Healers Mastery Program

Healers Mastery Program

TRIVEDI MASTER PROGRAMS are for those who want to gain mastery in their lives and live the greatest life possible. Healers Mastery program is specifically designed for those in the healing arts as they live or work in environments with draining or damaging influences. You can become a Trivedi Healer by the end of this program. Many of the Trivedi Healers have a background in the healing arts or in the health and wellness arena and therefore have a natural inclination for mastering their abilities so that they can benefit humanity in a greater manner.

Mahendra Trivedi believes everyone has the ability over time to become a conduit for the Universal Energy. You will be under his complete guidance and care on your path to becoming a Trivedi Healer. Monthly discourses and specific workshops are designed to teach you how to transmit the Energy and to verify your own abilities. As you strengthen your connection to the Universal Intelligence, you will naturally acquire the ability to transmit Energy.

The ultimate goal of this program is to raise each participant’s healing abilities to a level of mastery that can be demonstrated not only by the subjective results experienced by the participant (and by others through the participant’s healing influence), but also through the rigors of science. Each participant chooses whether they want to receive 8, 15 or daily powerful Energy Transmissions, per month, which are received whilst they sleep.

“Those who participate in this program will not only protect themselves to the highest degree, but will find themselves spontaneously uplifting and supporting and even ‘healing’ those around them without depleting their own energy.”

- Mahendra Trivedi

And, as an added bonus, those who opt for 8, 15 or Daily Master Energy Transmissions™ are invited to participate – free of charge- in the Evening of Transformation webcasts on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month where they will receive additional Energy Transmissions.

Those receiving 8 or more Master Energy Transmissions™ per month will also be invited to attend the Monthly Enhancement Program webcast that occurs on the third Thursday of each month. Here they will receive an Energy Transmission from both Mr. Trivedi and Trivedi Master™ Alice Branton while gaining a deeper understanding of The Trivedi Effect® through Mr. Trivedi’s insights and discourses on various topics.

As a Trivedi Healer, you will develop the miraculous ability to transform for the better, those around you and the environment in which you live through becoming a conduit for Universal Energy. Whether it is used at a personal level or to professionally to bring transformation to others, it is of huge benefit to your own life and that of others. Through the strong connection to your inner guidance system it brings inner peace and happiness as well as drawing opportunities to improve your life circumstances.


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    A special kind of Trivedi Master Program designed for healers and wellness therapists who have dedicated their lives to helping others and wish to increase their own natural healing capabilities, wellbeing and resilience.

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    Who is best suited for the Program?

    This Program is designed for healers and therapists, who have dedicated their lives to helping others, yet are struggling financially and / or are succumbing to exhaustion or illness over time. This program increases their natural capabilities, strength, wellbeing, resilience to negative influences and financial wellbeing.

  • Energy Transmission

    Type: Personalized.
    Administered: Remotely during sleep. No phone or internet access required.
    Intensity of Energy: Extremely High. This is the most powerful Transmission available, with additional specific intentions to augment the healing influence of the recipient and to protect against draining or damaging influences.

  • Program Includes

    8, 15, or Daily powerful Master Energy Transmissions™, administered in your sleep

    An Evening of Transformation with Mahendra Trivedi, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, starting at 9pm ET.

    Monthly Enhancement Program Webcast every 3rd Thursday of the month, which will begin at 9PM ET.

    In-Person Private Sessions at 50% reduced price ($75/session)

  • Pricing

Register for 8 image8 Master Energy Transmissions™ = $900/m
Register for 15 image15 Master Energy Transmissions = $1200/m
Register for Daily imageDaily Master Energy Transmissions = $2000/m

Please note that program terms are subject to change at any time, as per Mr. Trivedi’s discretion.

Experience the experiences

The Master of Transformation – Mahendra Trivedi is showing us the way to divine spirit that moves through everything. As we learn to use it diligently in our lives!!!! I wondered why it was important to prove that Energy Transmissions works… I m now understanding the value of it!

- Alishaa A.

I am happy to say after having some very uncomfortable instants in the past 3 days I had relief I experienced for years. THANK YOU MAHENDRA TRIVEDI!! My life has improved physically and most importantly advanced spiritually since I have had my journey with you!
- Tom S.

I was so anxious whether I would be even able to take the next breath as an asthma patient and now I can easily take deep breaths since the one blessing that I received.

-Krista C.

Amazingly the Energy Transmissions created dramatic change in my life! Got of dead end relationship confidently.The Divine is working! Thank you Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Branton for helping my connection to the Divine bring me increased prosperity and happiness! Thank you!

- Alana K.

Amazing Energy Transmission from Mahendra Trivedi, thank you so much.Trusting that at 71 years young my guides will find a way to take me back to England from South Africa. To be back with my children and work again healing people. In Love and Light Vera.

- Vera S.

I actually felt him (Mr. Trivedi) before he started talking. I felt warm energy around me and it changed my business. Receiving the energy transmission was amazing, like soft rain pouring on me, very calm peaceful energy and clear thought.

- Susan.

Thank you…it works I know with that one free Master Energy Transmission™ Program. I was calm next day. I have been on a hoping ride that all will finally go well for me and unblock this rut I am in. Thank you Mahendra Trivedi. Love and Light.
- Carole L.

I got very ill in 2002 and ended up with somatization syndrome. In Jan 2011, I received an energy transmission (from Mr. Trivedi) and after ten years my burning nerve pain, that had been there 24 hours a day, had gone.

- Katherin.

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