Facing Financial Hardships? Attract Financial Abundance with The Trivedi Effect

Money is one of the basic things that we need in our lives. In the western world it is fundamental to life. As economies around the world have fallen into crisis, employment levels have fallen and the cost of living is rising. Families have fallen victim to financial pressure and hardship. Many families are facing the distress of waking up to mailboxes that are full of bills that they cannot afford to pay. The stress and anxiety of falling into financial debt, has a huge impact on lives, causing fear, panic, depression even suicidal thoughts. Whole families are being affected by the rising tide of debt crisis. Robbing thousands of individuals of mental peace.

Financial Hardship

Inadequate knowledge on how to handle money, mismanagement of finances, wasteful ways, lack of income, increased costs, over use of credit cards can bring financial hardships for a person.

Effects of Financial Hardship

Personal health- Financial hardship brings a lot of stress and anxiety. Aggravated stress and anxiety can additionally lead to sleeplessness or insomnia. An individual in debt often loses h self-esteem, feels worthless, inadequate and withdraws himself/herself from society. Financial crisis can seriously affect the emotional well being of a person. It can have serious consequences like turning to erratic behavior, alcohol or drug abuse and even, suicide.

Tension in relationships- In the battle to make ends meet, relationships often get bitter. Financial pressure can put strain on all family relationships as cut backs, feelings of failure and stress start to dominate behavior and mood swings, irritability, withdrawn behavior starts to lead to strained relationships between partners and children. Children may not understand changes that are happening and respond by withdrawing or becoming angry or argumentative. Children may fall behind with school work or start to misbehave at schoolchildren may develop an inferiority complex and develop depression or eating disorders as a result. Spiraling tension in a household can ultimately lead to permanent breakdown of relationships and end in divorce.

How to get out of financial crisis?

To avoid increased stress

  • Be honest , evaluate the financial situation

  • Calculate how much is money is outstanding or owed

  • Work out and list who is owed money and when it needs paying by

  • Work out what money is coming into the household and whether there are any assets that can be sold

  • Find out if the lenders or creditors are able to help. Often there are schemes that can reduce payments temporarily

  • Consult a charitable debt management service and get advice

  • Be honest with lenders and try to negotiate terms

Financial Hardships Statistics

Once this is done and the problem has been owned up to, then stress starts to lift. Many people ignore debt and let bills pile up. If debt is tackled early then there is often help at hand to advise on solutions.

One of the biggest problems that face families at this time is stress and anxiety. Whilst doctors can prescribe anti depressants, complimentary techniques like getting out of the house for a walk , meditating, trying relaxation exercises, sharing worries with friends, taking exercise can help take the edge off stress, but in reality many families find the stress of debt hard to handle and find it difficult to switch off from the fear and worry of financial collapse.

One approach that really has shown to reduce or even eliminate stress and anxiety as well as gradually bring about opportunities to resolve the root cause of worries is The Trivedi Effect®.

Thousands of people have given testimonials after experiencing The Trivedi Effect®. They have found that life circumstances don’t seem to worry them the same, even in financial difficulties, people have found a sense of calm, have been less irritable and managed to handle things in a much more peaceful way . Many people have found that after receiving Energy Transmissions that new opportunities to earn money, unexpected solutions or increased abundance have come into their lives. To hear the people’s testimonies for yourself, go to

The Trivedi Effect® has the ability to eliminate the root causes of problems over time. It has the power to optimize a person’s potential and bring inner peace and mental calmness, allowing people to resolve problems and find true happiness in their lives. If you have been looking for an answer to reduce the burden of financial hardships, The Trivedi Effect® can help you.

Financial Hardships Testimonials

The Trivedi Effect®

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