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Special Prayers Transmissions 2017

Twice each year, Special Prayers open a unique window of unprecedented opportunity. During these times, the inherently intelligent energy harnessed by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and the Trivedi Masters becomes more accessible for quantum growth and rapid transformation. Magnify your own evolution by receiving potent Energy Transmissions while these precious days pass.

Guruji and the Trivedi Masters are on a continuous journey of growth and expansion. Special Prayers accelerate this process as they advance to a new plane of consciousness. This increases their ability to harness the power of nature – a jumpstart toward greater transformation. When you enroll, Guruji and the Trivedi Masters generously share this enriched Divine energy with you. The six months following Special Prayers is a time for implementation of each new level. Other Trivedi Programs & Services are available for you to maintain and amplify the impetus of Special Prayers.

  • Administered remotely while you sleep – when you are in the optimal state of receptivity
  • No phone or internet access required
  • Choose any recipient – yourself, a loved one, colleague, etc.
  • Choose to receive Energy Transmissions from Guruji and/or any of the Trivedi Masters (can be combined)
  • Choose your frequency from available options (*higher frequency often bears better results)
  • Can be combined with other programs

Date: March 28 – April 5th, 2017

Special Prayers Webcast on April 5th, 2017

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Special Prayers is for those who are ready to shift their totality upward and engage life’s journey from a new level of consciousness. Special Prayers also accelerates those who are already participating in a Trivedi program.

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