Anger Affects Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death, and modern medicine spends much of its time, money and energy researching ways to treat and prevent it. Research mostly focuses on physical issues like maintaining a healthy diet, getting adequate exercise, and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels with the help of medicine. However, new research is suggesting that the risk of a heart attack increases substantially (8x!) after an intense angry episode. Further, anger can also cause strokes, an irregular heartbeat, insomnia, interrupted sleep and insulin resistance, as well as promote bad behaviors associated with cardiovascular risk, like poor eating and drinking. And it isn’t just the angry outburst. Chronic anger creates changes that alter the body’s physiology, further instigating the predominance of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, anger combined with poor health habits increase the risk of cardiovascular disease even more.

In the holistic medical system of Ayurveda, the whole person, both body and spirit, is treated. Sometimes, a health issue is not just due to physical causes. Usually, the underlying cause has an emotional or mental component. Having a constructive way to deal with anger and other difficult emotions can promote better health more than just physical lifestyle changes. A person who feels more balanced mentally is able to make better life choices. Ayurveda recommends a daily routine that includes meditation to keep the mind and emotions steady. Although Ayurveda operates as an alternative and more holistic form of treatment that manages more than just physical parameters, its results are slow, sometimes minimal, and it has its own limitations in treating illness and disease.

Additional approaches recommend changes in attitude. For example, one should avoid assuming that others are purposely trying to annoy or cause harm. Many times, the person lacks the intent to harm and their behavior is for another reason. Also, the more beliefs and rules people have about how others should behave, the more a person will be susceptible to anger and disappointment. Since anger can cloud a person’s thinking, it is recommended that an individual provide himself/herself with some space to cool down, think and then act appropriately. In theory, by understanding and accepting the emotion, an individual can then let the emotion pass without fueling his or her anger and placing unnecessary fault or blame upon another. Acknowledging, feeling and allowing the anger to pass could help someone find a more constructive, positive response.

However, even this alternative approach has limitations. How can someone prevent himself or herself from feeling angry in the heat of the moment? Anger is a natural reaction. Although people can try to understand the situation to prevent and control their anger from spiraling out of control even further, this does not prevent an anger-provoking situation from arising, nor does it control the initial physiological response upon the body. Even more, how can someone know if they are judging the situation correctly? How can someone harness the mental capacity and emotional maturity to correctly assess a situation and recognize their personal flaws or emotional incompetence that can potentially inhibit their perception? In order to utilize this method, a person must be aware, able and willing to change their entire perception.

What inhibits a person from seeing clearly? What influence’s a person’s point of view? Consciousness. If a person cannot see from the other side of a situation or find a better way to manage their emotions, it may be because of a person’s level of consciousness. For example, a young child may not be able to understand the value of sharing or being kind until the child grows older and has a greater range of experiences and a more mature perspective. Or, the child may need a parent’s guidance to help him/her understand from a different viewpoint. Growth in consciousness functions similarly.

Consciousness is the state of one’s existence, which reflects in their quality of life. If someone has a poor level of consciousness, then they are more likely to experience this “poorness” in all aspects of their life: illness, disease, emotional imbalance, confusion, bad judgment, financial struggle, unhealthy relationships and generally an overall sense of dissatisfaction in life. Trivedi Master Wellness™ is the first wellness company that is able to successfully and consistently address the power and influence of consciousness through science research. Trivedi Science™ has consistently proven that The Trivedi Effect® can transform a person’s consciousness to unlimited levels so the person can function healthier, happier and more successfully in every aspect of life. Perhaps most importantly, by evolving a person’s consciousness, The Trivedi Effect® completely alters a person’s state of perception, increasing the person’s levels of alertness, awareness, mental clarity, intelligence, intuition, emotional maturity and empathy so as to better understand and grow from many adverse situations in life. When The Trivedi Effect® operates in a person’s life, that person is able to recognize opportunities for growth and cultivate an inner sense of harmony, peace and tranquility.

Trivedi Master Wellness™ offers many programs that use the power of The Trivedi Effect® to help raise a person’s consciousness so they can achieve emotional balance, physical health and make better choices from a place of higher understanding. Thousands of people with severe and detrimental health issues, i.e. cardiovascular disease, are reporting intense relief and healing from these complicated health problems at profound levels that no other treatment or modality of healing has been able to do before. People also report that this healing has further extended itself into altering their perception about life, improving relationships, increasing finances, as well as establishing mental and emotional health. After all, life is a product of the choices we make. A mind or spirit that has grown in consciousness is sure to succeed.