About Guruji

About Guruji

In the year 1963, a Divine energy descended upon a small village in central India when an ordinary human – with extraordinary gifts – was born. As a child, Mahendra Trivedi could not have fathomed that he would go on to change the world, but those around him knew at an early age that there was something special about this unassuming boy. He displayed advanced levels of intelligence and perception, as well as a photographic memory. As he grew into a man, he lived a normal life – at least by outward appearances. He earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, after which he worked in several industries. Eventually, he became a successful business owner, gaining prestige and wealth. Despite these achievements, he felt frustrated and dissatisfied. He knew that his gifts were yet to be implemented and his sojourn on this planet was for a higher purpose. He kept asking himself how he could utilize his gifts to reach his optimal potential.

Then one night in 1995, Mahendra Trivedi laid down to rest and suddenly entered a state of superconsciousness. He received Divine guidance that his gifts were now to be used to improve the condition of life on earth for the benefit of humanity. His purpose was crystal clear and all worry ceased. He felt an all-pervasive peace and happiness beyond any he had ever known. After this profound revelation, it was no longer possible to live an ordinary life.

His ability to harness the universal energy of creation – and transmit it – was now to be shared with the world. He soon realized that transmitting this energy to other humans had an incredible effect. It raised the consciousness of those who received it, and gave them a stronger connection to the God of their understanding. When this connection is strengthened and consciousness is elevated, all that a person needs is brought to his or her life. Whatever potential exists within each person is optimized. This miraculous phenomenon is now referred to as the “Trivedi Effect.” The public quickly accepted him as a spiritual master, and he began to use his gifts to transform the lives of thousands of people. He became known to the world as “Guruji,” meaning revered spiritual teacher.

Wanting to learn about the capabilities and limitations of this energy, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has successfully completed more than 4000 rigorous, laboratory controlled experiments. He worked with scientists around the globe to assess this Divine energy on living organisms (plants, trees, fungi, animals, bacteria, viruses, healthy and cancerous human cells) and on non-living materials (metals, ceramics, polymers and chemicals). The results were astounding. The Trivedi Effect was able to change the atomic, molecular and cellular structures of living organisms and non-living materials to optimize their potential. The results are available on the university library websites of the world’s top universities including Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, Penn State University, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown and Columbia as well as the National Institutes of Health. Published in nearly 200 peer-reviewed scientific journals, his research has been cited over 4000 times.

Today, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is at the recognized forefront of Biofield Energy Healing Sciences. His mission is to share the Trivedi Effect with the world, establishing a new scientific paradigm that will bring about lasting solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and vastly improve the human condition.