Fixing Relationship Problems Without Sacrificing Your Dignity

Relationship is the association between two or more individuals on the basis of love, business or any other obligation. The relationship may develop in various frameworks like, family, companionship, matrimonial, work, religion and so on, which ultimately lays the foundation of a society as a whole. The strength of any relationship lies in understanding, trust, acceptance, esteem, sharing and determination to maintain and endure. Any relationship goes for a toss if any of the above staggers.

Fixing Relationship Problems

Fixing Relationship Problems

Any relationship suffers friction at some times, which is quite normal. But if the friction is continuous or frequent, then it calls for attention to fixing relationship problems. The various issues in a relationship are caused by lack of support, lack of time, finances, expectations and other external factors, like relatives or friends.

While trying to solve any issues pertaining to relationship between individuals, the prime focus must be on achieving it without loss of dignity on either side.

Emotional Demands

Certain undue expectations – spending 24/7 with each other, not allowing the partner his or her own space and time, expecting approval of everything from clothes worn to profession, decisions not made with mutual consent, adamant on winning every argument, not giving importance to other’s feelings and opinions – are strong enough to impair a relationship. It is universally understood that no two persons will agree on everything every time. But a support that gives a feeling of security and helps in developing trust on each other, at the cost of anything is the only remedy to handle such emotional demands. Such support helps in fixing relationship problems without loss of dignity.


While demanding to spend time with each other, one should consider the other’s point of view on what is needed in terms of spending time together. This will help in striking at a balance to compromise each other without feelings of rejection or being neglected.


Money is the root cause of most problems in human relationship. If this is not addressed properly between partners who want to pursue their relationship, it uproots the association from the base. All decisions related to money matters – how to earn and spend, who will earn and how, money earned to be pooled or not, and so on – must be discussed and mutually agreed upon.

Changing Expectations

In the universe, change is the most constant aspect in anyone’s life. Any change or deviation from the normal flow will lead to some amount of stress. The change may be personal, professional or environmental; but it surely affects the wants and needs from a relationship. Though change cannot be avoided, a healthy relationship stands the test by converting the ‘changes’ to promising ‘prospects’ to strengthen the link. Mutually consented plans to adjust to the changes will take the relationship to fresher and happier levels.

External Factors

Apart from the individuals in the relationship, the involvement of their relatives and friends will also have a tremendous impact on the association, since the world is not made of individuals alone, but of societies. Giving up one’s personal relatives or friends must not be mandatory in a relationship. At the same time, there should not be any compulsion to engage people whom one’s partner is not interested in.

Building a Healthy Relationship

Whatever be the cause of concern in your relationship, be aware of what is needed or expected from the relationship. Understand that every expectation cannot be fulfilled 100 percent in any relationship. Try to strike at a balance to arrive at compromises that will help in fixing relationship problems. Learn to accept the differences in your partner setting aside your ideal expectations. Analyze an issue from the other’s point of view and make conclusions. The basis for all these is to inculcate the fruits of the spirit – love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

The main path to reach a strong and steadfast relationship is two-way communication. Be straight and clear in expressing your expectations, feelings, concerns and opinions. Lend a patient ear to your partner and be involved in making decisions. Understand each other’s values and principles – it calls for a give and take attitude. Make sure your communication ensures trust, love, security and respect. Even at glimpse of differences, try to complement each other rather than being sarcastic and pulling down each other.

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