy has the ability to transform all living organisms such as plants, trees, seeds, bacteria, viruses, fungi, animals, cancer cells, human cells…everything. In the addition to that, this Energy has the ability to transform nonliving materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and chemicals by changing the structure of the atom permanently.
When this scientifically proven Energy is infused into plants and trees, it acts as a ‘reset’ for the living organism that detoxifies the plant and allows it to begin growing as their natural blueprint intended – pure, free of disease, and functioning at its highest potential
We will end this post with a great analogy from Mahendra Trivedi from tonight’s call:
You go to the market and purchase 2-3 computers, exactly the same in every way. Same size, efficiency, and same price. You then connect each of these computers to the internet and now it has the ability to download and transmit great amounts of data. Each computer starts channeling information from satellite, invisible energy unseen from naked eyes. With the help of energy, it channels information, each computer acts as a conduit. They channel information depends on conduit. If the internet connection speed is slow, it will take a very long time to download information. If computer #2 has a high speed connection, it can download information 24x speed. Computer #3 has a super-fast connection; computer #1 takes 600 times longer to download the same information as computer #3. Here is the twist. People who are struggling, they are connected as computer #1, a slow connection to Universal Intelligence, their creator, a slow connection to the God of their understanding – everything comes from that authority, that power. Very successful people are considered computer #3, they have a high connection to their consciousness, universal intelligence and the God of their understanding. This makes huge difference in life. They are connected, channeling more energy and more power.