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Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects how people read and interpret words, letters or other symbols. It can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life. It is characterized by problems faced in reading, writing, spelling and syntax. Dyslexia is a common condition that affects how individuals process and interpret written information in the brain. A dyslexic person faces difficulty in “decoding” words. He/she lacks phonological awareness, verbal memory and verbal processing speed.

Dyslexia Symptoms

Recognizing Dyslexia at an early stage in life is important so that those affected by the condition can get support with learning and where possible adopt strategies that help to overcome some of the problems this condition presents with.

Signs & Symptoms of Dyslexia[2, 3]

Dyslexia symptoms may vary from mild to severe. Common signs and symptoms of dyslexia are described below.

At preschool-age, a child may start to talk later than other children of the same age and have difficulty pronouncing words. Dyslexic children have difficulty in memorizing words / symbols and have difficulty or are unable to recall the right word /symbols when required. They have problems learning alphabets, numbers, Days of the week, colors, shapes and how to spell and write their name. Children diagnosed with dyslexia can take a longer time than other children to develop fine motor skills like learning how to hold a pencil or brushing the teeth etc. Dyslexic children have difficulty learning the relationship between letters and sounds and get confused between small words like ‘at’ and ‘to’.

Children with Dyslexia can make some common reading and spelling errors such as letter reversals for ‘b’ and ‘d’, word reversals like ‘tip’ for ‘pit’, inversions such as ‘m’ and ‘w’ and ‘u’ and ‘n’, transpositions like ‘felt’ and ‘left’. They have a tendency to lack consistency in how they write words down and can spell the same word in different ways within a piece of writing.

The reading speed and sight vocabulary of dyslexic children is lower than the expected average for their age. This is because children with Dyslexia find recognition of spelling strings and learning spelling strategies extremely difficult. Many individuals with dyslexia, without support can start to avoid reading and writing. Handwriting of dyslexic individuals can be difficult to read as some have a tendency to hold their pencil or pen in an awkward grip. Dyslexic individuals find comprehension exercises problematic, can take time to recall facts and face trouble with written problems in mathematics. Dyslexic children can take longer to complete tasks and may have trouble taking notes.

Causes of Dyslexia[4]

Dyslexia is thought to be a genetic condition that is passed on through the family line. Children of dyslexic parents are 40%-60% more likely to develop dyslexia. If one identical twin is born with the condition, the other twin is also likely to develop it. Genes that may influence dyslexia have been identified although scientists are still uncertain how the presence of these genes influences the development of the brain.

The left hemisphere of the brain is connected with how we process and interpret symbols, graphics, words and data. It is possible that this side of the brain in dyslexic individuals functions in a different way to those that are not diagnosed with the disorder. Activity levels in the areas of the brain associated with production, identification and processing of written information have been found to be lower in individuals diagnosed with dyslexia than those not diagnosed with the condition during the process of reading or interpreting written information.

Dyslexia Symptoms

Facts and statistics about Dyslexia[5,6]

  • Around 10-15% of the US population has been diagnosed with dyslexia.

  • It is thought that only five in a hundred people suffering from dyslexia get recognized for this condition and receive help.

  • Around 60% of those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are also dyslexic.

  • 20% of children in the UK & USA leave school unable to read properly.

How do we deal with Dyslexia?

There is no direct cure or solution to treating Dyslexia. However many specific strategies that help dyslexic individuals learn to read and process written or symbolic information have been developed over the years. Some of these work better than others but the earlier dyslexia is identified and children are given support and help to develop specialized learning strategies to overcome the problems of dyslexia the better. Children with dyslexia learn better using a multi sensory approach to learning. In education children diagnosed with dyslexia often get extra support, specialized teaching, are allowed longer periods of time to complete tasks and are given computers to aid with spelling, grammar and encourage writing skills.

Being Dyslexic can create emotional problems for children. Children can lose confidence, develop high levels of frustration and severe anxiety as a result of their condition. Some individuals can find it hard as a result of these conditions to form friendships with their peer group. Children with dyslexia, particularly those that do not receive help or remain undiagnosed at school can become self-conscious about their problems with reading/writing /numeracy and develop feelings of embarrassment, worthlessness or irritation over their learning difficulties. Being Dyslexic does not mean an individual lacks intelligence, just that the brain processes information in a different way to those without dyslexia and those diagnosed may face extra challenges in retaining or processing information. Many children diagnosed with dyslexia have with help found strategies to deal with learning challenges and have been successful in acquiring degrees and are successful in life. It is important to help children and families understand dyslexia. Children need to feel supported and be given help via praise and extra motivation to encourage them to develop strategies to help with the educational challenges they face in reading and processing written information. Dyslexic children need to be shown patience and encouragement over small steps forward and be supported to learn or try different learning strategies.

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