An Evening of Transformation

An Evening of TransformationExperience the transformational power of an Energy Transmission live from Mahendra Trivedi over the course of one evening. Ideal for someone who wants to benefit from The Trivedi Effect® and start on the path of transformation….

Starts at $75 /session

Monthly Enhancement Program

173561292Take your spiritual transformation to the next level. Enroll for this live-streaming 6-month (recommended) program at a very special price and embrace life with your full potential…

Starts at $50 /month

Master Energy Transmissions™ Program

173568479Trivedi Master Programs offer the most powerful personalized Energy Transmissions possible, remotely administered during sleep. You have a choice of Trivedi Masters™ and number of transmissions per month, with auto-renewal….

Starts at $150 /month

Healers Mastery Program™


A special kind of Trivedi Master Program designed for healers and wellness therapists who have dedicated their lives to helping others and wish to increase their own natural healing capabilities, wellbeing and resilience….

Starts at $900 /month

Daily Transmission Program for Kids

Daily Transmission Program for Kids

The Daily Transmission Program for Kids for children under the age of 18 is the ideal way to help children realize their greatest potential….

Starts at $600 /month

Remote Individual Energy Transmission

Remote Individual Energy TransmissionEnroll in this program for a longer duration and embrace life with your full potential..

Starts at $100 /session

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