Difficult to Believe, Impossible to Deny

Mahendra Trivedi introduces an astonishing phenomenon with the capability to transform lives and bring happiness and prosperity to people across the globe.
This is The Trivedi Effect®.

Gopal Nayak

Trivedi Master™ Gopal Nayak
AS A SMALL CHILD living in poverty in rural India, Gopal Nayak had visions of a man he felt held the key to his destiny. When he was just nine years of age, the man he had seen in these visions appeared in Gopal’s life. That man was Mahendra Trivedi. From that point on, Mr. Trivedi began to transform Gopal as a potential master. Six years later, he succeeded. Without any formal education and at the young age of fifteen, Gopal became the first person that Mr. Trivedi led through the process of transformation into a Trivedi Master™.

Today, that young man is known around the world as Trivedi Master™ Gopal Nayak and his unquestionable ability to harness the Trivedi Effect® has been measured, validated, and documented. At the Scientific Research Center of the Kelkar Education Trust in Mumbai, India, researchers rigorously tested Mr. Nayak’s ability to alter nonhuman life forms, which cannot be directly influenced by psychological impact or the placebo effect.

The rate of growth of the cultures used in these experiments was scientifically measured, validated and statistically analyzed with some of the most sophisticated technology available to science. The documented results showed that the cultures treated by Mr. Nayak, through his Energy Transmissions, clearly experienced rapid and improved growth. Since then, these results have been published in the international peer-reviewed scientific journal Biotechnology.*

What Mr. Trivedi has to say of Trivedi Master™ Gopal Nayak, who has accomplished so much at such a young age:

For someone to bless humans around the globe from one corner to the other, Gopal is equally as powerful as me. Sometimes I even feel that his consciousness is higher than my own.

Gopal Nayak resides in Madhya Pradesh, India, with his wife and children. He spends his time sharing his gift with those in India much as Mr. Trivedi does in the West. Anyone can experience Mr. Nayak’s powerful Energy Transmissions during an in-person or Remote Individual Energy Transmission.

Click to access the publication regarding Gopal B. Nayak, in Biotechnology journal.

Biotechnology Journal Publication