Fear of the Future: Experience Hope with The Trivedi Effect

Are you-

  • scared that your life may not improve at all?

  • frightened, that your earnings will not be enough to support your future?

  • fearful, your future too will be depressing?

  • scared you will become ill?

  • worried your partner will leave you?

  • scared that you will lose your job or be unsuccessful

  • worried about life?

If questions such as these trouble you, then here are a few answers that will put them to rest.

Fear of the Future

Understanding why we Feel Fearful of the Future

Fear is a primitive emotion that has evolved as part of a survival instinct. It is an emotion that is triggered by the threat of danger, pain or harm. This emotion drives the natural survival instinct in the body, releasing enzymes that drive us into action, bringing heightened states of alertness that are needed to respond to a threat, by either fighting or fleeing. Fear can also be a response that is generated from a memory of a life experience that has been painful, traumatic or upsetting. It can also be activated by observing fear in others.

Fear of the Future is increasing in modern society as people succumb to pressures of congested lives that are heavily dependent on material wealth and factors that are not directly controllable by the self. The ‘unknown’ future can, for many individuals create fear. This type of fear can start to control lives and people can become too scared to take the pathways they really want to in life for fear of the risks involved or the uncertainty and outcomes associated with change. In this way, people live lives that are compromised, never daring to change or step into roles that they may inwardly desire. This can lead to great unhappiness and feelings of being unfulfilled.

Why does the Fear of the Future Haunt us?

Fear of the future is part of human psyche. Many endocrinologists offer an explanation that fear triggers the release of hormones into the body, these increase alertness, preparing the body so that it is ready to move, run, fight, etc. This defensive response referred to in physiology as the fight or flight response is regulated by the hypothalamus.

The most common fears that individuals experience are:

  • suffering from terminal or long-term illness

  • living without money or source of income

  • not holding a job/losing their present job in the future

  • losing a loved one

Fear can also surface with situations, like exams, public speaking, a new job, a date, or even a party. Anxiety is a type of fear that is associated with the thought of a threat or something going wrong in the future, rather than something happening right now.

In retirement, fear of having to go into care, lose loved ones or becoming a burden are some of the biggest fears!

Fear can cause anxiety and stress.

Fear of the Future

How does Fear of the Future Affect us?

Fear of the Future can create a feeling of danger or impending doom. This can drive us to act in ways that is out of the normal behaviour pattern. It can stimulate aggression, panic, rapid or erratic movements, exaggerated movements that are never normally attempted. Fear creates several body conditions, which include:- sickness, stiffness or numbness in the body and a drugging, paralytic kind of feeling.

Fear prevents us from being rationale.

Quite often, opportunities are missed and situations are blown out of perspective, essentially because of the inner fear. It drives us to destruction fear consumes our thoughts and drives us to commit mistakes.


Fear can create physical reactions in the human body as instinctively the body prepares to respond to an emergency. As blood sugars and blood flow to the muscles increase the mind becomes focused on the object of fear and a number of physical symptoms appear that can

include: –

  • Rapid heart beat

  • Stressful and struggling breath

  • Gasping for breath

  • Weakening of muscles, a sense of loss of control over body parts

  • Heightened sweating

  • Loss of Control over bowel movement

  • Nausea or a peculiar churning sensation in the stomach

  • Difficulty to focus on work at hand

  • No co-ordination between body parts

  • Dizziness

  • Tense muscles, feeling frozen to the spot

  • Loss of appetite

  • Cycles of hot and cold sweating

  • Dryness of the mouth

Over lengthy periods of time fears may increase causing irritability, sleeplessness, headaches, disrupted concentration, anxiety planning for the future , sexual problems, loss of libido, and loss of self confidence.

Long-term fear can dominate people s lives and stop people from traveling, working or even leaving the home, changing jobs, changing homes, giving talks or socialising. Long-term fear can lead to phobias, anxiety disorders, panic attack and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Combating Fear

Fear of the Future is actually an illusion created by the mind. It is not real and we do have the potential to change. Changing perceptions can break the chains of fear and bring in joy. There are many prescribed drugs that can be used to suppress on-going fear however treatments that involve long term dependency on harmful drugs can have long term side effects and cause further complications to the health and wellbeing of those individuals.

Steps to Overcome Fear of the Future

  1. First face up to your fear. Determine exactly what it is that makes you fearful. The future is yet to be created, focus on the present and establish what you would love to do if fear was not a problem. You hold the key to your dreams; believe in them!

  1. Knowing you fear or self-discovery is the second step. In this step, you need to identify the cause or reasons for your fear. Ideally, you could recall instances of fear and analyse what triggers them!

  1. Explore relaxation techniques. The trick here is to find a technique that allows you to reach your inner thoughts and alleviate fear. People have found alternative therapies like hypnotherapy, healing modalities, Tai chi, Qigong, counseling or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

  1. Try experiencing The Trivedi Effect® and join the thousands of people that have already overcome their fears, anxiety and stress. Allow The Trivedi Effect® to transform your life and allow fear to be replaced with inner peace and calm.

What is The Trivedi Effect®?

The Trivedi Effect®-is a natural energy phenomenon, which when harnessed and transmitted by individuals can transform living and non-living organisms so that they can function at a higher level and serve a greater purpose.

Here’s How The Trivedi Effect®Works

Mr Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi and Master Gopal have the ability to transmit a universal energy through their thoughts that connects people with the God/Creator of their understanding through Energy Transmissions. In this process, the energy connects people with their inner guidance system in such a way that, within a short period of time, people start harnessing the Life Force/Vital Force that has the ability to bring into a person’s life, amongst other things, inner peace , increased vitality, good physical and mental health, emotional and psychological balance, pleasure and orgasm during sex, financial abundance and healthy relationships.

The impact and application of The Trivedi Effect® on living organisms as well as non-living materials has been explored, recorded, validated and discussed by leading international scientists through over 4,000 experiments conducted by the top institutes of the world. Experiments have shown that the energy interacts effortlessly with the recipient to bring about transformation that enhances performance, functionality and optimises potential. It acts is as if the recipient is being ‘upgraded’. To find out more about the Trivedi Science or view peer-reviewed publications on the results please view

Through the company Trivedi Master Wellness LLC people all over the world can have accessed the Trivedi Effect® and have received Energy Transmissions™ for themselves through Trivedi Wellness Programs. Over 150,000 people have experienced the Trivedi Effect®. Thousands of testimonials left by these people speak for themselves and are testament to the beneficial, miraculous impact this energy has on human beings. People suffering from fear , anxiety and stress as well as conditions that are also hard to resolve have experienced significant relief, improvement or elimination of these conditions. Individuals have reported heightened mood states, described as an “inner bliss” and a “deep calm,” or states of profound inner joy and happiness. To hear and read people’s testimonials about the Trivedi Effect® visit the Trivedi Testimonials™ website at

Fear of Future Testimonial

Mahendra Trivedi sees these successful rates of transformation as a product of treating the root cause of disorders, rather than the peripheral symptoms.

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Break away from your Fear of the Future!





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