Benefits of Trivedi Effect

The Benefits

The Trivedi Effect opens a connection to the source of all creation, allowing its energy to flow to an individual. This Divine energy is universal and intelligent. It identifies and targets the underlying cause – not symptoms – of all life’s issues and imperfections, holistically healing us from the inside out to optimize every facet of our physical and spiritual lives. Often, we misidentify the reasons for our pain, unhappiness or failure to reach our full potential. We might, for instance, believe that less than optimal finances are the reason for our stress, when in reality, health issues are the underlying cause of our problems. The Divine energy of the Trivedi Effect answers these questions. People have reported experiencing the following benefits from the Trivedi Effect:

Health and Wellness

Increased energy levels
Higher quality sleep
Mental peace
Better mood
Enhanced focus and clarity
Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
Stronger Immune system
Overall improved complexion
Rapid growth of hair and nails
Reduction on symptoms of chronic pain and ailments
Relief from PMS and menstrual cycle disorders
Overall health improvement


Social Magnetism
Improved interpersonal relationships
Greater compassion
More loving relationships
Attraction of soul mate


More sexual fulfillment
Better sexual performance
Stronger libido
Increased stamina


Improved financial wellbeing
Increased capacity to generate income
Better financial perspective


Attraction to the right occupation
Occupational satisfaction
Improved level of productivity
Growth in clientele and business
Beneficial business relationships


Spiritual awakenings
Strong connection to inner guidance system
Deeper connection with the soul
Discovery of life purpose
Greater trust in the God of your understanding
Heightened sense of spirituality
Appreciation and understanding of the precepts of a chosen spiritual path
Deeper experiences in meditation