Dealing with ADHD in Children the Healthy Way

Does your child has difficulty playing quietly and is very active? Does your child often leave his/her task unfinished? Does your child seem to ignore your orders and has a habit of talking excessively? These may be some of the symptoms of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. One cannot label a child having ADHD, unless and until, the certified professional conducts some tests based on the inputs given by that child’s parents and school authority. The diagnosis of such tests may let you know whether your child has this disorder or not.

ADHD in ChildrenThis attention deficit disorder may develop in a child for various reasons. In many cases, the children with ADHD have divorced parents, or their parents don’t go along well and argue a lot with each other. This creates insecurity in the child’s mind and is considered main cause of mental health problems in children.

Sudden death of one of the parents or a family member, moving or shifting from one place to another and angst, etc. are some other key factors behind ADHD in children. If your child is showing all or any of these symptoms, the pediatrician can conduct some tests and may refer your child to a child psychologist for further treatment. Along with the medication, there are some natural remedies for ADHD.

There are ways to deal with ADHD in children.Some medicines may have serious side effects. Therefore consult your general practitioner or pediatrician before giving any medicine to your child.

Along with the medicines you can try the following tips too:

  • Encourage schedule: make and follow the time table. It will help you in making your child understand the importance of routine. It will also stress on the importance of sticking to the plan.

  • State your expectations clearly: tell your child what you want him/her to do. Encourage your child to complete a given task.

  • Relaxation: tell your child to lie down for 5-10 minutes every day or you can tell him/her to look at the burning candle flame and concentrate. This might help your child in concentrating things without getting distracted.

  • Food pattern: watch your child’s food intake. Avoid giving junk food. Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your child’s diet.

  • Restrict video games and usage of mobiles: playing video and mobile games is very addictive. Switch off computer, television, etc. before sleeping time. Restrict playing games on computer and mobile. This way you can ensure that your child gets sufficient rest and sleep.

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