Autism and The Trivedi Effect®

By The Trivedi Effect

Autism is a word that we keep hearing in the news these days, but what is it exactly that is affecting millions of children and adults worldwide? Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder are words that are used to describe disorders of brain development. With the brain development being off in these children, there are issues with developing relationships with other people, communicating both verbally and nonverbally, and repetitive behaviors. There were different categories of disorders of brain development: autistic disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, Asperger syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder-otherwise not specified, which have all been lumped together into Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as of 2013.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder tend to show signs of delay in their developmental process. For example, their babbling and first words may come later that most children. They also don’t show much interest in the people around them. Some parents feel as if their child doesn’t connect with them. However, research does show that children with autism are attached to their parents. Adults and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are not able to recognize nonverbal communication such as a smile or a grimace. They don’t pick up on normal social cues because they don’t know how to interpret a facial expression or a gesture. It is common for someone with autism to have tantrums or other emotional outbursts when they are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. They can have a hard time regulating their emotions. In fact, their frustration can lead them to hurt themselves by banging their head, pulling their own hair, or biting themselves.

The communication for children with autism can be delayed. Some children never use the spoken word. These children and adults can eventually learn to use pictures to communicate. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may learn words and then not know how to put them all together so they will say one word only or repeat a certain phrase or they will repeat what they just heard someone else say. On the other hand, there are children with autism that have superior language skills and can talk as if they are a teacher. They may even go on to talk at length about a certain subject, never letting anyone else participate in the conversation. Someone with autism can have a hard time with the normal facial expressions or the tone of voice that goes with what they are saying so they get misunderstood. This feeling of being misunderstood can then lead to an emotional outburst such as screaming at the person or grabbing the person they are talking to.

Repetitive behaviors can take the form of obsessions or preoccupations with different things. Someone may have an obsession with hair dryers or vacuum cleaners while others may be able to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about astronomy. For instance, a young child may be playing with cars but only focus on the wheels of the car. Children with autism like to do things in an orderly fashion. For instance, they may like to drive the same way to school each day or eat their fruit before their sandwich each and every time. A repetitive behavior could be as simple as rocking back and forth. Adults or older children that have Autism Spectrum Disorder may find special interest in symbols, numbers, or different scientific topics.

Other symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder include the emotional upset that comes from having autism. The upset can lead to anxiety, depression, and sometimes epilepsy. A small percentage or adults with autism can live on their own and hold down a job. For most, they either live with their parents or live in a residential care program. About 10% of people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder also have some sort of special “gift”. This “gift” could be the ability to calculate calendar dates, memorize a list, artistic abilities, or musical talents. Many people who have autism also have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The symptoms are more severe in someone with autism and can especially affect their social interaction. Another facet of autism is their sensory perception being off. An example of this is that for some people the slightest pressure on their arm hurts them where for others a deep hug is the only thing that will comfort them. A person with Autism Spectrum Disorder is more apt to have sleep difficulties such as insomnia. Children with autism spectrum disorder tend to wander off from their caregiver. This can be particularly stressful for the person watching the child. With autism rates on the rise more and more doctors are learning to screen for early signs of autism at the wellness check-ups. They can order more tests such as a hearing test, a visit with a speech therapist, or psychiatrist. The American Association of Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) has developed guidelines for diagnosing autism. The doctor may make observations and ask the parents their experiences of the child as well. There are developmental and intelligence tests that can help to evaluate a child’s developmental delays. Other tests that maybe done are: an MRI to see if there are abnormalities in the structure of the brain, electroencephalograph if the person has had seizures in the past, or a chromosomal analysis to see if the person has fragile X syndrome which causes below normal intelligence.

According to the CDC,, about 1 in 68 children have Autism Spectrum Disorder as of 2010. All races and ethnicities are affected by ASD. Boys are 5 times more likely to have ASD than girls. Autism rates have increased by 119% from 2000 to 2010. ASD costs the United States over $236 billion dollars a year, For a family that could run over $2 million dollars over the life time of the child.

There is no known specific cause for Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are abnormalities of the brain function and structure in people who have ASD. Scans done on the brains of children with autism show differences in the structure and shape verses a typical brain. There may be some genetic factors at play as well. Studies have shown that some children are born susceptible to autism. However, researchers have not been able to identify one specific gene that would cause autism. Others believe that autism is being caused by the toxicity in the vaccines. Autism occurs more often in people who have other medical conditions such as fragile X syndrome or congenital rubella syndrome. Harmful substances taken while pregnant can put a baby at risk of having autism as well. As you can see it is a combination of factors which leads a person to have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Treatment of autism includes increasing the functioning of everyday life skills of the person who has autism. The earlier that autism is diagnosed and treated the better chances of helping that child. Since there are a wide range of symptoms of autism the treatment plans will vary on an individual by individual basis. Parents receive help they need on how to best guide their child and the child receives help in the areas of communication, social skills, and learning skills. Speech therapy is used to help a child communicate better. The more words they can communicate the less frustrated they will be. Occupational therapy is used to develop motor skills and coordination. It is also used to help with sensory processing issues. Medications may be used for people who are suffering from depression, obsessive compulsion disorder, anxiety or ADHD. Pharmaceuticals such as adderall are given despite the common side effects of bladder pain, bloody urine, frequent urination, lower back pain or side pain, and a fast irregular heart beat. All medications are toxic and come with side effects. Often people who have autism also suffer from sleeping issues, such as insomnia which may be treated with medication as well.

There are other alternative and complementary forms of health care that people consider when faced with autism.

Children with autism should avoid food dyes and artificial coloring which are linked to hyperactivity. Cut out high fructose corn syrup as it contains mercury which is toxic to the body and maybe a cause of autism. Also avoid artificial sweeteners which cause things like headaches, nausea and vomiting. It is important to make sure they are getting enough supplements because they are typically picky eaters. If possible make sure to supplement with Omega 3’s, magnesium, and Vitamin D and B’s. It is also recommended that dairy and gluten are eliminated from the diet. These foods are often the culprits to stomach upset and digestive issues. A lot of people are allergic to these foods and don’t even realize it. If you take them out of the diet and you do not notice any difference then you can always add them back in. Of course, keeping kids to this type of diet can be challenging. Probiotics are important for people with autism because it can help alleviate some of the stomach upset.

Homeopathy: This is a form of energetic medicine founded over 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann. He found that if he gave a highly diluted substance it would alleviate whatever symptoms the original substance elicited. For instance, Ipecac in its original form will cause a person to vomit, but when highly diluted in a homeopathic remedy, it will stop a person from vomiting. There are over 3,000 remedies made from plants, animals, and minerals. Because they are highly diluted they are safe, non toxic, and don’t have side effects. Since every person is unique a full constitutional intake is necessary to determine the best matching remedy. The consultation can be a 1 to 2 hours long and follow ups are necessary every 3-4 weeks. The cost of the initial intake is $135 or more. Homeopathy is not a one pill quick fix, it takes time.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture has been shown to help treat autism. Acupuncture of the tongue has recently been used to treat numerous brain disorders. Acupuncture is the placement of needles along key points in the meridians to release blocked energy and to strengthen certain organs such as the spleen, heart, and kidney in the case of autism. Treatment can last an hour and more than one treatment is necessary. Acupuncture also believes a change in diet is a key to helping people with autism. Acupuncture can run $65 or more per visit.

Acupressure: Is similar to acupuncture but it is done with the pressure of the fingers or hands. Acupressure can be useful for treating the hyperactivity that some children with autism have. Key points can be learned and used throughout the day whenever they feel they need it.

Neurofeedback: or Biofeedback can be a useful tool to help retrain the brain. A person has electrodes hooked up to their brain while they watch training videos. A child can watch their brainwaves and notice when they get to be “normal” and this simply retrains their brain. Neurofeedback can be helpful as well for treating the ADHD that often accompanies autism. Numerous visits are necessary to notice an improvement. The charge is typically $150 per visit.

These are just a few examples of complementary and alternative health care modalities to help children and adults who have autism. Most of these alternatives are not covered by traditional medical insurance. This means money out of pocket and of course the time off of work to go to the appointments.

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